Live Q&A How Carbs Turn into Fat – Tune in Now

Live Q&A How Carbs Turn into Fat – Tune in Now

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what’s going on YouTube it’s Thomas de Lauer and I’m coming at you live and I’m gonna wait for a little bit of an audience to build but if you are just tuning in whether you’re tuning in live or you’re tuning in after the fact later on I think you’re gonna really like what I’m talking about in this video you know I did a video a couple of weeks ago that actually did not as a live video has a regular video talking about de novo lipid Genesis and how carbs actually turn into fat inside our bodies but I figured it’s a great topic to do live because I can actually invite some questions to come on in so if you are just joining in I would love for you to comment where you’re watching from so that I can say hello and love getting to know all of my YouTube subscribers saying hello as much as I can Dina what’s going on axel Chris good to see you here make sure you comment where you’re watching from that way I can shout out your hometown we can get a little bit more personal on this we’ve got England we’ve got the UK in the house we’ve got Central Florida Aaron we’ve got Hugh I think I say your name right good to see you’ve got Chicago in the house Michigan we’ve got LA Kelly what’s going on we’ve got Norway don’t you need to carve to turn to the fat I’ll answer all those questions okay we’ve got Morocco we’ve got New York we’ve got Iowa aqua New Zealand Akron Ohio Tampa Florida Seattle Illinois Phoenix London Canada Chris Thank You Colin in Kentucky Katie in Houston you guys are going so fast we got Stockton in the house Stacy and Phoenix sorry if I’m missing you hey from Ireland what’s going on Barry we’ve got Randy in Maryland we’ve got Rowena in Calgary Alberta got Albuquerque New Mexico habib says hey Tom what’s going on Alberto from Monterrey Mexico this is awesome such a great turnout already this is clearly going to be a good topic tomorrow Lake Tahoe Nevada I used to live in Zephyr Cove so I know right where you’re at Boston in the house and Nigeria all the rest we’ve got Indiana we’ve got Portugal we’ve got New Jersey Miami and you guys are so awesome you know I could stay here forever shouting you all out and I definitely want to do that someday I want to do a video where I’m just literally just saying hello to everyone and formally getting to know everyone but if you can if you’re watching this video before I get into the science if you can just hit that thumbs up button it helps the YouTube algorithms out helps me get this information out there gets everything if you hit that thumbs up button the like button it gets these videos from ranked higher and I think a lot of you guys if you’re watching my videos hopefully you agree that I’m trying to get my subscribers up it’s growing fast but I need your help so those likes will definitely help what I’m gonna talk about today is the process in which carbs convert to fat inside the body but before I really get into the nitty-gritty of it I wanted to welcome everyone here it’s definitely looking like a better turnout than normal so this is great Joshua thank you for subscribing everyone if you’re just watching you’ve never tuned in before make sure you do hit that like button it helps me out a lot and then anyway so let’s go ahead and let’s get down to what we’re talking about now okay so when we consume carbohydrates it’s all kind of common knowledge that essentially we end up turning those into fat if we don’t utilize them but I want to explain how that actually works in the process and I gotta get down super super basic first in order to make it really work and make it really understandable okay when we consume carbohydrates of course our body converts these starches these carbohydrates into glucose and that’s all cool we know that okay our bodies end up using glucose for energy our brain uses glucose and everything like that okay all fine and dandy but what a lot of people don’t realize is the process in which how carbs and excess carbs really do turn into fat you see what happens is the excess carbs that our body doesn’t use the carbs that are not being stored in muscle glycogen or liver glycogen go through a process that’s called de novo lipogenesis what that de novo lipid Genesis means is it’s the conversion of carbohydrates into free fatty acids and to triglycerides more so triglycerides there are a few amounts that actually convert into a usable form but we’re talking about triglycerides which are three glycerol molecules essentially bound up into a into just one kind of chunk basically and what that means is the body stores those for later okay so those triglycerides are stored in the body they’re utilized later on they’re not super super mobile they just kind of sit there doing their thing don’t really go anywhere and then they end up depositing free fatty acids when we need them for energy well what a lot of people don’t realize is that carbs that are converted into those triglycerides are converted into something else called palmitate which means that they are much more dangerous to the body so there has been science now that is now showing that carbohydrates turn to fat literally cause more heart disease and cause more diabetic issues than fats or anything else that don’t come from carbohydrates so we literally are creating a different kind of fat a fat that is more difficult to use a fat that is more difficult for our body to burn and it’s so crazy because again I can rant but you know for so long we were told by the sugar industry that fats were really really bad and we were told by Ansel keys and I’ve talked about this before but in reality it’s the sugar that turns to fat that’s the bad kind of fat studies are now linking the fact that those sugars that convert to fat are the fats that end up clogging arteries and causing atherosclerosis and all this crazy stuff pretty nuts guys if you guys are just joining in make sure to comment where you’re watching from so I can shout you out but also make sure you please hit that thumbs up button hit that like button if you can give this a share over to your other social channels that a lot of people can learn about this so I want to continue to talk about palmitate which is what it ends up converting into okay now palmitate is shown to be a very inflammatory substance okay it triggers what are called inflammatory cytokines okay now cytokines are not inflammation in itself cytokines trigger inflammation so what we are now finding is that obesity and fat gain that comes from excess carbohydrates has a direct link with inflammation more so than fats that are not linked with carbohydrates I hope that that makes sense I’m trying to make it as simple as possible for the sake of this live broadcast and Jocelyn you asked is that why grain fed animals molecular structure is so different yes Jocelyn great outside-the-box thinking there you nailed it that’s exactly why it also has a lot to do with omega-6 fatty acids omega-3 balance you know green fed animals have a lot higher omega-6 content so they’re usually running higher inflammation levels to begin with simply because interleukin 1 interleukin 6 all these cytokines and these inflammatory mediators are elevated there I don’t want to the bridge you say you’re gonna come back and watch later no worries man you’re so loyal you were always here watching my videos I appreciate it you guys if you can make sure you still comment where you’re watching from we got Texas in the house good to see you here I’m gonna turn this over into Q&A here in just a couple of minutes so if you guys have questions I just want you to hold on for just a few minutes so I can talk a little bit more
and rattle your ear off just about fats in the conversion of carbohydrates so what are the things that can trigger your body to upregulate de novo lopat lipid Genesis excuse me okay so if you just tuned in just so you know lipid Genesis de novo lipid Genesis is basically where your body can forget isn’t basically it is where your body converts carbohydrates into fats well what kind of things can we be doing that are bad that might cause that upregulation of de novo lipogenesis okay what kind of things are we doing well I’ll give you a couple examples okay one example is consuming way too little fats it is now being found that consuming under 15% of your daily calories and fats like so if you’re not having less than 15% of your calories from fats it up regulates de novo lipid Genesis you see if your body’s not getting enough fats from the diet it’s going to try to get more fats from carbohydrates even if you don’t necessarily have an overage of carbohydrates so if your car if your fats are too low hear me out on this this is crazy guys to listen up super carefully if you’re not paying close attention you don’t have to have too many carbs to have that carb spillover that causes fat gain pretty nuts all it has to happen is you have to have so low an ounce of fat that your body decides to utilize carbs to create those fats pretty amazing that our bodies have the ability to take carbohydrates a carbon and hydrogen oxygen and actually convert it into a fat molecule that alone is just that blows my mind but the fact that we don’t even have to have an overage or a surplus to really make that happen potentially not even a calorie surplus that’s phenomenal if you guys are following me and you think that I make sense I just want to make sure everyone’s following can you just type in and say that you got it you understand it I just want to make sure I’m not rambling I I have to admit I’m a little bit tired today and I hope that I’m making sense on everything so just let me know so that way I know but I do want to talk about the other topics of things that really caught thank you thank you guys thank you for sharing this stuff you guys are awesome Joshua Thank You Katie thank you amber Thank You Denise thank you Charles Thank You Ziya thank you you guys are super awesome thank you very very much okay so what are some of the other things that can cause this well believe it or not cheat meals and the reason is not because of the calories usually why are cheat meals so bad my good friend Laine Norton and Dom D’Agostino who are big guys in the world of ketosis they’re both doctors dr. Don D’Agostino one of my favorites he’s a PhD researcher down the University of South Florida in the world of bioengineering and so he’s really really awesome he had done some dinickel podcasts talking about the conversion of cheat meals really into fats like a whole whole lot and why it’s really bad well it doesn’t just have to do with insulin a lot of times it has to do with the fact that we up regulate that de novo lipid Genesis our body when it has a big influx of carbohydrates all at once after not having a lot of carbohydrates that’s when the magic happens or should I say the disaster happens okay your body up regulates de novo lupa Genesis excuse me stores all those carbs as fat as much as possible converts them into a usable form converts them into triglycerides okay now those triglycerides like I mentioned earlier in the video those are what are leading to the bad levels of LDL and VLDL okay those are the things we have to be concerned with not necessarily some of the other stuff that we’re always worried about I’m going to open this up to Q&A and I just as an encouragement to have you guys try to be on these QE days as much as possible I’m hoping that I can get to all of your questions loads of you asked if I can repeat the part about cheat meals essentially cheat meals upregulate the ability of the bodies to absorb carbs as fat so the short answer with your cheat meals is you need to control them and you rather than doing one cheat meal you should do like three smaller cheat meals throughout the course of like six to eight hours okay you almost want to treat your cheat meals that’s like almost a phase of Internet and fasting so bill you asked our sweet potatoes a bad carb is that sort of thing I’m talking about no sweet potatoes would actually be a great source of car to have a cheat meal with simply because you’re not spiking your insulin collects so much white rice also good I need to do it I actually have done a video surrounding brown rice and white rice white rice believe it or not is not far off and glycemic index than brown rice and I could do a whole under video talking about the balance of that but essentially brown rice you actually have less control over your carb spike your insulin spike than you do with white rice if I’m gonna have carbs I’m gonna have white rice because I like to control what’s happening and not have to deal with this bell curve that’s gonna elevate my blood sugar for a long period of time that I can’t control I want to be able to maintain and control out of them so generally speaking I’m in ketosis those of you that just you guys might know that I’m prepping for a pretty big shoot and video shoot in Bermuda next week I’m pretty happy with you know what’s going on I’m pretty happy I did have to go out of ketosis you know I’m pretty happy I don’t usually do this but you know this is pretty cool I’m pretty happy about that I think I think things are coming along pretty well considering that I have you know really not been doing photo shoots lately and being able to just kind of go from keto straight into having some carbs and getting ready for this shoot so that’s that’s why a lot of this stuff is fresh on my mind and not my normal thing you guys see my videos I’m not usually the kind that’s wanted to flaunt my abs or anything like that but generally what I’m doing right now is I’ve come off of keto and I have had to go into higher carb prepping for this shoot for a couple of weeks and man my brain is suffering I mean I’m missing ketosis like crazy I’m missing my fats it’s it’s definitely tough so okay and then Gerard you asked is natural peanut butter ideal for a ketogenic I’m not the biggest fan of peanut butter because it’s a legume and it ends up responding a little bit different in the body we have a pretty severe inflammatory reaction to legumes to peanuts generally speaking they’re also not the highest in omega-3s they’re pretty high omega-6 so if you’re sensitive to fats and you’re in keto I prefer doing something like almond butter generally speaking or I might one of my personal favorites sunflower butter I think that’s one of the best ones that you can do very very easy to digest guys if you guys are just joining in I would really appreciate if you could hit that thumbs up button hit that like button for me quick just recap on how YouTube kind of works YouTube loves to see the engagement they love to see the thumbs-up buttons it means that I’m producing good content especially on these lives and I really want to do more of these and if I get a lot of engagement a lot of viewers on these then it encourages me to do more of them but it’s also gonna serve them to more people you know when I hop on Facebook lives and do them on Facebook and a lot of times we’ll have you know a thousand viewers at one time and something like that so I really would like to be able to get YouTube up there just as much if not more because I think that you as YouTube viewers are much more educated than a lot of the people that are just scrolling through Facebook anyway so is there a difference between combining low fat and carbs there’s as high fat and carbs yes huge difference so high fat and carbs if you are consuming carbs with your fats those fats are not going to get utilized as fuel they are going to essentially get stored because insulin is going to shovel them into storage rule-of-thumb do not combine fats and carbs if there’s one thing that you take away from this do not come behind those fats and carbs definitely want to keep them separa
te Margaret what’s going on in Costa Rica good to see you here guys don’t forget to yeah as you join in and you start doing these broadcasts with me you’ll get used to it I definitely want you to comment where you’re watching from whenever you come in are there any fats you should stay away from when you’re in Quito no but you do want to go easy on the olive oils and stuff like that you usually want to be able to kind of balance it a little bit I’m a big fan of rotating out the kinds of fats that I use so essentially meaning I’ll use olive oil for a little while then I’ll switch to macadamia nut oil then I’ll switch to Mac and then else avocado oil things like that I do my best to rotate them up so I’m always never at the mercy of the weakest link of a Pacific excuse me specific fat I’m using olive oil all the time eventually I’m gonna become imbalanced have a lot of omega sixes is coffee with coconut oil good that is a huge one in Quito yes it’s very very good because what it’s going to do is the MCT oils are very very good at being mobilized and not being digested by the liver meaning they have to be used for energy also contain a lot of lauric acid which is really really good for the body in many ways converting into mono born which can do a lot of things for your gut health do a lot of things for your brain a lot of things there then the coffee mobilizes those MCTS and that gets the fat going a little bit more excuse me mobilizes the fats so the MCTS can do their job a little bit more so I hope that that makes sense Nikolas you asked if you can do a be a vegan and keto that’s that’s a tough one it’s definitely doable I’m actually collaborating with someone that’s got a fairly big YouTube channel that is a vegan person that is I wanted to do that I want to talk about vegan and ketosis how do you stack curcumin Co Q 10 and resveratrol and what liquid you know Co Q 10 I’m a big fan of taking like 600 milligrams at night I do that simply because I feel like the mitochondrial efficiency is very very important they’re currently on keto had 911 calories I’m sorry Ike it’s scrolling too fast I can’t see that should you cycle your carbs to lose more weight you know it depends on the person a lot of times if you carb cycle then you end up having these big surges and insulin and you end up having these imbalances so it can be really really tough someone asks not combining fats and carbs what about veggies yeah you’re fine with veggies trace carbs we’re not even breaking down much of the cellulose to begin with with veggies so we’re really not even absorbing many of the cars right from the get-go when it comes to veggies guys if you can please make sure you hit that like button I’d love to get this video up over 200 likes before I wrap it up any thoughts on the benefits of downfalls at using CLA and ketosis you know conjugated linoleic acid I mean it’s got some benefits of course we all know it’s a great mobilizer we all know that it doesn’t do some does some things in terms of mobilizing dormant fat cells that’s what CLA is good for but the problem with CLA is it’s very planet or it’s usually safflower oil strong omega-6 we don’t want all those omega-6 it’s all the time so that’s what we’re kind of worried about there I’m gonna have to start wrapping this up guys so if we can just get one last round I’m gonna answer three more questions and I need to get those likes over 200 before I go so you guys please if you can how soon will the carbs turn into fat someone asked that’s a good question all depends on how much activity you’ve had throughout the day okay so your previous activity will dictate how your body saturates those carbs the body turns into sort of a sponge right you end up wanting to consume or wanting to absorb what you need and if you end up not working out that day your body’s not going to want to absorb as many carbs so that’s dictated by that quite a bit if one has adrenal fatigue do you recommend keto and fasting fasting can be really good for adrenal fatigue ketosis juries kind of still out don’t really know a whole lot in that world although it is somewhat of an adaptogenic style diet meaning it does regulate your hormones a lot Robert you asked why do I eat more carbs to the photo shoot simply because it’s a matter of filling out because I was a lot bigger before personally I have some loose skin and when I mean ketosis I lose a fair bit of muscle volume simply because I’m not holding as much water I don’t lose muscle mass but I lose muscle volume and when it comes time for a photo shoot I need to make sure that I’m filling out and actually pushing out against the muscles so that it can actually feel that way and and look full so carbohydrates will help me do that so it’s a very delicate balance all to talk about that some day you guys know I I don’t really talk too much about the whole fitness modeling thing I don’t talk too much about that and simply because frankly it’s not what defines me it’s something fun it’s something that I do to be able to motivate and encourage people but I’m not a big fan of that industry to begin with simply because I think it’s very I don’t know it’s a narcissistic industry that breeds a lot of unhealthy things Suzy talk about coconut flour and almond flour yes tremendous when you’re in keto pre workouts on keto you have to be careful with them if some of them may have sugar but you also have to be careful high levels of aminos in there because aminos can kick you out not for yes you say with all due respect do you take steroids just an honest comment no that’s honestly why I think sometimes you look at these pictures and everything’s like that I’m not as big as I look I’m 185 pounds so I can see why people would think that and I honestly always address that question honestly so I appreciate you asking I appreciate you asking with a very cordial way what pre-workout what I recommend there’s a company by the name of shear strength labs I do some videos for them I help them out they their pre-workout they have one that’s called sheer thermo the nice thing about it is not typical pre-workout it doesn’t kind of crack you out make you feel crazy it’s a little bit more of a nice it’s got 5htp in it so it’s really good for mental focus and yes Jordan aminos can kick you out of ketosis if you have too many of them again jury’s still kind of out on that one – how much brain can you safely eat I’d say about a half a slice guys I’ve got to wrap it up my wife is pinging me here on my laptop I can hear it going off she has made some awesome dinner that I’m gonna have tonight so I’ve gotta jump off but you guys make sure you continue to comment what questions you have or if you have even better an idea of what kind of live videos you’d like me to do in the future that would be stellar because I would love to go through these and have my team go through these and determine which ones would be best to do and if you guys can one more quick round of just hitting that like button just to help me out that would be super super helpful YouTube really does rate that and I really try to put good content out there I think you see on my channel you know lots of videos really helping people out so be like say tell the wife said hey I definitely will keto rash yeah it usually will go away can low vitamin D cause hair loss yes essentially it can all right you guys got to wrap it up one more quick round of goodbyes make sure you comment where you’re watching from and I will see you new video coming up tomorrow on something called Theia Crean by the way something very very interesting a new form or new undiscovered sort of form of energy that’s very similar to caffeine but it’s called the Thea curry and it doesn’t have the drop off effect that caffeine has so tune in tomorrow it’s going to go live Thursday all my videos FYI everybody mine day tuesday/thursday always new videos sometimes bonus videos on Fridays you guys are super awesome I love you guys season

This Post Was All About Live Q&A How Carbs Turn into Fat – Tune in Now.
Live Q&A How Carbs Turn into Fat - Tune in Now

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