LIVE Broadcast What’s for Dinner at the Cover Model’s House Tonight!

LIVE Broadcast What’s for Dinner at the Cover Model’s House Tonight!

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yeah up everybody Thomas de Lauer here and I just wanted to go through and show you all what I’m doing on my exciting Saturday night which isn’t all that exciting but I am cooking another awesome meal another awesome meal that’s gonna help me stay up to help you stay ripped and hopefully you can pick something up from it so what I’ve got here lean stuff you can get that at Trader Joe’s sprouts Whole Foods these are some homemade sweet potato fries nothing on just a little bit of coconut oil put them in the oven slice them up which slice them up then put them in the oven kind of looks a little something like this when it’s out of the oven it looks like a mess but it tastes frickin awesome don’t need to put much salt in it just put the Himalayan sea pink salt so it doesn’t have a whole lot of sodium that stuff’s great it’s it’s super high mineral content and 11 different minerals in that stuff so it’s not gonna make you puffy like a lot of the other salts will and things like that the tuning in again this is my saturday meal and what i am healthy would help if I did it shirtless but I’m not going to do it right now because it’s Saturday and if you guys want to get shirtless you guys can go out to the club or something so anyway got some brussel sprouts here Brussels sprouts awesome high in folic acid high fiber a little bit hard to digest and make sure you cook them all the way through make sure you chew them up real good and then will help me and then I put a little bit of this fat step on it that is some Trader Joe’s chili pepper sauce it’s got one carb and zero sodium it’s hard to focus there we go so it’s zero sodium which is what I like most about it then I’ve got some ground chicken 99% lean ground chicken trying to focus they’re fully working in it and what I do is I pick up organic chicken from the store chicken breast and then I have them grind that stuff up for me so the butcher will typically grind it up for you if you ask them to that way you can get organic ground or you can use a little KitchenAid mixer like so boom put a little meat grinder attachment on there boom and grind your own meat because a real man grinds his own meat right got in the way of salad we have some organic strawberries strawberries are in season right now so enjoy them get them why you can’t mix that into an organic field green and then the guests are having this dressing but I’m not going to have it simply because a little bit too galleries for me hey there’s a dog say hot dog what’s up to me parks for to me yes parks for to me let me get those hearts oh yeah now they’re porn in oh yeah this is awesome see it’s like a drug when I get those hearts I love it let him pour it in come on Timmy they’re giving you Hearts buddy look at that oh yes come on that gets hard right smelling the phone load them up so that’s that’s about it I’m gonna season up this burgers like I said just put some onions and then this stuff just Mayo so if you’re avoiding eggs or your idiot or anything like that check out the ingredients in this stuff I don’t know if you can see it real well it’s probably come in really blurry but basically basically it’s made from canola oil and pea protein my fat meal but girly gay almost 30 girlfriend who has Boyd all his life gets easily intimidated by not by nachos I think you mean macho’s at the gym I hope he doesn’t someone gets intimidated by nachos at the gym gym do you go to that serves nachos I’m gonna guess it’s probably Equinox or oh man I don’t know what it’s gotta be Equinox Macho Man I know what you meant big come on nachos at the gym it sounds awesome it sounds like my kind of gym yeah you know there’s always gonna be much of people at the gym they they suck they ruin it for everybody but they’re insecure don’t worry about it they don’t typically care yeah I know if it discourages from going into the gym just let them know that it doesn’t matter what they think because they’re just that they’re macho men and they’re doing it for a stupid reason they’re doing it because they’re kind of helped their ego and trying to stroke their own ego that’s no reason for you or your him to go to see me not go to the gym I mean that’s just absurd I got over that a long time ago people are always gonna make judgements you’re all you have people that like you you’re always and the people that hate you and always seven people that are jealous of you doesn’t matter this is your life limit because if you die tomorrow you don’t want to be regretting anything so tell him to get his ass in there get in shape put his headphones on think about himself don’t worry about those that are around them and just just be him because it really doesn’t matter really those macho men they can they can go to hell period guys I appreciate this meal is Paul my name so hungry but I’m loving those hearts so I’m hanging out because you guys keep giving me hearts and I’m gonna be here till midnight never get to eat okay guys you know seriousness I am gonna sign off so that I can enjoy my food with my family but thanks again you’re absolutely welcome to the advice I try to do this as much as I can to help people so you know again tell them just get in there it does it doesn’t matter it does not matter what those people think at all if they’re gonna judge him then let me tell you the macho people at the gym I will tell you the macho people at the gym are just they’re usually the weakest most insecure people they go to the gym and they hang out there and they ridicule people and then you put them in the real world and they can’t do I will tell you that honestly they can’t they’re losers so go in there bust your ass tell them to go in there and bust his ass and if they say anything send them my way all right have a good night guys

This Post Was All About LIVE Broadcast What’s for Dinner at the Cover Model’s House Tonight!.
LIVE Broadcast What's for Dinner at the Cover Model's House Tonight!

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Live Broadcast demonstrating the healthy meal being cooked by Fitness Icon Thomas DeLauer. Tackles questions like how to overcome the intimidating “Nachos” at the gym!

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