Mega Keto Costco Grocery Haul – How to Throw a HUGE Low Carb Party

Mega Keto Costco Grocery Haul – How to Throw a HUGE Low Carb Party

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[Music] or throwing a party and that means that I need to go to Costco and get a bunch of Tito food I’m having a bunch of keto friends over having a bunch of colleagues a bunch of my employees my team and we’re gonna throw a Keo extravaganza now that doesn’t mean that we’re gonna load up the bunch of bacon that doesn’t mean we’re gonna load up with a bunch of cheese we might but the point is I want to teach you how to go big okay all my grocery hauls are always about just Oh get this get this get don’t get that you know we have fun with it but now it’s time to really have some fun let’s load up the grocery cart let’s buy some good stuff I hate to say it let’s spend some money but let’s just let’s just buy some good keto food and have a good keto time because you’re watching this video it’s posted on New Year’s Day you might just be in party mode so low your budget a little bit with your spensive meats a little bit more scrutiny when you go through the other areas so you’re not loading up a bunch of expensive snacks probably get some chicken coffee some appetizers probably mix them up fast fish meatballs that might get some chicken skewers I’ve seen Greek skewers I’m gonna get a lot of food but the point here is not necessarily getting the most perfect nitty-gritty adult food obviously it’s going to be in mind but like how do you feed a bunch of people and somewhat of a budget while still keeping health in mind so let’s go ahead and let’s check out these big in all that stuff first and let’s load up okay the top of the party I’m not go with this low quality beef because here’s the thing it’s still grain fed it’s all gonna come through even if I was thinking their worst enemies to this party I wouldn’t be feeling okay yeah ground beef 20 bucks for a three pack for two and a half pounds for 20 bucks the Bison the fight scent I know is grass-fed probably not grass finished even though it’s not grass-fed grass-finished I know there’s no added growth hormones no antibiotics so at least the soy the grain that are probably is fed is at least going to be organic bang for the buck I’m kind of beat a lot of people I’m gonna go with this I’m gonna be making a bunch of meatballs there’s 40 bucks right there [Music] going down now is much less healthy than ground chicken because they add a lot more in the way of antibiotics a lot more in the way of just hormones for back so I don’t see ground chicken so just go ahead and skip sure a lot of my family a lot of my office would probably love if I got some wings but I’m gonna disappoint them because thing with the wings is that fat content of the poultry is not a right-hand effect okay if we want high fat foods we’ll get the high fat foods coming from the beef not from the chicken because the fatty acid profile the chickens not as good so I know with appetizers things like that it’s easy to want to get just that stuff you did with things here but you’re better off to do skewers instead of doing some wings so let’s get some breasts and we’re making the ski that’s a sacrifice horn and map town for boneless skinless organic chicken breasts okay that’s good stuff I just need one of these I can cut this up and make it into a bunch of skewer to the bottom just because it’s working in it okay if you are to go with ground turkey now this is not a bad deal ninety-three percent lean so it’s leaner so you’re not getting into that fatty acids and only gonna get with most ground turkey Wow so this stuff’s really good but again I would prefer ground chicken so I’m just not gonna spend the money I don’t think steaks didn’t be the way to go it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense a lot more expensive when you’re doing this on a budget for it like this makes sense to be meatballs things like that but just to give you a little bit of order to live here if you shopping for beef it sounds bad to say but if you want to try to go with the leaner cuts simply because the marbling is a mystery of the fatty acid profile it when it’s heavily marbled you don’t know the fatty acid profile myself take a ribbon of fat or anything like that you know that it’s pure saturated fat and you’re not gonna have potentially unhealthy polyunsaturated fats in there a long story short all that means is look for small amounts of marbling not large amounts of marbling what is good for health is not always the same as what’s good for like about cookie yes oh my gosh real she saw that real sheep feta I don’t find this very I’m so excited right now okay so feta is already good stuff right because it’s going to be the way that it’s just it’s higher sodium content but it’s a better casein protein if you actually built in your sheeps feta then you’re a to casein so you’re getting a type of protein in this theory that this quite literally not has addictive but also isn’t as bad to the body just in general this will be plenty I’ll dice this up everyone will love it it’s not organic or anything but this is really cool like people to dip their pork rinds in this so again it’s the organic side oh yeah here it is pasteurized cultured milk and cream garlic salt pepper it’s actually pretty good I’m gonna grab some so normally when it comes to cheese’s I’m actually always intensity I’m very very particular you want to go for the Aged Jesus because the just because they’re pasteurize because they’re aged they end up having less in the way of the lattice and they end up being a little bit cleaner at all so Korea is great let’s see what Santa said looking at prices here we go maturity was cheddar could be basically been aged so that’s good we’ve got you have any careful carry go just even though this aged cheddar what happens is they have played up on the fact that there’s a grass-fed company but they’re not really grasping you’re the people thing they’re just like you’ll see that they’re not truly grass-fed grass-finished but it’s still aged so that’s good I don’t see these real grass fed stuff here let’s take a look Gouda Gouda is a younger cheese and don t bats Romano is one of the best cheese okay let me get aids different nine months made from sheep’s milk you just got Romano that’s made from sheep’s milk that is aged for nine months oh my gosh what happened okay then we got 24 months so we can do 24 months or we can do 9 months 24 months with cow for nine months with sheets nine months of sheep hands down because the aging process is only really getting rid of the lactose the sheep’s milk actually encompasses the overall protein content being better so he got this gun I don’t want to load up on too much cheese it’s really easy to spend a bunch of money and just quad yourself up oh these are cool de monserrate I don’t see buffalo mozzarella but mozzarella is a really clean oh my god insta Johnny no no no I’m a buffalo mozzarella so mozzarella is already fairly clean okay you’re strained heavily you do have a lot of because it’s so young you’re really much just looking at cream buffalo you’re really doing your no comments Hallion water buffalos let’s not see but what I might do is make a nice hearty caprese salad date some good tomatoes some good basil a little bit of vinegar a little bit of balsamic and some of this and boom oh this is so great I’m soaking it up right now because first of all who doesn’t like having a good party but second of all I’m trying some good stuff I am gonna spend 12 bucks on thi
s because my team deserves it this is good stuff this schools more fancy your stuff okay that’s cool this actually wouldn’t be a bad deal 20 bucks kind of a party platter here for wine pairing I grew up in Sonoma so I know my wines even though I don’t drink cow’s milk cheese cow’s milk Spanish goat’s milk cheese that’s how I knew Chico this is actually a good little setup I’m not gonna get it but that’s see they’ve got all kinds of party platters this is great but you spend a lot of money now you don’t have to prep as much I like I like you good my wife likes the good we’ll have some fun with it if I were to do some lips this wouldn’t be bad the hard thing with ribs is wide variety of the fat content in the ribs you don’t ever know how much fat you’re actually consuming okay it’s like one grip might have 30 grams of fat another really might have another one – Ammon this is all farm-raised salmon so kind of like garbage because my son loves the side but the minis doesn’t some makes sense for a party so let’s get this organic Hass organic Tomatoes organic onions red onions lime juice I found a typo Jannik garlic this is really good this is really good friend stuff I only add acid content so nicely got blocking or weak has what is called oleic acid base okay whole a constant can convert to the holy Oh leper colony which activates genetic processes in your body to help you create more in the way of what’s called brown fat basically triggers your body to burn more fat through extra body handsome boy in with avocados so very good stuff we can dip pork rinds in here with you all kinds of different this is where I draw the line okay the spreads things like that it just ties up today plus enough sugar if you look at this kind of stuff sure it’s tempting but look at 124th has 110 calories it’s just way easy to overdo it main ingredients Fuji is one syrup okay so we’ve got cream cheese carob bean already a bunch of gums mayonnaise made from soybean oil egg yolk yeah that’s just–that’s think I need to send all of though I love my olives because high amounts of vitamin D and of course the homes themselves have that Omega 9 they have that oleic acid in there once again hot over here we’ll get them straight up all of you don’t have to consume olive oil you can actually consume the olive themself because even if you consume them you’re getting 3 grams of fat it’s still not olive okay and then they’re usually ground this is interesting so something so if you take a perfect example of where things get screwed up perfect healthy maleic acid olive sitting in a sea of sunflower oil now they do the green olives are sitting in water so that’s a plus but you take a perfectly good healthy fat from an olive and you soak it in a credit phone I wish they were sitting in all all of harping on is a sitting in olive oil maybe black olives green olives recipe canola oil again they do this that is not Mediterranean what about canola oil is Mediterranean I don’t know a single Mediterranean person that would opt for canola oil over all over I have a strange feeling we’re gonna encounter it with basil pesto to pesto could be really powerful stuff so here we’ve got basil blend sunflower oil at all yep there we go I just there’s something the reason we go out to get isn’t loading up on a bunch of canola oil and soda let’s not have that feeling at Thomas de Lauer’s party okay that’s funny still ours party everyone’s gonna be full they’re gonna be satiated but they’re gonna walk out of there feeling good and they’re not gonna go blow to the next day so these are party traps here this was not that don’t be afraid of nitrites they’re really not that bad I just don’t like it as a lot so even as 480 milligrams 11 so we’re looking at about $5,000 grams sodium this whole thing I like those important no antibiotics is an interesting thing because pork is really actually a pretty solid fat but a lot of times they have to do their protein too but maybe the fats above no problem is they usually load them up the tunnel biotics nice the Kirkland Signature is actually pretty weak I’ll go get this because this could be perfect really easy to pick up [Music] you’re actually chicken chicken sausages pretty high sodium but still where we got it in here organic chicken organic basil organic gross to them actually a really clean sausage compare that to the grass-fed chicken ranch we got grass-fed beef water cheddar cheese no this is weird and at least the story goes from this fan facts nice price literally exact same price per weight too so I’m gonna go for these paleo ones – this is pretty cool high sodium but it’s great just lay them out cut them up pushing a fix in [Music] are they appearing here but the hearing is in a wine sauce yeah that’s what the carps a nice thing to note is an acronym known as smash sardines and mackerel anchovies salmon and herring but it’s hard to get herring it’s not particularly in really sweet wine Gary is one of the best fatty acids return to the fat that usually fish though it’s Deborah Kerr phalloidin pocket I think so I kind of get something expensive actually they work very well but we don’t want to get native beats in 2 min right now this undertake months under a lot of pressure because perfect quality in terms of the radiation so Sakai is a deeper red color because it’s very high in what is called astaxanthin astaxanthin is really neat stuff it actually can crush through the blood-brain barrier and acting antioxidants in the branch so what that means gives you literally get more brain boost when it’s deeper red like this if you get farm-raised salmon what’s happening is you’re getting if it’s red because they’re adding color into it the absolute same thing is what makes them the sockeye so better look at a fresh sockeye versus like keto salmon sometimes much deeper ready because they need the natural sort of I guess you call anti-inflammatory so this is really cool stuff less is known about see it’s only a half a gram of fat for a sermon whereas maybe an interesting one see oh here’s Norwegian right oh look see look at this half a gram of fat versus seven grams of fat Norwegian has a bunch of fat net so people fall victim to that is like omega-3 but guess what those stores in fact toxins radiation at mercury things like that so I’m gonna go with this very clean stuff what you get out but at least I feel comfortable that my team is eating the right stuff wrap this up with a little bit of cheese cream cheese I wonder if I could have saved some money I got some chicken that was oh my god so this is actually more expensive for Palin already chicken breast water no potato starch olive oil dextrose no I don’t follow my gosh two Spears 711 soda I’m not inside salt infused with portobello mushroom wine some land is a really good fatty acid profile and this would be a nice nice touch little high in sodium we’ve got lamb shank and we’ve got some Eidos portobello mushrooms having a sitting on water beef broth shallots garlic rice rice starch vegetable oil canola oil and although haha why I’m going to do that there canola oil and olive oil we could have just used the olive oil and I probably have bought this I don’t want kind of oil I just don’t want that ground you end up feeling like little garbage with it it’s a bummer because there fatty acid profile of my mom’s actually a little good and this wouldn’t fit any nice touch to have an office party and the pet just a bunch of good stuff they would have thought I was creepy up dancing it w is things like that happens now I love these because I love picking some no prosciutto that’s imported this is great the only hard part is I always say this if you get the prosciutto or the ham it’s really simple because you got rBST someone won free mozzarella passed rice we’ll note and then we’ve got the prosciutto antibiotic-free imported which is just pork and mediterranean sea salt so that’s really good okay and t
hen we looked at this one which is the salami and we have pork sea salt may contains 2% unless the falling turbinado sugar natural flavor whose wine garlic ass that’s actually not bad so he’s got two things a prosciutto and one thing of soap set that normally I would say just go for it you go as much as you can because the prosciutto is much much cleaner than the swamis that is 14 bucks so let’s improvise and make it up this videos are perfect actually it’s not even in the right spot but I just saw your I can see pending these things these are you can use those burritos you can roll things up in them so you see how they built salami in there but they’re parmesan so what did we learn about parmesan earlier in this video it’s aged lower lactose lower face in both you chauffeur’s big bucks I can get this and then I need your cure our mechanic for Shido huh look at that pork and salt okay so now for 850 plus eight for $16 I can make literally probably three four times as much and still have cleaner and not have to deal with the cruddy and reuse in the salon so I got pure parmesan and pure Parma ham perfect two ingredients in this meat that is good old fashioned real quality Parma Italian stuff [Music] he dropped some Tomatoes because I got my buffalo mozzarella I need to make some crazy yeah I’m gonna have some carbs in tomatoes closet you not going to eat I like to slice them up to make it really easy simply to praise it let’s grab a couple heavy I’m gonna be a fast rate which means I’m already naturally a little bit cold the price is you don’t need to get more dinners it’s in the cream 25 which means don’t have to get organic if y’all steam on put a little bit nutritional yeast on them a little bit of salt and then cut them up into little chunks it’s just a perfect little dish or you can add it okay so artichokes are really high in prebiotic fibers when you’re on keto one of the things you wanna do is want to continue the feeds good gut bacteria which means regular fiber doesn’t do this trick probiotics don’t do the trick you need prebiotic fiber switching to a service unit so it’s my two favorite prebiotics rich vegetables – really good stuff for big artichokes when I steamed these up and I put them around some dip stuff like that we put a little bit of this on them guess what look at that he’s pumps he is you guys are about to hate me I never want to come to one of your parties why there’s no what everyone sitting carry a shrimp definitely glad we’re getting this frozen you’re actually going to have a lot more of a preservation of the minerals and the vitamins when it’s frozen I like to go for frozen with seafood is because it doesn’t oxidize anything major so the shrimp for instance high levels of zinc high role selenium really good for the thyroid yes you can make a sugar-free ketchup cocktail sauce and this is perfect so get in with the tail on being frozen way way cheaper that way and a preservation of the nutrients a lot of Morton in here in forever wild Alaskan salmon burgers are actually pretty good bargain I’m not gonna get into the party but so we’ve got I don’t like that I also don’t like that you don’t know Frank and or keto salmon a random mix of Salmons we don’t really know and then we’ve got vegetable oil soybean oil and or but they’re not grass finish it hardly ever destroyed the new tree disease vectors the frozen section is fine the frozen section is okay usually with the frozen section you get preservations of minerals and nutrients so if like vegetables they pick them there immediately flash frozen so the nutrients are save either being oxidized so not [Music] [Applause] Wow oh my organic Brussels sprouts organic extra virgin olive oil organic seasoning all organic and they’re doing these little steam bags please you throw in the oven you can put on the stove we put on the grill come to my party you’re gonna get Dawson fun facts just exposing yourself to cold temperatures elevates uncoupling proteins one in two so literally just coming in here and freezing my butt off for a minute kid I know people turn off the video and I say literally but literally if making burn more fat it does some interesting things to your genes apparently if I came in here because there’s nothing it’s a Costco it has an organic computer via is decent but at least they have an organic lines and it’s super still a fat-free one but not the best thing in the world but seven grams of carbs for two-thirds of a cup so 1/8 – this is seven grams of hearts what I’m thinking is making a dip okay so something that people can dip their artichokes in or dip whatever they want and it’s going to be a lot cleaner a lot higher protein and say using sour cream presses and you’re getting the better probiotic effect with the cultures there so everyone’s gonna walk out of my party feeling digestive ly decent right they’re gonna peel the reason I want streams G’s in the first place is because I got some of this like yeah I got some of the locks but I’d like to do is take some that cream cheese and wrap it in the wok so we’d be really cool in the smoked salmon I I I just can’t get myself to do it pasteurized milk and cream whey protein concentrate the lowest quality whey they salt carob bean gum I go to another store does anybody care about green tea at a party I love this stuff the concepts blared superfoods get hey this is actually a great time for me to mention a lot of the snacks that we’re gonna be getting here so like we’ve got almond butter – you got all this stuff you spend an arm and a leg at the grocery store I highly highly recommend you check out the rival market dried markets an online membership based grocery store so everything from here on out all the snack foods all the pantry items and even some of the meats just get it thrive honestly it was cheaper and it ends up right at your doorstep I’m doing this because I want to teach you how to shop at Costco but I also want to save you time and save you money and thrive is going to help you out with that so how do you hang up can you check them out I went ahead and posted a link down below so that you can check out the right market that means literally like the almond butters all the almonds all the crackers all the keto snacks everything like that and I’ve been able to create literally specific keto and fasting bundles so these are things that have all my Kido options all my fasting options put into a simple bundle so you can get the foods that I would recommend at the grocery store super super cool stuff I know I’m taking a second here to describe this but trust me you save so much money when you do that plus it’s like having me shopping alongside you at the grocery store by getting the options that I would normally put in my Kido and fasting boxes etc so link down below after you watch this video make sure you check them out you won’t be disappointed links down below special discounts and everything alright let’s keep on moving here so this whole lot of stuff that I really need I could get some almond butter and stuff like that but I just don’t know if I really need that for the party I’m also need like the nuts and things like that stuff that I would get through possibly arrived otherwise he’ll let me know in the comments section below if you would want to come to a Thomas dollar Aikido party I think there’s a lot of people out there in the internet that would love to you my employees are probably like another day with promise and I love coupons I love walnuts it just so happens they have the two best Kido nuts right here the only thing missing is the macadamia nuts I love getting them in the baking bulk section like this because I saved so much money for 12 bucks to get this big thing 11 bucks to get some fun walnuts good Christ you go ahead and I’m going to get both of these and mix them up and I just don’t want to just have a big bowl pecans out there actually you try to find some mac
adamia nuts I don’t know if I want to spend $30 any nut is going to be in a walnut which means you’re gonna walk out of my party not feeling bloated feeling like your brains on fire really good now yes more money 13 bucks instead of 12 bucks or whatever it was a real couple bucks more in a little bit smaller of a bag but I’m getting organic people thinking these are in a shell like this so who cares if it’s not organic well guess what happens they spray the bottom of the tree for bugs and that witch’s into the tree okay so he’s on I’m just gonna go for some pecans here you can eat your nuts in the baking aisle and you usually save some money because they’re not marketed as snacks the market into a ball seriously hands down probably the best marinara Costco has trade any other stores have simple ingredients organic tomatoes onions olive oil sea salt garlic basil spices calcium chloride don’t be afraid of that it’s just a minerals so no sugar added usually marinara has sugar added why is this work well than meatballs I thought about mated there we go I’ve got plenty right here eleven bucks I’m getting organic low sugars keto friendly marinara for those meatballs and four dip whatever I’m gonna get one of these guys it’s a really good price and always cooking avocado oil because it’s high temp and it can handle it’s got a high smoke point so it can handle the high temperature yes so I could take my pecans mix them up with these pumpkin seeds maybe put a little bit of stevia in it maybe a wee little bit of this avocado oil spray you can just figure it a little bit of oil a little bit of salt these are awesome they’re sprouted so pumpkin seeds already have some of the best mineral content look at magnesium protein zinc which we need for our thyroid the cool thing is because it’s sprouted what ends up happening is a sprouting process ends up breaking down the phytic acid so they’re actually absorbed better in the body so that means those minerals she doesn’t is rare so the minerals are in this are actually utilized so all they do by sprouting it is just soak it overnight but the sprouting process just activates it it literally makes it so rather than just passing through your system not doing anything you’re actually getting the nutrients there’s Thomas flowers party song lane or does it sound light definitely you get one of these guys so same thing mayonnaise is a superfood it is not an unhealthy food primal kitchen does it right okay they’re using avocado oil and organic eggs organic egg yolks really really clean stuff okay so here’s what’s fun about it is instead of getting the swimming oil the canola oil you’re getting exactly what I need why am I getting them for a party artichokes my fries I can also make gifts just like I review the Greek yogurt I can do with good mayonnaise where people are gonna actually again walk out of the party feeling good so the other cool thing is drive market has this and a couple other brands on there too they have their own the drive has their own avocado Mayo so it could be and some lesser expensive option for you if you don’t know what costo you can just want to get it online so again thrive has their own version of this so you can check them out down below description it’s a much better option if you’re being cost effective this is great I’ll only use 1/3 of this down the rest I can have for all kinds of things the albacore tastes better but the albacore is also a higher mercury content chunk light or skipjack is going to be the way to go when it comes down to just a basic simple tuna you got this little time yes it does have mercury do you want to be careful I could see something else you know let’s check out there is you all just get to Megan always want to get you can fish in water okay so this is cool I will give it this so this is yellowfin tuna 13:39 it’s in oil but this is at least in olive oil that’s pretty cool solid light yellowfin in olive oil the interesting thing is like this wouldn’t really be great for what I’m doing it’s so hard keep track of the calories when the fishes are in oil at least when they’re in water you just lean protein you can add that that’s how you want to add them so in this I mean limited because I only have the olive oil with this I can mix it with the avocado Mayo I can add some other fats in there and add some olives I can have mushrooms I can add all kinds of things to get the types of fats that I want but some of the step in my trunk like this I feel like it’s just the best bang for the buck okay so sardines you’re okay having those in oil because you just account for it I wish they had the sardines in water again I hate to sound like a broken record but thrive market does a lot of work with wild planet and much better prices on sardines and anchovies and everything like that in water over at the Drive so you check them out normally I would get some of this but no one’s in the mood sardines at a party I’ll never have anyone come back welcome to my party have a fish interesting study skin maybe a journal found that on average people that had cereal boxes out on their counters or opening their pantry weighed 20 percent more than those that did not I so normally Costco has this big bag of mac oh they do they still have it okay they’re students I mean one of having pistachios at parties because it is job security for the janitorial team afterwards with picking up shells of no just go it slows people down if you give this a vehicle bag of nuts they’re just gonna need a bunch of nothing here you’d like 4,000 calories are the nuts before dinners ever even really saleable at least with pistachios you eat them slow you know period injury downside the highest carbohydrate nut that you’re gonna really find next to cashews cashews technically are fruit not a nut so anyhow point is that here little man we had a lot of other stuff too pistachio salt pepper I don’t see yeah okay so look at the wonderful branch with all the stuff it’s added yeast extract all these that’s basically monosodium glutamate whereas the Kirkland ones dry roasted pistachios and salt I am gonna get these cuz this one’s really just cool shelled and that’s great except you’re gonna way over eat if they’re already shelled and then you’re gonna kick yourself out of keto because those carp contents are so high people probably wonder why aren’t you getting almonds aren’t almonds the stereotypical feeder food they are that almonds are getting overrated and they’re overused there’s so much phytic acid and they’re really so high in omega sixes these are the bad boys they’re just expensive now I care about my team I care about the people that come to this party I love the idea of mixing this along with the other seeds that I got along with the actual the pecans too so you really put yourself in a great spot with that the cool thing is the omega-9 fatty acids that are in macadamia nuts increase the bioavailability of Megos omega 3 so what that means is you’re doing all this extra work by getting the Omega threes in your diet but they’re not getting utilized the way that they should Omega 9 is coming from macadamia nuts will help the utilization of those Omega threes so let’s say you’re eating some good sardines you’re getting stuff that you got from the store thrive market wherever and then you have some macadamia nuts you’re actually going to increase the potency if those Omega threes so yes they’re expensive they’re a good nut and they taste so good but they are so easy to go overboard on alright so Jonny mister sweety cameraman found something as I currently I walked right by it she’s got macadamias pecans pepitas almonds and probiotic cheese balls it’s kind of funny though cuz look at here they have their perfect mix right it’s almost like you’ve been watching my videos they’ve got the things that I already grabbed pecans I think they’ve got some almonds and they’ve got the pepitas I don’t think I nee
d to go spend a bunch of money on this it’s got the dried cheddar cheese which I know for a fact is actually coming up here so I can get $14 for 24 ounces notice I can get a lot more okay there’s seaweed snacks I believe our dream spoon canola oil sunflower oil a little better organic sesame oil organic something that’s better than canola these are actually a good snack that I know to guys my office for a couple of these things so I’m gonna get them dis give you a great thing to add to the party no I’m gonna try to find the ones that are coated in olive oil alright we’ve got the moon cheese we’ve got the whistles kid wisps or moon cheese Parmesan cheese pasteurized parts Newton cap she’s called her salt enzymes this is cheddar cheese so what do we learn today about Chiefs the parmesan is aged it’s going to be a better protein it’s going to be a little bit healthier for you a little bit cleaner for you mousse cheese I agree it tastes awesome but then 28 gram weight is 150 calories whereas 12 grams 72 24 are really about the same calorie content very similar taste very similar to feel but this is a better cheese overall and yeah it does have some other things in it this is just straight-up cheap now it makes it it’s really the same thing so we disappeared on the piggyback with what is the better actual cheese I’m gonna take this over Moochie you know movie is so good all I’m gonna do is buy crumpled it up and make it into that blend with the almond tart with you have to stuff like that so all good it’s not like eating it straight up jerky I don’t do something that sauces and stuff reject if I was doing a snack already one thing this stuff by the way you need good quality beef jerky another thing I know I’m not just constantly pitching thrive but it’s just it’s reality I go over a lot of migration from drivers with the beef Jerky’s and stuff like that you’re better off just better options clean your stuff organic stuff non GMO will stay in a whole separate video for the the utensil help to the party making this all about the food I think we’ve got more or less what we need I can’t really think of anything else granted there probably could be some more veggies at this this party but all abouts even a good healthy fat profile keeping everything really being so we’re solid there let’s go ahead and check out be honest I think we actually did pretty good on this I’m gonna take a guess on that price here I’m gonna say with all the meat is stuff that I got they say three hundred and sixty dollars is my guess I could be way off 360 hopefully less three twenty three point that’s the official again I gotta change my number I’m thinking yeah we’re closer we’re closer to 500 my reasonable guess is close [Applause] [Music] 380 $9.99 but to feed a lot of people to have a fun time and to make sure that everyone is feeling healthy at this party as Costco $389 venue $500 everyone walking out of that party not feeling bloated priceless you’ve made it out and see me I always walk out of pasta with a significantly lighter wallet and significantly more insight Oh what it is some bad energy in there not the right energy love from the deals you can get at Cosco I don’t think being a little walks out of Costco feeling better about themselves we reasonably bloated with samples you’re usually spending a lot of money and usually middle birth anxiety from all the people and if you’re lucky enough to make it back to your car and knock your head it’s a win anyhow been done so much for watching as always rocking seven skin to bring me the best hope the talking pump is vascular scientific content understand your body it’s the most putting inside the body temple everything if you’ve a locked in here my channel see in the next video and have an awesome [Music] oh one more quick thing don’t be a jerk [Music] [Music] 

This Post Was All About Mega Keto Costco Grocery Haul – How to Throw a HUGE Low Carb Party.
Mega Keto Costco Grocery Haul - How to Throw a HUGE Low Carb Party

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Mega Keto Costco Grocery Haul – How to Throw a HUGE Low Carb Party – Thomas DeLauer
Hosting a party is tough enough, but hosting a LOW CARB party can definitely be more challenging! This mega haul gives you a TON of tasty low carb foods and treats to choose from that everyone at the party will enjoy… whether they’re keto or not!
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