Money Doesn’t Wait Atop the Hill

Money Doesn’t Wait Atop the Hill

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hey what’s up everybody it’s a beautiful Sunday morning I’m out going for a nice nice easy jog up in the hills of Malibu it’s a beautiful morning absolutely stellar day up here about Malibu and I just wanted to really want to get out there and let you guys know you don’t have to go to the gym you don’t have to do what you think you got to do to get in shape you just get out there and enjoy a beautiful dank day and enjoy what nature gave you so this is how I’m spending my Sunday sunrise you guys can see out there a little bit the Pacific Ocean not real high probably just a couple thousand feet but started at sea level so is a good climb that person’s just asked you that know me know that I’m a big big fan of doing things simply because you love it and something I see all too often especially in the fitness industry is just trying to chase a dream that is unrealistic and I’m all about setting your bar high and setting your dreams high but you know don’t chase something that isn’t tangible that isn’t real don’t chase the dollar I’ve got one tattoo on my body and it says money doesn’t wait to top the hill Lori doesn’t way to top the hill all the way to top the hill is the top of the hill and here I am at the top of a damn Hill explaining the theory behind that tattoo and that tattoo basically means don’t do it for the money don’t do it for the glory just do it to do it and you’re gonna have a lot more happiness that way if you just do what you love and get out there and do it then if you’re really trying to do it for money or even trying to do it for glory or for ego I with everybody simply because I think that people can get motivated in a different way in a positive way to just go out and do things with their life rather than to just follow a blind dream that’s in a magazine or where someone else tells them to do you’ve got to go out there and you’ve got to find what drives you and what makes you happy and get out there and do it and everything else will fall into place you’ll get in shape you know you’ll find yourself being more happy that Bluff right there it’s one of my favorite Bluffs to go climb so it’s a Bodhi peak bony mountain and it’s a it’s an awesome climb anyway I’m gonna keep this one short just as I want to run with the dog see how cool there he is a little good boy so keeping it short but I’ll touch back with everybody later thanks again for joining in all right later

This Post Was All About Money Doesn’t Wait Atop the Hill.
Money Doesn't Wait Atop the Hill

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