Menopausal Weight Loss Success with Dr. Berg & Lori Bigelow

Menopausal Weight Loss Success with Dr. Berg & Lori Bigelow

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so welcome Laurie we’re going to do a Skype today do a little interview I saw your before and after I was very impressed I wanted just to get to meet you and hear your story so welcome to the mini interview Thank You boys okay so Laurie tell me a little bit about your history have you had an issue with weight over your you know growing up or when did you start gaining weight what what what’s your story on that weight problem until probably my early forties and I started going through menopause very early and I have had you know some minor weight issues you know due to pregnancies and things like that but I was always able to sit back in shape pretty quickly but after I started experiencing the middle class symptoms I really started you know putting on the weight and as we all know that your body changes drastically or at that time and it just kept getting worse and worse and I’m quite a few years postmenopausal now and I just kept gaining the weight and I couldn’t nothing I did worked Favre’s traditional advice and you know going love that things like that exercise and I just recently finished my undergrad degree and there are no for years I was very sedentary because I was working in office administration job plus I was full-time student plus full-time parent full-time wife things like that so I have a lot of stress going on and I let myself go I didn’t have time to think about me I had to produce and you know just get through daily living and get to my degree so my body and my health suffered tremendously and after I finished my degree in December I became aware of course I was already aware but I couldn’t really have it before fun of my thinking because I couldn’t I had to send too many things going on so after a completed school I was ok ready to work on me now and I had done some research and I started researching because I found myself bored a couple of weeks post-graduation so I started researching some things and I come across dr. Denise worden and I have heard some comments about ketogenic diet and how she had good results treating some folks with that so I got I got thinking about it and curious and I just started doing research and found the information from dr. Glassman and then shortly after deciding that this was what I was going to try I promptly started finding your videos and I found a lot of that very helpful but um yeah so that’s where I am today awesome what did what did you pick out what was your like top weight that you hit these you know at the worst case scenario about 185 ok and did you also have like hot flashes and all that to connect with like the whole game ok it saw me a hot flashes joint pain moved problems mental health issues you know I just uh it was horrible I felt horrible I felt like I weighed a thousand pounds just physically it was it was hard to motivate and move and I knew that there had to be a solution and I was also diagnosed with um high blood pressure I’ve had issues for many years with the high blood pressure but that that really took it increased and just continually got worse from the time that I was diagnosis metaphorical or the closed situation interesting so before menopause let’s say in your 30s did you have any problem with your periods or your cycle at that point no okay so everything’s going fine and then BAM you get a culture all these ten months after I have my last child which in 31 is what I have her and shortly after I started having weird sometimes them and it took several years to get it diagnosed so because what happens is the adrenal glands basically make the same hormones as the ovaries and they if they go into menopause tired exhausted weak everything is magnified then you start getting more course all adrenal symptoms and you’re like what the heck’s going on hot flashes hot flashes are basically the adrenal failing to back up the ovaries that’s all that is and then so you eventually started doing the ketosis so tell me how much how much weight did you lose what did you get into eventually as far as your weight today I want to see five wow that’s awesome yeah and actually I’m more impressed with the inches that I am the weight but wait I’m really not you know I know that’s going to happen so I’m not gonna focus on the weight quite at first I was but then like I started this on the day I started with February 2nd and it’s that that way and I was like 182 and I started at hardcore and I lost about ten pounds the first three weeks and of course I was aware that that was most likely water weight so I said okay let’s see what happens in the next following weeks well then I started it was about 1 to 2 pounds a week wow that’s pretty good yeah and that’s right that’s where I’ve been for been doing for a while but the last not say that less to three weeks I’ve been broke 1:55 so I’m figuring they don’t want my body but heal and catch up with with all the new adjusting and all that stuff and they’re not probably I’ve got to go back and see my doctor the 19th of July and we can make some adjustments or they are kaneki’s yeah awesome cool so um so did you carry any weight in the midsection at first is that where it hung out I actually look I was about eight more oh man Wow and so you did you notice changes in your midsection like inches like shrinking your stomach it’s that one absolutely right right from my upper rib cage right down through to my mid thigh I was very heavy there that’s where I carry all that weight I’m awful in my upper arms and in my face on that those people that are watching and they’re not familiar with ketosis or imminent fasting the belly is really excess insulin but cortisol which is adrenal can also cause that as well because that can convert into insulin so or or increase insulin so basically you want a ketogenic diet at first did you do any in a minute fasting at first no I did not um thanks to you I learned about the intermittent fasting and that has served me very well actually I just came off of from a vacation and I only I gained one pound through that vacation and I have decided that after this weekend because I got to get back on track for my food preps and all that kind of thing so I’m going to do that this weekend and then I’m going to start practicing the intermittent fasting again get back on that schedule awesome yeah I had a friend who I talked to over the weekend and he went on a cruise and he’s looking around on the pool his kids are playing and he’s like people like he’s so big on those cruises like huge huge stomachs and they’re sitting around of course you know they’re eating and the alcohol and everything and that was that’s what motivated him he says that’s it I’m going to turn this around I’m not going to look like that but that’s great that you only lost I mean the only I guess gained one pound so question I have tell me give me an example of what you’re eating now on your Kido like like what would you eat for breakfast or lunch or whatever today I’ve eaten yes and I will I plan to eat probably in another hour so but I typically start my day off with eggs I love your advice with the eggs and boy doesn’t that really set me up in the evening that is so true and it holds me you know it really satiates me but being on the keto diet in general my appetite is naturally decrease as far as the amount at one setting that I can handle so but usually for breakfast I will have two eggs with some cheese cheddar cheese mixed in with it and to take lots of the bacon or a couple of sausage links and then for lunch I try to work in my my greens if I in some way I will try to have some type of a salad or e
ither I will have fresh broccoli cauliflower things like that I try to stay away from the snacking with the help I’ve learned how to do that because I it took me a while to get adjusted to that and see I had I have this obsession with fat moms but if you get too carried away them right so like back way down on that it’s so easy to eat a lot of those isn’t it I mean you just have one I’ll just take one more and next thing you know you’re like totally but you know what’s interesting there’s two things about the fat bombs number one if you’re doing in a minute fasting you can get away with more then if you’re doing just keto and eating six times a day mean so that’s going to be disastrous and the other thing is that at first when you start to do this and you adapt to ketosis your key to adapted the amount that a fat you need is a lot less because you’re running on your fat cleanly you don’t almost like before when you start you need something to get you to the next meal but after a while hunger goes down cravings goes down appetite goes down so you’re actually running off your own fat which is perfect right that’s right what I just recently discovered in some listening to some of your your webinars and your YouTube videos and I bet it never occurred to me before but boy what a difference that does make it really uh cause your cravings gone down yeah tremendously I don’t I don’t have any cravings really but you know I may have a twinge but it’s not necessarily an internal craving it’s more of a psychological craving good point good point yeah cuz it’s like you know I don’t need that but I’m sure it looks really good I mean your your desire for that sensation is not going to go ahead but you’re just not going to have to have it you know so and the longer I’ve been on this diet the easier it is to not even have to think about saying it’s almost automatic now and so is my cooking because I really I’m originally from Virginia and I very southern in my culture and in my eat traditions you know and I have really had to reteach relearn how to cook and prepare meals and I have tons of recipes that I just tried just to see what you know what I like and what I don’t like and I haven’t found too many things I don’t like that are keto and now it’s becoming very natural and intuitive to me to create a meal on my own without having to plan for fire right so when you’re doing in a minute fasting we’re doing this to meal today yes yeah and I never even done one meal of it I mean number one you’re going to save money less preparation you got more time on your hands but that’s the problem is keeping yourself busy because it’s like wow sitting around and everyone’s like they have food on the table and over the stuff so just keeping busy sitting to focus on it so have you noticed any change in your cognitive function or mood or anything with your energy unbelievably so I am I best way I can describe it as miraculous really I didn’t know how bad I felt so I started feeling better and then I just keep feeling better and I just keep feeling better so granite thing you know I uh we have a bit lots of good day every now and again just because you know life happens or whatever but it’s nothing that just continuously goes on and on I have to struggle to get past that’s my life is my energy level is incredible like my cognition and my focus is very Swift um and I have no problem focusing I don’t have to struggle with that anymore wow that is so awesome so do you now that you know how it went and how you feel do you ever think you ever go back to your old pattern or eating absolutely not ever and I’m so I’m so impressed with those I just and such awe over the changes that have happened and reasonably short period of time I mean I’ve only been doing this in February in it sound June so just in this short period of time the improvements that I have seen I don’t ever want to be a carbon war again ever there’s no need for that because I I just I don’t I’m not willing to trade my health for that and I have a lot of plans moving forward and I want to feel good doing it I have two grandchildren and I have a lot of plan so I just want to you know have longevity and feel good I like doing it and my family has even been so impressed that they have joined in my husband and my daughter my husband had even lost about 20 pounds and he still he has a higher carbon take that I do I I practiced the 20 grams per day and he made a lot so maybe 50 but he’s a big guy he’s you know six two and I think he’s to about two 210 pounds now he was about two hundred and thirty forty when he going down with me and then he talked about his improvements as well and then my um my youngest daughter was still at home with us she practices with the dinners and being conscious of her carb intake but she’s very active and very athletic so she can handle a little bit more you know she doesn’t have to watch it as course as I do but we are all just thrilled to have this to be part of our life and I am so impressed with it that I want to incorporate nutrition education into my master’s degree which I’m going to be going into now my education background is and mental health and human services and I’m paying of planning to go into a master’s program for Social Work however I’m rethinking that and the last two weeks I’m reconsidering trying to incorporate a nutrition program into a counseling program I thought I really think that is an area that is needed like people that start sick of the drug the pill for the whole psyche problems I mean honestly a lot of it is nutrition and diet if they were to put on this program it would be miraculous but of course they wouldn’t make a lot of money on it but still people would feel a lot better right I’m a very holistic person that has always been my approach on most things and I I’m like that three-year-old who is constantly asking why I can’t stop asking why and because of that I’ve come across this way of living which is rocket Lawson Julia but I want to share it with everybody I care about and you know I want to help people but I also understand that everybody wants to help so but I have the knowledge of big wine totally I’m the same way I’m like hey if you want how great if you don’t then go for whatever you’re doing you know let me know when you’re ready because you know they have to be self-determined and that’s fine eventually you know Laura this has been an incredible I think it’s going to get a lot of people hope because you’re a great success before and after pictures are amazing so I want to thank you for sharing and we’ll touch base and maybe you do another one later just to see how you’re doing like an idiom now oh look thank you very much I really appreciate you and all it’s been wonderful you’re a great support and great encouragement my pleasure well thanks and have a great afternoon you as well okay yeah

This Post Was All About Menopausal Weight Loss Success with Dr. Berg & Lori Bigelow.
Menopausal Weight Loss Success with Dr. Berg & Lori Bigelow

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