Most Thyroid Issues Are Secondary to Other Problems

Most Thyroid Issues Are Secondary to Other Problems

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all right now in this video we’re going to talk about the thyroid gland it’s very rare to have a primary thyroid problem maybe if you live in an area where there’s no iodine you can have a thyroid problem but it’s just really rare so what you want to do if you have thyroid symptoms which are hair loss dry hair slow metabolism loss of eyebrows right here weight gain all over the place and abnormal thyroid hormones and blood tests then you’re going to look at three different areas for the root cause and you’re going to work on whatever shows up on that and then recheck your thyroid and you’re going to find your thyroid will start to come back now there’s a case that you may have had your thyroid removed or partially removed then you’re going to need to take the medication but still it’s necessary for you to isolate what the trigger was for the original problem in the first place but let’s just talk about the the primary causes of thyroid issue number one the liver and gallbladder if 80% thyroid is converted from t4 to t3 through the liver and the gallbladder so t4 t3 represents the number of iodine molecules so t4 is inactive thyroid so it really doesn’t do anything if it’s in the blood that would be something like synthroid the medication but then the liver converts it takes iodine off and it becomes a t3 and that’s an active form and that’s where it does the work so if you’re taking fabric for months but you’re still tired you’re still cold be cold hands etc it just could be this not converting so if you have any number of liver symptoms bloating burping belching right shoulder pain headaches any of the fats above vitamin deficiencies in the other video that we talked about it could mean that the gallbladders you need need some gallbladder formula support to be able to give you the bowel support to convert this and then let’s see if your thyroid kind of comes back to normal alright so that’s number one number two would be of the adrenals adrenals can cause Thoreau to not work but the way it does it creates an autoimmune disease now what is it autoimmune it means that your own thyroid is attacking itself all autoimmune diseases are triggered by some stress if you ask anyone with autoimmune ask him when it occurred and exactly what happened it was after some stress event could be pregnancy could be divorce or whatever so that stress shocks the different parts of the body and you created all the Lamia so then the the there’s two main autoimmune diseases for thyroid there’s one where the thyroid hormones are too high it’s hyper thyroid that’s called Graves and then there’s a hypo which is too low and that’s called Hashimoto’s but both of them are triggered by stress so the only thing you want to do for that if the person either has a thyroid left or you have your thyroid or don’t have your thyroid is you want to do this like how do you get rid of autoimmune there’s a something you can take it’s called a PM G it’s called a proto morphogen don’t worry about the name it’s basically it said it’s kind of an extract from thyroid gland from the DNA and you take it orally you take one of these and the remedy you take is called thyrotropin PM g you can get it from standard process i think an even buy it online because they’re selling it all over the place you can probably have an thyrotropin so if it’s autoimmune you take one thyroid rope and PM g before you go to bed what happens it goes into your body in your stomach and there’s all these lymph nodes in your stomach and these antibodies that are attacking and destroying your own thyroid will go goes right to your stomach instead of your thyroid it acts as a decoy so therefore you can then deplete all the store antibodies that are attacking your body over to this decoy in your stomach and eventually have the thyroid actually heal up so that’s one remedy for autoimmune when it’s hyper or hypo even if you had it removed you still want to do it because there’s antibodies sitting there that’s just one thing so and then support the adrenals do things for the adrenal support that’s in a different video but I just want you to think with the information not be robotic about it okay so that’s number one number one you do the gall bladder formula number two you do that retro fan PMG and adrenal support and eliminate the trigger and stress in three is the overactive ovary the ovaries produce a lot of estrogen if the person is estrogen dominant they’re pumping out too much estrogen and you can tell that by their periods the periods are crazy heavy bleeding cramping irregular infertility PMS or they had a pregnancy or they have a fibroid all these things all that extra estrogen can act as a Ana mimicker of the thyroid hormone so estrogen can block the receptors for the thyroid hormone so they can fit in there like a lock and a key and lock up the gland so the thyroid can’t go in the receptors to do its job so estrogen inhibits the thyroid function over time it blocks it it prevents it from working so increase estrogen decrease thyroid function okay so if that’s the case so what you’re doing is you’re scanning your body and figure on add web Mar digestive issues do I have on immune do I have a period issue okay let’s say it’s a period issue then we want to support the ovary with something called ovary support formula and cruciferous food because cruciferous is anti Astra genic and that will clean all this up so I know some people say don’t take reciprocal because it pulls out iodine well I put sea kelp back into that product so there won’t be any loss of so it’s real simple we find out which it is and then we work on that primary area so your thyroid can come up but we’re still not done yet we’re going to apply acupressure and so in the next part I’m going to show you two acupressure for the thyroid and it’s very powerful so that way you’ve exhausted all the different techniques to improve the thyroid function this I’m trying to make this as simple as possible now you might have oh my gosh I have all these problems I have a liver problem and all that problem between the problem of estrogen then you might need to work on each one of them in some of the other videos I’m going to kind of help you show you what causes what so you can think with it but again I’m trying to take a complex subject and make it very simple I hope this gave you some basics on what to do and just look at one two three and see what would infect the thyroid

This Post Was All About Most Thyroid Issues Are Secondary to Other Problems.
Most Thyroid Issues Are Secondary to Other Problems

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Dr. Berg talks about the thyroid gland and what could be the potential thyroid problems (it is mostly secondary). The thyroid symptoms include hair loss, dry hair, loss of eyebrows, abnormal thyroid glands and hormones, all these are caused due to low thyroid levels in the body.
Dr. Berg discusses about the major thyroid problems and their associated thyroid treatment. The main cause for thyroid issues is liver and gall bladder. The next possible cause of thyroid symptoms could be the adrenals. In this case you can have either high quantity of thyroid (hyper thyroid) or low quantity of thyroid (hypo thyroid), both if which are triggered by high amount of stress levels. The third most probable cause could be ovaries. In this case the estrogen depletes the activity of thyroid over time which causes a thyroid disorder.
It is very rare that you have primary thyroid problem. Dr. Berg explains the root cause and how to make your thyroid come back.
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