Losing Inches But No Weight Loss?

Losing Inches But No Weight Loss?

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More specifically, you want help with Losing Inches But No Weight Loss??

hey guys dr. Burke here in this video I want to talk about this concept of losing inches but no weight loss okay let’s dive right into this the majority of people when they start to lose weight are retaining a tremendous amount of fluid and that’s why they can lose you know 3 4 5 pounds in a week consistently for several weeks and then in all of us in the plateaus down to nothing and in your mind if you don’t realize that’s just water weight you’re going to be very upset when you stop losing weight and you might even stop what you’re doing when in fact it was successful because especially if you’re doing a ketogenic diet you’re doing in a minute fasting that’s like a diuretic it’s going to dump a lot of fluid that shouldn’t be there in the first place ok the most you could possibly lose of actual fat per week is 2 pounds but that’s for a really healthy person the majority people that I see especially in the 40s or 50s if they’re lucky they can lose a half a pound a week that is normal for them initially so don’t take it as a loss but that is a normal thing and it’s a good thing take it as something that’s working because if you don’t think it’s working then you stop then also now you’re back to square one when it actually was working because it takes time to build a healthy metabolism so especially if you have a history of doing a lot of diets so so we have this thing where you lose a lot of water weight and then we also go down to fat burning I don’t even like to go by weight because when you put someone on a ketogenic diet or in a minute fasting or a combination of both you’re going to spike growth hormone that is the main fat burning hormone growth hormone basically it preserves and makes protein it helps you build lean body mass so what will happen you’re burning some fat you’re converting some of it to energy but then you’re also holding on to your muscle protein a lot better you’re beginning you becoming less atrophied and that protein is a lot heavier than fat so what will happen is like some people even they’ll loose they’ll lose their size they’ll shrink but they’re gaining a little weight sometimes make think it’s fat when it’s really not so one of the best indicators is you actual size you have to go by like your midsection size that would be the most important and also your thighs and things like that so if you’re shrinking it’s working give it more time even if you’re losing an eighth of a pound a week or whatever just ride the wave and it’ll start to work more and more and more but the fact that you’re not losing a lot of weight just tells us that you’ve probably had a very low metabolism for years and now you’re just kind of you’re finding it out and you’re probably more shocked so what you want to do is you want to realize the level of effort it’s going to take is maybe a little bit more than you expected okay so oh well that’s just what it is it’s you know but people protest this and they get really upset they’re like it shouldn’t be that hard to lose right well I understand that but that’s what you that’s what we have to work on but if you do a ketogenic diet and you don’t lose weight okay just focus on the inches lost because this is the most important thing right now over time it will get better and better whatever if it’s if you’re losing inches and you’re eating the same all you have to do is continue that okay and then all of a sudden you’ll start losing you’ll lose start losing some more weight as the metabolism gets better alright thanks so much for watching

This Post Was All About Losing Inches But No Weight Loss?.
Losing Inches But No Weight Loss?

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Dr. Berg talks about losing inches, but no weight loss. This occurs when the person is gaining muscle, which weighs more – this is due to a spike of Growth Hormone. GH preserves muscle and even increases muscle mass. The best indicator is if its working is to measure waist circumference. The body will tend to lose the midsection first and focus more on belly fat loss more than weight loss to know if its working.
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