Live: Best Foods For Intra Workout + Q&A

Live: Best Foods For Intra Workout + Q&A

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what is going on YouTube I’m trying this again we had a little bit of a technical glitch the last time around where it was just bouncing me all over the place and it was stay and I had a bad connection and all this and that so here I am again today’s video I want to talk a little bit to you directly on a live broadcast here about the kinds of foods that you can eat during your workout to actually elicit the best fat loss to get the best result overall so it’s going to be a little bit unconventional a little bit different style of foods and you would normally see but before I get rolling I want you guys to make sure you comment where you’re watching from so that I know who I’m talking to so that I can have the best engagement possible so I’m going to grate for a couple minutes here for an audience to build just because I know how the YouTube algorithm works and we have to wait for a few people to join on in as they get the notifications and as all that happens if you are joining in feel free to comment and let me know again where you’re watching from so that I can say hello even if you were just on the last broadcast that may have gotten screwed up all right we’ve got Gio pepe what’s going on good to see you again you were just on the last broadcast that got a little bit messed up we’ve got Jeremiah from Minnesota again good to see you here awesome glad that you guys came back I think the technical difficulties are done now I think it seems to be working we’ve got UK in the house what’s gone United Kingdom good to see you here as well anyone that is just joining in make sure you comment and let me know where you’re watching from so that I can shout you out you see typically speaking people are always talking about what kind of foods you can eat pre-workout and what kind of foods to eat post-workout what’s going on Ryan in Oklahoma good to see you man thanks for joining in so the purpose of this video is to talk about what can you do if you are deprived of calories and you’re trying to get a little bit more calories in throughout the course of your workout to potentially reduce levels of cortisol now I’m going to talk about two different situations in this video I’m going to talk about the foods that you can eat if you’re not on a low-carb diet so if you’re trying to have the right kind of carbohydrates coming in at the right time but I’m also going to talk about the kind of foods that you can eat if you are on a low-carb diet or you’re in ketosis and what the best things that you can do intra workout are now I know we still are having some technical issues YouTube’s given me a little bit of an error saying that notifications may not have been able to go out so I know there aren’t as many people on this broadcast as I normally would have Cole what’s going on in San Francisco good to see you here hopefully everyone can see this so I’m going to get right down to the nitty-gritty of it that way we are making this content good for those that come in at a later point in time as well and then I want to open it up to a Q&A afterwards so that you guys can have a good indicator of getting some personalized approaches you know if you have questions that you want to ask pertaining to what can you eat during the workout pre-workout post-workout but also kind of open it up to ketosis questions and stuff in general since I have a lot of questions that come in to my inbox and come into the comment stream these are my chances here to do these kinds of videos and talk with you guys and if you can if you’re watching the video make sure you hit that thumbs up button hit that like button just because what that does is that helps me out helps YouTube rank this a lot better so means more people can see it and it means that I’m going to do these more often and get some live action down here so what’s going on Tom in Michigan I’m going to give you the info as much as quick as I can here okay so the first food is kind of interesting believe it or not I actually recommend if you are not on a low carb diet that you consume rice cakes into a workout and let me give you a breakdown as to why okay rice cakes are extremely interesting now obviously if you’re in keto they’re not going to work but a rice cake what people don’t realize about rice cakes is when rice goes through the puffing process it changes things dramatically you see we have these starts chains when they’re in any kind of rice or any kind of start you anything like that and the starch chains well they essentially look like this okay they’re all starts changing blue clothes molecules that are stuck together well when you have rice cakes they are puffed rice and through that puffing process of the puffed rice what happens is these charts to student glucose chains end up separating when the air injects okay so what that means is now instead of your body having to cleave off individual glucose molecules your body simply Cleaves off or your soup body is able to extract the individual glucose molecules wanted so therefore you get a quicker insulin spike and you get more power more strength more glucose into your body right then and there so it ends up being very very effective especially if you’re someone that really wants to keep the calories low but wants to have a nice little boost throughout the workout and the interesting thing is what a lot of people also don’t know is cortisol elevates when we work out right a lot of us do know that but what people don’t always know is that one of the only hormones that can actually combat cortisol is insulin and now the downside is of course when you’re in ketosis or anything like that it’s hard to combat cortisol okay you’re relying on beta-hydroxybutyrate coming from the liver which is also very very good at blunting cortisol but you don’t have insulin which is truly the hormone that can blunt cortisol and and Col yeah I’m talking about rice cakes just by themselves okay we’re talking something that’s got 30 calories in it and even if you are in ketosis you’re talking something that’s got 7 to 11 grams of carbs so you’re typically not doing yourself a lot of damage it’s usually pretty darn powerful and pretty darn easy on the you know the whole blood glucose thing and easy on the ketosis thing if you’re really trying to stay strict in ketosis so that’s something that can help you out a lot there now interestingly enough when you are working out and you have something like a rice cake it ends up making it so that you’re getting that immediate blood glucose and your body’s going to draw it in a lot faster so because the fact that you’re drawing water into the muscles at that point in time it’s going to allow the glucose to uptake faster and therefore you have less glucose flooding through your bloodstream and more glucose going into the muscle so you might actually find that rather than eating carbs pre-workout you’re actually better off just munching on a few carbs during the course of the workout you see this is pretty interesting a lot of people will just gorge themselves with food before a workout not always the best way to go or they’ll just eat a ton of food right after their workout well a lot of studies are starting to slow sonic oh god I just saw your comment there over to shadow maybe laughs a lot of people think that you have to be eating these specific foods in this perfect post-workout window well in reality a lot of the research is now showing that you don’t really have to have that perfect post-workout window you see a lot comes down to is remaining in ketosis if you’re in ketosis or keeping the right kind of macronutrient ratio throughout the c
ourse of the day rather than trying to make yourself get all these specific nutrients at one time the day immediately post-workout guys I’m going to pause for one second if you are watching please make sure that you hit that like button it really helps these videos out a lot helps get the engagement up a lot more and it helps show YouTube that these videos are real and that I’m not just giving you credit content so really if you’re watching I just appreciate you hitting that like button helps me out a ton and if you can hit that share button as well it really makes a big difference with the YouTube algorithms and everything like that I want to do these videos as much as possible do these lives and be able to hop on with you guys and answer questions so and if you’re just joining in also make sure you comment where you’re watching from because that helps me out a lot too that way I can shout you out say hello make sure you know that I’m watching watching who’s commenting okay the second one that I want to talk about is one that you may not have heard of before it’s called cream of rice okay cream of rice I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of cream of wheat but cream of wheat is very similar to cream of rice except of course cream of wheat has a ton of gluten which as you guys know I’m not the biggest proponent of I’m always talking about how the antibodies can affect things and always really have a negative effect on the body in a lot of ways so I end up talking more about cream of ranks now the interesting thing about cream of rice in a very similar fashion to how puffed rice and how rice cakes are great intro workout Nikhil George what’s going on in Houston good to see you here if you guys can make sure you hit that like button where is mr. Timmy the dog you know believe it or not today is Timmy’s birthday Timmy is 10 years old today which is awesome we’ve got Sheena in New York we’ve got ghetto gunfighter coming from California we’ve got the business channel I don’t know what your motor Khans mean vexed I don’t know how to say your your screen name great to catch you live in Australia awesome Mel James and NorCal awesome to have you here as well you guys make sure you hit that like button if you can I’m going to keep on rolling and keep on getting on so cream of rice the nice thing about cream of rice is you can act Tooley put it in to your BCAAs or into your glutamine or into your intro workout shake that ends up making it so that you can get a nice quick absorption what cream of rice essentially is is it’s pulverized rice that’s really all it is like it’s just finely finely finely granulated rice but when it goes through that process of being granulated it actually creates it has more surface area so if you think of a grain of rice okay and you think how much it has to be broken down and the overall surface area but then you think about totally granulated rice in a very very very fine form okay well that is going to obviously have more surface area because each individual grain has its own little circumference and so its own little like surface area right so you can absorb a lot more so the Feli the intestines can actually grab that and actually extract more out of it so therefore you’re getting a higher insulin response now generally speaking in almost all my videos I’m always talking about how you don’t want to spike your insulin you know you always want to keep your insulin under control you want to monitor it you don’t want to spike it too much but when it comes down to intra workout we do want to control our insulin okay we want to have these quick spikes that we can control because what we don’t want is this slow bell curve this increase in insulin that we can’t control the kind of cascades over the crest of the day we want this yes we actually even want the drop because believe it or not that rise and fall that’s coinciding with your workout can actually make it so that you’re getting more out of your workout and it may cause you have a slight crash after your workout but you’re going to shuttle more than nutrients in during your workout okay now that’s next one I want to talk about is one for those that are low carb okay if your keto if you’re doing anything like that this is kind of an obvious one but I want to break down the science and then turn it open to a little bit of QA this broadcast for some reason by the way everyone I keep on getting a technical glitch keep on getting a technical issue where it’s telling me that I’m losing my connection stuff like that so I know I don’t have as many people on this live broadcast as they ordinarily would so it’s a little bit a little bit disappointing because I really love it when these broadcasts are big and I can talk to a big group of people okay Joshua thanks for telling us no glitches on your end that else we feel a little bit better because I don’t know what’s going on this next one in the case of ketosis what kinds of foods can you eat intra workout well what I suggest is bring just a tiny ziploc bag or a tiny packet of coconut oil okay now you’ve seen my videos talking about coconut oil about monologue lauric acid you know it’s all fine and dandy you know it’s great stuff you know always touting the benefits of it it’s probably no surprise this is on my foods list here but I want to explain why it’s so good intra workout you see medium chain triglycerides MCTS like in coconut oil or just MCT oil in general when you consume them intra workout it ends up becoming something that your body can alternatively run on as a source of fuel even if you aren’t in ketosis believe it or not you see what happens with medium chain triglycerides is the fats are in such a strange fashion that they don’t go down into the liver and they aren’t metabolized in a particular way like most fats are okay so most fats have to go through a pretty intense process they start with gastric lipase breaks you have mr. clever says glitching a lot for him say I think there is definitely a glitch issue going on so I really apologize guys it’s a bummer I’m going to still continue with this just because I’m already twelve minutes deep in this and I hope that most people are getting good feed and are able to see this so I apologize if anyone’s getting it glitchy sheena says you’re getting a glitch Yousef you said it’s okay Frank good connection alright well I think it’s enough enough of a good connection that it keep going with it so when you break down fats I’ve done videos on this before you are able to it takes a while okay gastric lipase kicks and then pancreatic lipase kicks in and then it converts into micelles and then it goes with this whole thing it ends up being quite a process which when you are working out usually don’t want to take in a ton of fats simply because it’s hard to break down it takes a lot of digestive energy so you have a lot of blood flow going to your gut a lot of blood flow that goes into your intestinal tract to make that stuff happen which means it’s diverting energy from what would ordinarily be your workout and it’s diverting it into your digestive system so ordinarily I would say kind of steer away from the fats a little bit during your workout not always the best route to go but with MCTS in coconut oil they absorb so much different you see those medium chain triglycerides they once they’re absorbed they stay actually get through the digestive system they go into the bloodstream very very fast and since they don’t have to be processed by the liver they can be used as a form of energy quite immediately so that’s right there the power that we want okay we want our fats to be used for energy we don’t want them to be circulating in the bloodstream floating around waiting to essentially be stored in the form of adipose tissue okay so that’s why I’m a huge fan that now whether you’re in ketosis or not it’s a huge benefit but particularly if you are in a low carb diet or your ketosis and you’re finding that when you’re in the gym or you’re working out or you’re running you are feeling like you’re bonking okay you’re feeling like you’re getting tired you’re feeling like it’s just not w
orking out for you well no pun intended that’s a perfect time to be taking in some coconut oil you don’t need much half a tablespoon tablespoon that’s really all you need it makes it very very easy and you will notice within five or six minutes okay you got to give it five or six minutes a significant pick-me-up so I really encourage you guys to try that out and even if you’re not in ketosis Trader Joe’s has these awesome little packets of coconut oil I’ve done videos on that before super awesome stuff okay so you just rip one of those open pop the coconut oil in your mouth and you will find that your workouts actually shift in about really five to six minutes you really kick it it mr. clever yes is a benefit to balance fats and carbs like 5050 you know there is a benefit there it’s just the problem is is that it depends on the person you know you can’t be combining fats and carbs all the time because you’re spiking your insulin while consuming fats that’s really hard on the body that’s hard and gives you the potential of storing a lot of fat storing basically spiking your insulin shuttling the fats into storage which is not good mom you ask mommy tray I’m just you ask about organic quinoa why’s that a starch it is definitely a starch but it’s a slow digesting starch and it has some inflammatory components to it it’s got some phytic acid in it which makes it very hard to break down so it makes it really tough to say I would recommend using that during work out okay I’m trying to give you that very easy to digest very simple simple things that you can get at the regular grocery store I’m going to end up turning this over into a Q&A here pretty soon Jimmy what’s going on we got Texas in the house we’ve got a quite a few people out here now so I think the technical issues are no longer here I think we’re finally working I think things are functioning now so if you guys can please do me a big favor and just hit that like button for me because that gets these comments or gets that engagement way up and it helps YouTube see that this is a good video and that I am doing a good feed and then I am providing good content so if you please can just hit that little thumbs up button it helps me out of time and go ahead and comment if you are watching and if you are a new subscriber if you’ve been new to my channel maybe in the last couple of weeks and that way I know who a new subscriber is and I can welcome you and say hello I’m going to have to check out the time here in a little bit I know I’ve got to be off this this live broadcast before 4:30 Pacific time so I’m going to turn this over into a Q&A here in just a minute Philip asked if I can talk about Thea Crean a little bit so you probably saw my video on Thea green pretty interesting stuff so Thea queen is sort of like caffeine it’s still dopaminergic and it still also effects on the adenosine receptors so it’s the adenosine receptors work in a very funky way essentially caffeine occupies the adenosine receptor and makes it so that you’re blocking I’m going to call them fatigue molecules fatigue molecules from entering in to the brain okay once caffeine wears off all of the fatigue molecules that are hanging out that couldn’t get into the brain flood in so that’s why with caffeine you notice that after a while you crash okay that this comes down to the fact that yeah the fatigue molecules we’ll just call them which is essentially adenosine comes into the brain and makes you tired that is what we have to really be careful so then we look at the next step further okay we’re looking at things like Thea cream now okay so Thea queen is a form of an adenosine adenosine receptor to syndrome adenosine modulator so it kind of works in the same fashion but studies are starting to show that with Thea cream there is no crash or there’s no tolerance now I don’t know a whole lot about it other than the basic research that I’ve done I put out a video on it so if that answers a question can you recommend a clean fetal keto approved BCAA that’s a good question in fact I just submitted a research topic over to some of my research team to really dive into that because I’m confused a little bit about the fact that BCAAs do spike your insulin okay they do cause an insulin spike but at the same time they aren’t supposed to give you out of ketosis I have a hard time kind of computing that I’m kind of like okay if ketosis is the absence of insulin and the presence of ketone bodies than by having BCAAs in a mix and we’re spiking our insulin but are we kicking ourselves out of ketosis problem is nobody’s really doing a lot of studies on it simply because it’s not that common of a question but I’m seeing it come through my channel a lot guys I’m going to recap just real quick here just as I know we have a lot of people that just joined in everything like that the three foods that I really really recommend when you are into a workout is get like me in the middle of your workout they’re going to be rice cakes simply because not because they’re easy in their low calorie because they digest very fast and because the puffed process of the starch allows the glucose to be separated from each other so it’s not a typical starch molecule therefore you get the uptake much faster therefore you get the glucose into the muscle must faster and if you’re hydrated you create an isotonic state and you actually allow the water to be drawn into the muscle along with the glucose therefore first of all I’m giving you a better pump but that also means even for those of you that aren’t necessarily looking for a pump it gives you better cell volume ization and allows nutrients get into the muscle a lot better so therefore you have a better workout simply because the muscles are fueled right someone asked what kind of rice cakes it all depends I usually go for just the very basic ricin hopefully that didn’t gets too screwed up sorry guys there’s a phone call that came in on my phone and I had to cancel it like quick so it doesn’t really matter what brand rice cake or anything like that all that really matters here is the fact that we are getting that high glycemic quick digesting carbohydrate so hopefully that answers your question but usually something that’s like 7 to 10 grams of carbs try not to get the super sweetened ones don’t go over the caramel or the chocolate ones not into your workout at least ok and then the next thing I wanted to talk about that I mentioned earlier in the videos but for those of you that are just joining in but simply cream of rice ok so cream of rice what that is is it’s a pulverized form of rice okay it’s usually in the cereal section right next to the cream of wheat cream of wheat of course has gluten in it so I’m not a big fan of that but if we go with the cream of rice since it has more surface area your body’s going to assimilate a lot better still a starch still the grain if you’re avoiding grains you may want to avoid this but it’s powerful when it comes down to giving you something that your body can assimilate during a workout now you might be wondering how do you consume this I would recommend putting it with your protein shake or putting it with your kind of BCAAs or glutamine or intra workout drink that you may consume yes it’ll make it a little bit thicker it’ll make a little bit of a nastier viscosity but you’ll be able to get it down and it tastes a lot better hey those of you that don’t know by the way I don’t know if you guys all follow me on Facebook or not but just my wife is pregnant we just announced it we’re having a boy so we did our gender gender reveal so we’re super excited about that she’s due in October so I’m gonna start every once in a while posting some stuff about kind of that journey as well because what was interesting was amber and I were both into ketosis when she conceived and it’s kind of interesting you know I could go on a whole topic about that but there’s a lot of studies that are starting to show that ketosis actually increases fertility which is okay I don’t need to go off on that tangent but I do have a lot of women that actually post comments asking about things like th
at stuff like that so it’s kind of interesting and for those of you that are probably wondering now that amber is pregnant my wife no she is not doing ketosis and there’s good reason for that when you’re pregnant ketosis isn’t always good because you do need to be providing the fetus with some glucose brain development initial brain development does require glucose so yeah she ketosis but it’s you know it’s still pretty interesting bill Lords no I’m done with that I don’t know what that means in it but guys I’m gonna have to start wrapping this up here soon Michele Yas what about drinking apple cider vinegar with pink salt during a fasted workout yeah if the opposite or vinegar doesn’t bother your throat and bother your gut while you’re working out you see for me that would that would probably tear me up a little bit so if you can handle that and then absolutely kills us you’re done with having kids I thought you were done with my channel because I’m having kids it’s like come on man come on as if you can make sure that you hit that like button make sure you share this video and make sure you continually comment so we can get lots of engagement on it hopefully you know the views will go up on this video a little bit later I think it might have been part of the time of day that I did this video is just just kind of flop usually I have a couple hundred few hundred people on these things live so then we’ve also got a lot of people that are asking questions about again the BCAAs and everything like that and then Bill says my life will change significantly yeah I know it will but you know what it’s I’m I’m easygoing I I work a spend time with my family and it’s a you know now I just get to have one little bundle of joy along with me for the ride so it’s it’s awesome I’m excited about it so thank you guys everyone for saying congratulation that’s super awesome cool Kevin you asked where you buy matcha your grocery store and we sell tea blend Amazon man hit Amazon get matcha on Amazon ends up making it a lot easier you heard a study about Paulo probably unsaturated fat increasing something called sex hormone-binding globulin which decreases that’s a good question I have seen that study and the interesting thing is that sex hormone-binding globulin is basically what what binds the testosterone that is in your body at a certain point in time so any testosterone that is not bound to SHBG that will be testosterone that allows you to build muscle I used you to be having manly characteristics testosterone that is bound to SHBG is bound in the sex hormones it’s bound in trying to create fertility try to create sperm things like that that’s how that works so if you have a high level of shbg your free testosterone is generally loh now polyunsaturated fats and that link with that it all depends the problem is is that most of these studies that look at people that are consuming high amounts of saturated fats polyunsaturated fats and high amounts of fats in general they are looking at typically unhealthy people that are eating high amounts of fat but also eating high amounts of sugars also eating high amounts of other things that’s the hard part is when we look at typical America or typical typical world in general and we look at these studies they’re very skewed very hard to pinpoint exactly because you know with my studies and I’m not a big fan of animal studies to be completely honest but I have to say things are controlled when they’re in an animal study so when you’re looking at my study with ketosis for instance or my study that’s really looking at sex hormone binding globulin and how this works well in my study things are controlled because you can dictate exactly what that mouse eats you can dictate how much that Mouse exercises you can dictate when that mouse goes to sleep or stops being active you can dictate so many things about that Mouse’s life okay with human studies we can’t put humans in a cage we can’t study them like that we can’t control everything they eat so what we will typically do in a research study is say ok we’re going to take 50 or 500 typical Americans that eat high fat diets and then we’re going to look at their testosterone levels and their sex hormone binding globulin well by and large even though here we are talking about lots of people that eat high fats and ketosis and things like that so between you and I sure we know that high fats aren’t necessarily bad but the big mainstream public if you’re going out and you’re grabbing 10 people that eat high fat diets they’re usually eating high fat diets because they’re eating junk ok maybe one out of those 10 people is actually eating a high-fat diet because they’re eating a low-carb high-fat diet so that whole sex hormone-binding globulin study doesn’t really help us out much you know there could be a strong correlation that maybe these people are borderline diabetic maybe they have other factors maybe they have heart issues maybe they have all kinds of you know pre-diabetes maybe they have autoimmune conditions that we are not really knowing out because all that we’re focusing on is that one particular thing so I hope that clears that up a little bit give me one second got to take a look at what time this I’m just sitting on the couch here in my office I know I’ve got to be on a call here soon so just bear with me one second yeah okay I’ve got about five more minutes before I’ve got to wrap it up you guys are awesome by the way so if you can make sure you comment where you’re watching from that way I can just say hello really quick I’m just sitting here in my office got back from Austin Texas last night was out at I don’t know if you guys know the Channel six pack shortcuts but I was out there at their office shooting a bunch of videos what’s going on Sara in Iowa what’s gone Christopher in Washington what’s going on Phillip in Kansas City Missouri took me a second to see that KCMO and we’ve got Alan in New Orleans what’s going on we’ve got bill Lawrence and Hutton Berg good to see you man you’re always here I think you were on my broadcast yesterday on Facebook too bill what’s going on in Holland we’ve got Portugal Fayetteville North Carolina we’ve got Tampa in the house we’ve got another Iowa we’ve got Nevada we’ve got Green Bay Wisconsin we’ve got Georgia we’ve got Sweden we’ve got Adrian what’s going on in the UK we’ve got San Luis Obispo in the house say I was up there this weekend we’ve got Michigan in there we’ve got New York City we’ve got Manny in Arizona Paul in Albuquerque Canada New Jersey Tommy and Scotland bendin or Bend Oregon excuse me Kosovo we’ve got Thomas then the really learning a lot in the UK Zozo and new orleans awesome you guys are so awesome we’ve got you subscribe to six packs for cats you fly see my video there we’ve got Alabama in the house got Massachusetts Dublin Ireland Bridgeport Connecticut Brazil Philippines Romania I love my international audience we’ve got Nolan in New York what’s going on Nolan my man I’m gonna have to sign this off here and just say Thomas Scott Washington we’ve got New Zealand in the house San Antonio this is what I love keep them coming I love shouting you guys out when you guys are let me know where you’re watching Bulgaria in the house we’ve had you saw marks quick dinner yep he posted that up cold days ago we’ve got how to start learning about ketosis Troy check out some of my ketosis playlists I think you’ll learn a lot my man okay we’ve got Massachusetts in the house we’ve got Dominica we’ve got London we’ve got everyone’s Hoss and you guys are so awesome you can hit that like but and make sure we get some good engagement going on this video Transylvania and we’ve got a vampire in the house if you hit that like button it helps rank this video quite a bit better Sarah you say you love my background meeting my horns like there or my physical like my educational background Knoll I’m glad that you like these videos we go Sarah in New Mexico what’s going on Sarah you guys are super awesome Philip you asked if I do live shows every day no you know what I need to do is I need to start getting more consistent on when I do
these that you guys know when to hop on because I think that’s the biggest problem is you know I know people get push notifications and it ends up making it kind of tough you can’t always just hop on a live broadcast with me makes it really really tough what kind of what times of days and what days of the week do you guys generally find our best for live broadcasts like it would it be better if I do these later in the evening like when I can hop on and talk with a larger YouTube audience I mean you guys let me know and I’ll kind of query that sift through the comments and stuff like that like what days of the week what times things like that helps me out a lot you just receive the email on its own store see that’s the thing there’s got to be a way that YouTube can allow push notifications like is anyone getting push notifications to their phone when I do these videos because that’s that’s what would be great so many people end up having to wait until the the email comes in that I posted a new video really it makes it tough okay 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time that a couple people say bill says evenings are best okay so I definitely start pushing these back later into the evening evening 7:30 s 7 p.m. yeah I think that’s what I’m going to start to okay so some people get a notification that’s really interesting I don’t know why not everyone gets a notification if anyone knows the way that they can turn on notifications let me know because then I will do a specific video instructing my subscribers to turn on notifications they know when I go alive because I do these live videos on Facebook all the time but I’m starting to wean off of doing them on Facebook simply because Facebook is so weird with their algorithms so hit the bell to turn on notifications all right all right cool I will actually start making sure he’s next to the button says subscribe perfect okay I will do that I will when I start doing my videos I will make sure that I have people turn on the notifications so you have to have the app and then you hit the bell okay awesome see Here I am like YouTube with 80,000 subscribers and I still don’t even know how to actually hit the Bell so that concept– okay so if you hit subscribe you get one but not right away got it okay that makes perfect sense I’m getting notifications popping up on my phone and when I have to wrap this up let’s get one last big round of hitting that like button if you haven’t already and you guys are super awesome if you’re not subscribed already please subscribe and please you know share my channel with your friends if you can hit that share button because it really helps out a lot you know my channels growing significantly I don’t know if you guys have noticed it’s been growing like 500 to 1000 subscribers a day getting to do some pretty cool collaborations oh that’s one more thing guys if you have ideas on people that I should collaborate with big other youtubers other people with larger YouTube channels that are interested in collaborating their science back let me know because I have resources to reach out to these people get them on my channel so we can actually have some cool collaboration not August that would be a good one one thing that I really like to do is actually have conversations with people that have opposing views to me you know I have a very organic anti inflammatory based approach I would love to have conversations with people that maybe have different yet drew Canole think drew Canole is a friend of mines that’d be an easy one you know have different backgrounds because then it makes it easy to actually get a nice debate where good science gets going and it’s all friendly but really and dr. Burke yeah he and I have actually I’ve had some email correspondence with his team Jason Wynn Trek I know Jason really well we go back back when he was working with Ironman magazine and stuff like that so Jason would be a good guy to do some collaboration with as well effect I’ll reach out to him and Leigh Norton hates Kido yeah Nolan you’re totally right link Norton also doesn’t like me too much so lanes a good dude like I love him like I really like his approach I like who he is but he’s not the biggest fan of me he appreciates the fact that I put a lot of research into things but he and I where we diverge is my take on inflammation his take on inflammation so talking you know it’s all I talk it’s all fine and dandy the Trivium physique I Gore yeah that would be a good idea you asked if I know dr. Berg I don’t know him personally but he’s been blowing up on YouTube he’s a good dude I like his stuff so I have some emails into him and I’ve corresponding with his team a little bit Gerry Branham that would be a good one mark Loeb later that would be good able to all these are great Jeff from athlean-x he knew his channels blowing up so much I mean you know people talked to me right now like his channels just I don’t know if you guys have noticed it’s been growing like 5,000 subscribers a day it’s just like blowing up so guys I have to sign off I’ve got to hop on a quick phone call here you guys are super awesome I will talk to you soon so make sure that you do turn on notifications if you haven’t already make sure you share this with your friends and make sure to check out all the videos that I’m posting here on Mondays Tuesdays Thursdays and if you guys want more videos I can do more videos so you guys are awesome I will see you soon

This Post Was All About Live: Best Foods For Intra Workout + Q&A.
Live: Best Foods For Intra Workout + Q&A

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