Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating While Cutting & Dieting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight Ep. 22

Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating While Cutting & Dieting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight Ep. 22

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[Music] ah burn my throat it’s good though once it hits the lips anyways good morning guys welcome to another full day of eating things have sort of changed in the last full day of eating I haven’t done one in a while and I know they’re really really popular I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do another one however my diet just really hasn’t changed that much in the last four or five weeks whatever last time I did a full day of eating was and I don’t want to show you guys just me eating pretty much the same food day in and day out however my macros have changed things have changed sort of and sort of what I’m dieting I go through like these phases of foods where for weeks at a time it’ll be like the steak thing or the shake thing I was doing the shakes in the morning steak at night and that was for a really really long time week and I just loved it but now my macro sort of changed and also my cravings have kind of changed and I’ve adapted some meals to kind of help me meet my macros but also just my cravings too so every morning lately as you’ll see I’m drinking a coffee instead of the two shakes and the big reason why I’m drinking the coffee now not only if it contains delicious but because my fat macros are down to 45 grams each day which seems kind of low but really with the way of my macros are structured it’s not terribly well anyways my macros right now 250 grams of carbs 240 grams of protein 45 grams fat those two shakes that it had every morning want to start my day that was like 20 grams of fat between the two shakes and I think in the full day of eating or in one of the vlogs that was like the secret to my success eased abrupt to Jake and it was for a while but that’s changed because I just was killing myself in the mornings with my fat macros then I could have my fat macros for the rest of the day so now I start my day off with about a half a tablespoon of and café Bustelo coffee which for instant coffee is pretty good guys and then I have three grams of the sugar substitute for me that’s blend up and about a quarter cup I was going to say tablespoon about a quarter cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk so that’s what’s in my cup today delicious besides all that stuff I had a huge way in this morning the all-time low land of prep just happened to follow up today one ninety eight point six mi physique I think it’s really starting to come together I am nine days nine days nine weeks one day away from the show and I really think I might be able to eat up into the show especially I’m just going to really crying out these next seven six seven weeks and maybe even start reverse dieting into the show that is the ultimate plan is to be able to eat more food as I am getting closer to the show and just be absolutely shredded two to three weeks I think I still need about six or seven weeks to get like striated glutes nothing I really need striated glutes in classic physique but I’m trying to get as shredded as possible guys yeah so that’s sort of an update on where things are after me right now as far as macros in the first noam and have another cup of joe so that’s going to be six and a half grams of carbs because there’s like a little bit of carbs from the almond milk and about one and a half grams of fat really no protein cheers guys see you at meal number two it’s time for meal number two I’m at the gym right now meal number two has been happening right before I go into the gym so don’t get hungry while I’m working out and I have two containers of this light and fit vanilla Greek yogurt if you’ve never had this before oh my god this stuff is it’s delicious two of these containers is 18 grams of carbs 24 grams of protein is your grams of fat and then after my lifts before I do cardio I haven’t I don’t know why switch containers but I have another container so three containers total between now and the time that I leave the gym also there’s a rule about genies and it’s when you take off this thing you have to lick the top of the container otherwise you don’t yet you then hit your macros all right guys so my workouts done I plan on eating one of these before I start cardio but it turns out I’m not really hungry so imma save the calories we save the macros and just probably wait until lunch the head to the grocery store again we go from egg whites and make an omelet I think it’s my post-workout meal so catch you guys at the apartment not eveness today [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] alright guys so I just got back from the gym the grocery store I’m actually really really hungry right now because I didn’t have my pre cardio Greek yogurt anyways as far as Mac roads go right now I’m at 25 grams of protein 26 grams of carbs and only 2 grams of fat so of a bunch of macros to play with up this vehicle there’s definitely going to be a huge omelet that’s like the first thing that I’m going to make right now because that sort of what open making post-workout and because they’re delicious check out the Sanwa guys it is absolutely massive this would be 13 egg whites I think I just used some egg substitute it’s 450 grams of egg whites 170 grams of spinach 255 grams of peppers and onions and 165 grams of mids pizza sauce but I’m not going to lie to you guys I actually ate a serving out of the jar or what I figured to be a serving out of the jar just because it’s so good I know it seems weird to put beets assaults on an omelet but I don’t know I just I saw these where my fridge I was like I have to kill these jars in pizza sauce I haven’t had in a while it sounds delicious really excited about this omelet just covered it with a bunch of crushed red pepper that is really really good I don’t know if it’s just because I’m dieting but it’s so good or if it really is good pizza sauce on an omelet mmm totally hitting a spot right now second part of meal number three is complete guys two fried eggs with the best of course Tony teachers if you want to take your eggs from just right to the best eggs that you’ve ever had in your entire life this stuff is the key to do that and I mentioned this on the vlog before I don’t give me this for free I mean like this will literally last you for years it’s just really that good guy so you can find that stuff in your grocery store get it because eggs are just way better with it and then I have eight slices of toast I used a new toast today I’ve never had this before there was the lowest calorie toast thread that the grocery store nature’s harvest 40 calories a slice yeah I think it’s the place anyways macros on the stuff half a gram of fat this is per two slices 17 grams of card six of which is fiber and six grams of protein a little secret about toast guys that I like to do is you can see here I sprayed my toast with some high-quality coconut oil baking spread probably wouldn’t recommend doing this with just any baking spray but this stuff is really high-quality and just do a little little spray very gentle and I like to put a little bit of salt on my toast too so far three of meal number three is together guys dessert if you will it’s one on a quarter cups of frozen blueberries you know I love frozen berries 175 grams this is 300 grams of the denon Light & Fit vanilla Greek yogurt and yeah that is it my macros right now 146 grams of protein 170 grams of carbs and 14 grams of fat so really haven’t eaten a lot of fat today have like a bunch of macros still left to play with I feel like a 100 protein left a t-card and 30 fat so we’re going over to my dad’s house for dinner tonight
we don’t really know we’re having over there it’s probably they’re going to be steak or fajitas but I can make pretty much anything fit into those numbers so I will see you guys at his house when we do that whole dinner thing we’re over my dad’s house this is the ground beef fajita fiasco that’s sort of going on the kitchen this is my open-faced ground beef fajita here it’s one flat out like 70 grams of lettuce a little bit of tomato a little bit of cilantro some peppers onions mushroom and like 200 grams of 95/5 lean ground beef and I topped it with this Hort eiga superhot taco sauce really good macros actually just 2 grams of carbs for 16 grams of this stuff I’m on to round 2 with my fajitas guys I have another flat out lettuce and tomato the peppers and onions thing but I’m doing chicken this time so 115 grams of chicken topped it with a little bit of cilantro and that’s because I admittedly have been eating out of this and I probably had another serving of ground beef so I’m going to say like 275 grams of ground beef so far tonight and I’m just going to keep it light with this Vicky to just go with the chicken Alyssa and I are back home from my dad’s house I am really full right now I feel like super bloated those wraps whatever flat out stuff they’re called it’s just like a rock in my belly bad news though I think munching on the ground beef kind of set me over my protein goal or I just shouldn’t have had chicken on the last fajita it should have been like a vegetarian Tita so my macros for the end of the day 280 grams of protein I’m over my protein by 40 grams so what I’m going to do is the next two days under B under my protein buy 20 grams each day and that will offset me going over today carbohydrates 258 grams so pretty much on my carb goal which is 250 no worries there and fat was 39 grams today so a little bit under my fact goal but I was so far over my my protein today that I’m going to worry about eating any more fat I hope you guys enjoyed the full day of eating boss we did throw the video like subscribe if you haven’t subscribed and I see guys in the next video yes pas pedo pedo pedo despedido [Music]

This Post Was All About Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating While Cutting & Dieting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight Ep. 22.
Meal By Meal Full Day Of Eating While Cutting & Dieting | What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight Ep. 22

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