Lose Weight: How to Get Your Family on a Diet- Thomas DeLauer

Lose Weight: How to Get Your Family on a Diet- Thomas DeLauer

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you know that you’re a product of your environment you know that in business by surrounding yourself with the right people and surrounding yourself with successful people and surrounding yourself with high-powered Peak performers that you by osmosis will naturally pick up some of those habits you’re simply going to absorb whatever it is that they do their knowledge their power their energy it’s all a product of the environment well the same thing happens when you’re at home the same thing happens when you’re trying to get in shape and if the home arrangement isn’t all on board with it it makes it very difficult because you’re kind of combating this invisible barrier so the purpose of this video is to instruct you on how to get your spouse or your other family members on board with the decisions that you’re making to live a more optimized healthy life first and foremost people don’t respond well to nagging so if you’re making a decision to eat better don’t throw it on your spouse don’t throw it on your family members that they need to do it with you because every time that you’re nagging on them it’s actually going to force them to want to resent the process more and it’s going to hurt their self-esteem because they’re already in a sensitive situation you’re making a change to better your life and maybe they are not that’s difficult because they have to come to terms with that situation and they have to understand on their own that it’s time for them to make a change as well so what I recommend is you make it known once you make it known once in a very clear and effective way and you communicate it in a very kind way that you are making a change and you’re committing to yourself that you’re going to eat better then you’re committing to yourself that you’re going to start feeling better and that you’re gonna optimize your life that way it’s out there it’s known your spouse knows what you’re doing but you’re not consistently nagging them so they know what you’re doing and they see the decisions that you make and they are much more apt to jump in and join making that happy environment that allows that process to happen effectively the next thing that you can do is not be in their face about it don’t make it totally obvious that you’re making changes all the time one of the things that I notice when people start making changes in the house with what they’re eating is they start really really making a change to the point where it drives other people crazy in the house we know that we need to eat better I mean we’re all making decisions I think every single one of us at least at some level is trying to do better and trying to eat better but the problem is that when you’re making it so evident sometimes it turns you off to it sometimes just seeing the fact that you’re working so hard and you’re making it so evident that you’re eating better is just a huge turnoff for the spouse or the other people in the family it’s so easy to start a diet and just remove yourself from the family dynamic altogether if you’re normally eating dinner together continue to eat dinner together because you don’t want to make this a bad stimulus remember we have to look at simple psychology and when you when your family members or your spouse start seeing you make these changes that could potentially be drifting you away from the family ie not eating dinner with them anymore that could put a negative taste in their mouth over the entire situation so the best way that you combat that is you try to find ways that you can cook dinner with your wife cook dinner with your spouse cook dinner with your family so that you are subconsciously making these healthier decisions for them you’re involved in the cooking process and it’s still a family affair and everything is fine and dandy because you’re not removing yourself from that family dynamic but the most important thing that you can do when you are starting on a health optimization process the most important thing that you can do with your family is continue to love them more see once you make it clear that you’re making a change and your spouse and your family associates that change with a person that loves them more it’s gonna make them embrace that process and want to be a part of it let me give you an example if you are starting to eat really well and you start looking extremely good you get in the best shape of your life you get that six-pack that you’ve wanted you start feeling better well that’s gonna make your spouse very sensitive that’s a tough thing because they have to overcome the fact that you’re looking better and you might start getting more attention but if you throw that in their face in a negative way that’s gonna make them resent you so make them embrace the new you make them embrace the fact that you look amazing and now not only do you look amazing but you’re loving your family more and you may have to be a concerted effort at first but I promise you and I dearly prom suit that if you start treating them with love and respect more than you did yesterday they are going to embrace the process and they’re gonna jump on in and you’re gonna have that environment that you need you’re gonna have the environment to be the best possible version of yourself to bring home the bacon and have the best life possible

This Post Was All About Lose Weight: How to Get Your Family on a Diet- Thomas DeLauer.
Lose Weight: How to Get Your Family on a Diet- Thomas DeLauer

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We are all a product of our environment. Surrounding yourself with the right kind of energy is critical to success with whatever you try. I explain this more
The best way to get your spouse on board with a diet or any kind of drastic lifestyle change is to first of all, not make them feel uncomfortable with the process while at the same time giving them the opportunity to be involved. One of the biggest reasons that diets fail is because significant others or spouses begin to feel discouraged or insecure due to their partner’s success or sometimes even the time that is involved in making that change. The last thing that anyone needs when encountering a new diet or change in their lifestyle is added relationship stress. How to get rid of stress when dieting is one of the biggest questions I get asked. This is just one of the key issues behind that question.
In this video, Thomas DeLauer explains in detail how to motivate your spouse or how to motivate your family to go on a diet with you. Or at the very least support what you’re going through.
It’s so critical to make sure that you’re not constantly bombarding your loved ones with what you are doing. Subtly going through the steps necessary to better yourself is one of the most effective ways and proving to be a better person through the process. If your spouse notices that by spending time dieting and caring for yourself, that you are in turn becoming a better husband or wife, then they are much more apt to support the process.
On the contrary, if they feel like it is making you irritable and a not so pleasant person, then they may draw the line and make it extremely uncomfortable for you to change your habits.
At the end of the day, make sure your spouse knows that you’re doing this to further help the relationship and to be around for a long time.
Nothing else kills the motivation to work out and eat better more than being surrounded by someone that resents what you’re doing. Don’t make it that way.
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