Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating While Cutting & Dieting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight Ep. 24

Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating While Cutting & Dieting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight Ep. 24

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] good more gas so I took care of all of the morning essentials I weighed myself I put my numbers of my spreadsheet at the line macros in my spreadsheet and of course I did a lot of flexing in front of the mirror that’s not part of my morning routine at all but I did it for you guys I want you to see where my physique is that this is a full day of eating so I probably should start things off by telling you guys where my macros are at currently especially because in the middle of this week just a couple of days ago I ended up making a macro adjustment so my macros are now 225 grams of carbs 240 grams of protein and 45 grams of fat that works out to be about 2300 calories and like I said I just made that adjustment a couple of days ago I was hitting 250 grams of carbs I dropped the carbs 25 grams so my plan right now is actually to probably make a lot of carb decreases the next several weeks that’s probably not going to make any more decreases there because fats are pretty low 45 grams is definitely low for me so I want to keep the fat where they are for now and it just makes sense to decrease carbs from here you probably should make breakfast because it is a full day of eating but I just want to let you guys know kind of where things are at what my plan is and yeah so breakfast probably going to be a protein shake it’s back the last full day of eating I was like I’m not making the protein shake anymore well it’s just so delicious I just made a few adjustments to make it work better for my macros now protein shake is back Jake making is off to a rough start guys I so pure sponsors me and they send me this big tub of protein in this like baggy I went to go shake the baggy because you know you should always shake your tub of protein the protein settles so you want to make sure that you’re getting the right amount of protein in your scoop I grabbed the bag I shook the bag and my finger went through the bag and now protein powder everywhere protein disaster is still occurring in the kitchen but the last time I made this protein shake somebody asked me in the comments what’s in it were the exact measurements so it’s 30 grams one scoop of ice ax pure chocolate protein powder one and a half cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk two and a half servings it’s just like 13 grams of unsweetened cocoa great for caffeine that little extra boost half a banana so like 50 grams of a banana actually so maybe a little less than half six tablespoons of Walden Farms calorie-free chocolate syrup another little bit of boost because cocoa has caffeine not using this today but on a training day it definitely goes in my shake and I usually have like three or four grams of it per shake this stuff is loaded with caffeine guys this instant coffee and it’s so good in shakes it’s so good at baking instant coffee by itself just alright but if you’re baking with it really really good but as far as a macro scale to shake its 28 grams of protein 21 grams of carbs 10 of which is fiber and 6 grams of fat which makes it way more manageable because before I drink two of these and I’d be at 20 grams of fat now I can drink two of them I’m at 12 grams of fat that eight grams that is a huge difference when you only eat 45 grams of fat a day the one thing you have to know about making to giant chicks if you do make to giant chicks which I don’t know if I recommend my belly is huge right now you will end up in you’ll end up covering yourself in a blankie because you’re going to be frozen I am so cold there’s no way you could drink two big shakes like that and not end up cold as you guys can see cleaned up that protein disaster that was over here and I started to get together some work essentials for lunch today I’m making a pseudo Big Mac salad now typically a Big Mac it has ground beef my fats are pretty low right now so instead of the ground beef I’m going with 90 9% lean ground turkey in my salad the focusing is just terrible but there’s 99% lean ground turkey here of course there aren’t jalapeno slices in a Big Mac I don’t think there are but in my salad there is because it just adds like a spicy component that’s absolutely delicious salad we don’t have any of this stuff at the restaurant that’s why I’m bringing it so we don’t have hamburger dill slices but obviously if you’re making a Big Mac or Big Mac salad you need dill slices and I’m making my own Thousand Island or Big Mac dressing just Miracle Whip Lite Miracle Whip guys and this stuff is awesome to put on yourself macros in it one and a half fat two carbs zero protein that’s for one serving it pretty much for me it tastes like mayonnaise so I really love this stuff and then I’m going to be mixing it with the highest reduced sugar ketchup it’s like six servings 80 grams of hights reduce your ketchup 45 grams of Miracle Whip and you have yourself Big Mac dressing it’s unreal and one thing I want to tell you guys about are these Crystal Light squirt or water enhancer bottle things now the packets have calories like a couple grams of carbs per serving this is seriously truly zero calories zero carbs and it makes water taste so much better in this was over 72 ounces it was over that line of black berry lemonade Crystal Light and it was absolutely it is absolutely delicious I’ve had the pink lemonade and the blackberry lemonade and both have been really really good so pick those up find them at the grocery store check it out guys the pseudo Big Mac salad because I had to use ground turkey like I said earlier I don’t have a ton of fat to play with so I can use the ground beef if you use ground beef in this salad it will taste just like a Big Mac it’s amazing and look at the volume this is like a dieters dream come true this is like a gallon of water this is yourself it’s like a half a gallon of salad finish the salad and I’m still hungry guys I have like an insatiable appetite so I’m just hanging out in the office just eating some food watching Rob lips that’s 20 calorie challenge I’m gonna go back in the kitchen make another salad I’ll check back with you guys in a bit all right guys salad number two is made I figured out my total macros right now I’m at 131 protein 132 carb and 32 fat the only difference between this salad and the last elet no olives in here a little bit less onions a little bit less tomato and less Miracle Whip because they don’t have a lot of fat left I’ve got 13 grams of fat 90 grams of carbs to play with like 110 grams of protein so I think I’m going to be making some type of a protein pancake when I get home probably a pumpkin protein pancake so I just got home from work guys and I was craving something sweet so I just started making cinnamon pita chips when I got back and I’ve got a little bit of a PB to dipping sauce here check these pita chips out these pita chips are unreal guys the big test for a good pita chip is the crunch factor guys check this out wow these are so freakin good need i say more mmm mmm all I did I cut one of these joseph´s wraps in half if you’ve never used these before these are the best wraps you can possibly buy at the store I get these at Walmart I’ve used these in other vlogs before if you haven’t seen these macros it’s for half of the rap so each one of these and these are huge guys look at my hand it’s like twice the size man each one of these is 3 grams of fat 16 carbs 12 grams of protein that is a ton of volume for a wrap for those numbers I cut it in half then I get a paper towel I’d put half the wrap on the pap
er towel I spray it with a little bit of coconut oil and then it goes in the microwave for like mmm 1 to 2 minutes I keep an eye on it what’s great about that is that you don’t have to bake it in the oven you bake it in the oven you have to wait for the oven to heat up then you can always burn these in the oven because they’re super sensitive you put them in the microwave though you can watch the rap in the microwave you know that you’re not going to burn it and you can make them perfectly crunchy perfectly exactly how you want them and they only take a couple of minutes so how can you beat that I was still hungry after I made my cinnamon pita chips so I decided to make some egg beater so I made 350 grams of egg beaters and you know if I’m making eggs of course I’m putting tawny chichi race tawny teachers as I like to call it on my eggs as far as my macros so far whoops for the day guys 202 grams of protein 177 grams of carbs 41 grams of fat so one last meal of the day guys is pumpkin pancakes I had two pancakes but I already ate one they are really really delicious all they are 250 grams of liquid egg whites 80 grams of pure pumpkin 40 grams of some oats one and a half servings of vanilla pudding mix the reason why not just for added sweetness for your pumpkins but obviously there’s a lot of liquid egg whites in here and if you don’t add the pudding mix it won’t be thick enough this adds thickness to your batter and actually makes it a batter so 12 grams of pudding mix and then protip guys add your pancake syrup in my case Walden Farms calorie-free penny syrup to the batter itself I put it in my blender and I’ve blended everything up until it was thick and better like and yeah it’s just way better if you add the pancake syrup into the batter so I don’t even use syrup on the pancake itself and probably just can’t eat this with my hand and super delicious really really love these pancakes backwards for the end of the day excuse the crack screen it’s still not fixed when I dropped it out of my gym pocket three blocks ago 233 grams of protein 220 grams of carbs and 45 grams of fats yeah pretty close to the macros today guys ELISA is finally home I’m going to spend some time with her I hope you enjoyed today’s full day of eating if you did give the video like if you’re not subscribed already subscribed I will see you guys in the next video [Music]

This Post Was All About Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating While Cutting & Dieting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight Ep. 24.
Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating While Cutting & Dieting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight Ep. 24

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