Motivation to Workout and Get Fit – Making Changes

Motivation to Workout and Get Fit – Making Changes

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one two three what’s up guys I wanted to talk to you a little bit about change change the the fear of the unknown getting ready to make a change and not wanting to take the next step because you don’t know what lurks around the corner you know it’s there’s an old saying that basically here’s your comfort zone and here’s everything else that’s exciting in life it all happens outside that little comfort zone and it happened for me I was a bodybuilder I was an insecure bodybuilder that wanted to get as big as possible so that I could just overcome my own insecurities and for months and months and months I talked about making a change and trying to live a little bit more of a fit lifestyle there’s a bodybuilding lifestyle and I was afraid of that change because I was afraid Oh what if I get smaller what if I lose my gains what are people gonna think of me but then I realized that people actually appreciate the willingness to make a move to stop something that isn’t working and proceed with something that does work so guys and gals if you got a change you got something that is just passionately burning to come through inside of you make that change because it’s gonna define you don’t let everyone else define what you want to be make that change I know it’s scary but I promise you I promise you that one day two days two weeks three months down the road you will thank me for making that change because you’ve got to be true to yourself just do it

This Post Was All About Motivation to Workout and Get Fit – Making Changes.
Motivation to Workout and Get Fit - Making Changes

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