Most Vitamins Are Synthetic

Most Vitamins Are Synthetic

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so I’m going to do a short video on vitamins there’s one distinction between synthetic vitamins and whole food concentrates that I really really want to make because so many people are taking the wrong ones annoyingly when you get a vitamin that’s prescribed by a doctor that you have to get from the pharmacy then you know for a fact it’s synthetic and that includes all those prenatals now what are synthetic vitamins there are man-made vitamins made from petroleum coal tar and they synthesize them to sort of make them the same as natural molecules but what what’s missing is that in nature nothing comes in these fractional individual parts of vitamins in nature you always have the whole complex of vitamins and not in high amounts and very small amounts so even though you have high potency vitamins that are synthetic the reason why your urine is so yellow is because you’re just peeing it out because it’s almost toxic to your body the only benefit of synthetic vitamins is a short-term use maybe doing a detox but that’s it you never want to take them long-term now I’m not even saying focus on natural vitamins I’m saying focus on whole food concentrates and you get to look on the label and read the ingredients where does it come from if you cannot pronounce the chemical then we know it’s made from synthetics so let’s just take vitamin C complex in nature vitamin C comes with with multiple parts we have ascorbic acid that’s the antioxidant portion and that’s so funny because antioxidants really are the inactive part of the vitamin C complex or not the active part they don’t really they’re like the egg shell to the eggs like a banana peel to the banana they’re there to protect the guts of that vitamin but most people think that this is the active portion and they take it in high amounts and think they’re getting some benefits let me just tell you the the only benefit you would get if you had a cold or something with the acidic nature the acidifying nature of ascorbic acid because when you make the body more acid when you’re sick it tends to increase help the immune system fight this thing off better but you’d be better off taking apple cider vinegar not ascorbic acid because when you take high amounts of synthetic vitamins it tends to deplete the other associated parts that normally come with that vitamin complex and that’s why too much ascorbic acid you end up with bleeding gums spider veins that’s the side effect why because you’re going to be creating deficiencies of vitamin P vitamin P are all the bioflavonoids they’re Rutten they’re they’re the ones that help the arteries the strengthening the the gums and the teeth the capillaries without vitamin P you’ll get varicose veins and spider veins vitamin J and I just say we’ll wait a second I never heard about him and J well what’s the first spot a vitamin that was ever discovered take a wild guess it’s not vitamin C vitamin A then comes B then C then D then e then F and G and it goes right down through all up to I think J and H and even have vitamin u so those are vitamins that are just they were discovered in that order so vitamin J is the anti pneumonia vitamin it helps you breathe it helps with oxygen carrying capacity especially when you go up a flight of stairs so if you go up stairs and you can’t breathe it could mean that you need more vitamin J or you have problems breathing copper in in vitamins you always have a mineral as part of the connecting part so all vitamins have as their base some mineral with vitamin C it’s copper copper is not just like a metallic a rock like you would have like a copper penny it’s it’s an enzyme form so it’s really easy to digest and the enzyme the name of it is called tyrosinase which basically is one of the key minerals to help you build up collagen in your joints and your arteries and things like that and so then we have K that’s a it helps you clot so it helps prevent bleeding and there’s certain drugs that are blocking vitamin K like like the rat poison coumadin which people take to prevent strokes and things like that so you can’t they can’t really consume much of vitamin K vegetables but the point is that what you want to do is you want to look for vitamins that come in their whole complex parts not as a synthetic you want to avoid the synthetics and because the synthetic vitamin C is made from corn starch which by the way has no vitamin C and sulfuric acid those two things it’s kind of weird that you’re getting vitamin C with that without a raw material that comes from vitamin C or has vitamin C in it but that’s how they make its corn starch and sulfuric acid what’s the bottom line only ever consume food or a whole food concentrates annual standard trouble

This Post Was All About Most Vitamins Are Synthetic.
Most Vitamins Are Synthetic

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You may see some improvements with your normal vitamins that you have purchased at your everyday store, but synthetic vitamins lack the nutrients that organic vitamins have. In this, video Dr. Berg discusses how synthetic vitamins work and why organic vitamins will speed up weight loss and give you more energy faster.
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