Leaving The Country | Physique Update | IIFYM Full Day Of Eating #11

Leaving The Country | Physique Update | IIFYM Full Day Of Eating #11

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alright guys we’re starting this blog off a little different obviously it’s like the middle of the day I couldn’t decide if I wanted to vlog today or I didn’t and the answer is always vlog guys my dad and my brother and I we are going to the most amazing rotisserie chicken restaurant in the world plum me the official a chicken you can only go there in Canada and they used to have these restaurants in Buffalo so like all these Buffalo nians just like love this place but we can’t get it here anymore because they closed all the restaurants so good so we’re going to this place called swish olay if you’re from Canada and you’re watching this you’re probably like swiss chalet that’s just all right but if you’re from Buffalo you’ll love it cuz you can’t get it it’s it’s like one of those things so since grocery halls are kind of cool to do and I haven’t done one in a while might as well show you guys what I got at the grocery store so the first thing i got was some fiya a nonfat Greek yogurt and I didn’t realize this until I started making tons iki sauce but there is such a difference in good Greek yogurt this is the best greek yogurt I’m all for saving money store brand stuff usually is really good and there’s no reason to buy the real stuff but I don’t recommend it with Greek yogurt you guys know I love these mini peppers so I pick up the bag of these because this is one of the ways i get my micro nutrients in during the day cucumbers because i’m actually going to be making two dzieki sauce here in a second a bunch of 99 of one lean ground turkey this huge family size box of chicken I don’t really eat a lot of chicken I got food poisoning about a year a little over a year ago off of chicken and it’s just not a huge part of my dad but I am doing chicken noodle soup so I need to pick up some of this it’s gonna be a recipe for the channel probably no surprise all this is probably no surprise to you guys but big baby blue various lace chefs cut up strawberries seriously there is a difference between the frozen strawberries you buy yeah I had these yet try them and then when you try it you’re going to say you were right Joe these are awesome a bunch of unsweetened vanilla almond milk because I’m lactose intolerance and I know what you’re thinking you’re having to zg sospiro Greek yogurt is like an exception i can have greek yogurt doesn’t really affect me if you’re lactose intolerant you probably know what i’m talking about like ice cream no way I ate ice cream it it’s not good watch the first full day of eating video you know i made like turkey burgers with fellow portobello mushroom tops and bottoms that’s what i’m gonna be doing right now so i had to pick some of these up this is for the tajiki sauce I’ve got three lemons just cuz i’m fine i’m making a bunch of it in the next couple of days and then some baby carrots for the chicken noodle soup but yeah guys that is my grocery haul I hope you in pro tip guys make sure that your turkey burger is is thinner this is gonna be a mess right in our good back in your mushroom turkey burger meat sweats we eat so much meat you start sweating you know that’s a thing but also it turns out if you eat so much mushroom you will also start sweating la it’s my brother vishal a is possibly the best place in the world that best restaurant best place period haha hey day is a good day left ours right on my back can’t slow down gotta stay in the deck it just rained and I missed the mist key in the ignition and the twist my wrist think about this girl I’m no longer with wish she was my low three all from Buffalo carry guns weapons pepper screaming leave him home have a good night she was my missus customer breath is a gift now feel retractor she gonna okay let’s go eat you come here so much you have a waiter yeah yeah you know by name yeah Melanie oh one of the best things about this place is the fact that when you order your food comes in like 10 nose yeah it’s super fast super fan does this all mean you didn’t order any food did you just worried Shelly tosses her food is ready it looks it just looks delicious are you dip it in my shelling sauce mm-hmm that’s against the rules right now fun with your pain so when you come here my suggestion is ordering the half chicken baked potato just dipping just dip your entire chicken into the shell I sauce you literally use all four of those for one I used 14 for a hip but you’re you’re an amateur thank you sir ok I love you see it see you dad I will thanks again for everything good morning guys I figured since we never do anything like this on the blog we have done anything like this yet I’d give you a quiz quick physique update just because I always showing you my calendar but I’m never showing you actually my physique so this is kind of how I’m looking right now pretty happy with it actually look in full today too this is like right in the morning no food yeah was that awkward for you guys because it was definitely awkward for me I don’t think I’ve ever stood in front of a mirror half naked and just kind of talk to myself but that was there’s a first for everything we grab my scale right now and do the daily way in and I’ll show my calendar and kind of what’s been going on with my weight or weigh-ins anyways wait this morning is 20 8.6 so you guys have seen my calendar plenty of times on the blog but I’m doing something a little new now I’m using these triangle symbols and that’s just going to denote a heavier way in that week from the previous week the rectangles they’re still going to mean lower Wayne’s from the previous week but and the circles are all time lil wayne’s but I just kind of want to let you know what the symbols mean don’t think I ever showed you guys the first full week of October’s weekly average weigh-ins didn’t gain any weight 20 6.7 it was also my first full week at 300 grams of carbs so that’s awesome last week though as you can see I went up point three nine percent of my body weight and my goal is just point two five percent so a little bit heavier but because the week before was zero percent this is averaging out to be like a fifth of a percent body weight increase in these two weeks of October so nothing too huge to worry about as you can see the weekly average weight was 200 7.5 but I am having still some heavier wins this week as well anyways I’m not gonna lie to you guys there’s been two main reasons why I’ve been gaining weight the past 10 days and number one it’s because I just have been hitting my macros I’ve definitely been way over my goal of 300 I’ve probably been hitting more along lines of like the 375 400 range you guys saw the other day I couldn’t stop be those pretzel crisps that’s been definitely more of the norm lately unfortunately number two my meniscus in my left knee has been bothering me lately it’s been sore and so the past 10 days I just cut out all cardio so there’s a bunch of calorie burn that I wasn’t able to do because of my knee thing so I’ve chalked it up to eating out of depression because of the knee thing so I wasn’t feeling hungry this morning at the apartment i just decided i’d bring breakfast to work with me and this is what I brought I brought one of these Thomas bagels I’ve don’t really eat bagels lot but I had a buy bagels for the pumpkin spiced cream cheese that I made and I kind of started all of them really like these there’s 50 grams of carbs per bagel like 11 grams of protein a little bit of honey on there and then I’m also having 180 grams of 95 5 lean ground beef it’s also going to be my pre-workout meal today because I’m going to work out
shortly after i eat this all right guys it is a squat day today and I’m going to be doing triples so the last time i did triples I think I did 324 five sets of three today I will be trying to do 325 for five sets of three but the way that I’m feeling right now I think that I’m just going to smoke 325 4 5 6 3 sure this is the channel where you come to and you see gourmet meals eaten out of tupperware this is bonds of chickpea pasta which is just delicious with a little bit of olive oil some salt and then I used grilled vegetables I use these in like a lot of the blogs guys and if you can find grilled vegetables froze and grilled vegetables highly recommend it they’re really really tasty and then I also use this serving of super greens just because I’m trying to get those micros in I love to show you guys tricks that I do so I am lactose intolerant I don’t like to use I can’t believe it’s not butter so just use a high quality baking spray my suggestion is this stuff the spec from coconut oil and then use your onion powder garlic salt and make yourself some garlic bread so that’s what I did here four servings of that and the bread I used I just pick this up i really like it sarily delight 45 calories per slice bread highly recommend this stuff really really good and this is 225 grams total of turkey burger from yesterday still left over covered in hot sauce and then 210 grams of strawberries and 140 grams of blueberries this boss is out of control oh good i’m about to blow your mind guys garlic toast meat pasta I don’t think this is a thing pretty sure it’s not but it sounds delicious oh my god it was just genius seriously you have to try the pasta on the garlic toast thing how delicious does this look alright guys it’s super late I’ve got my last meal of the day together two servings of the one the only captain crunch we haven’t had this on the blog yet trying to go through as many different cereals as I possibly can on these vlogs two servings vanilla unsweetened almond milk of course keep my milk in my cereal separate you guys know that whole deal and 150 grams of chicken and 50 grams of ground turkey all right guys my final macro totals today 220 grams of protein 296 grams of carbs 64 wishes fiber so a little bit too much fiber at least for me and fifty four grams of fat think I’m gonna call it a night here I think this is where I’m going to end the vlog I hope you enjoyed the vlog today guys and I will see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Leaving The Country | Physique Update | IIFYM Full Day Of Eating #11.
Leaving The Country | Physique Update | IIFYM Full Day Of Eating #11

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Leaving The Country | Physique Update | Full Day Of Eating #11
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