Metallic Nutrients In Our Food? Really?

Metallic Nutrients In Our Food? Really?

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I want to touch on metallic or metal minerals versus plant-based minerals if you ever taken chemistry you probably saw that periodic table all those different boxes with those elements well those are things that make up this planet and the way it works is those metallic minerals and rocks are supposed to be in the soil and the plant is supposed to break it down and pull it into the plant and convert it into a plant base mineral that we’re supposed to eat because it’s easier to digest a plant-based mineral but unfortunately manufacturing company especially likes cereals and vitamin companies and even companies that make baby food are now using not just synthetic vitamins but metallic minerals and even rocks like calcium carbonate and the metallic mineral for iron would be ferrous sulfate so it’s my belief in my opinion that there’s a huge difference between plant base and these rocks and metals for our health I believe that they’re definitely not the best so let me show you what I’m talking about check this out I have some ordinary cereal from the grocery store and I have a very strong magnet and I’m just gonna crush up some of the cereal just to show you what happens – look at this look at this look at that it’s magnetic it has metal in there and that’s why I cling so the metal that’s attracted to this magnet is iron so they use metallic iron in a lot of these cereals that are promoted to be health foods and that’s why they cling to the magnet yeah it’s amazing so I just wanted to do a little demo there and show you that this is what we’re feeding our kids amazing and there we go reduced iron and synthetic vitamins

This Post Was All About Metallic Nutrients In Our Food? Really?.
Metallic Nutrients In Our Food? Really?

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Dr. Berg explains the difference between metallic minerals and plant-based minerals. Our bodies are not meant to consume metals. Take a look at the many side-effects of taking elemental minerals.
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