L-Carnitine | How to Mobilize Fat & Enhance Brain Health – Thomas DeLauer

L-Carnitine | How to Mobilize Fat & Enhance Brain Health – Thomas DeLauer

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l-carnitine it’s like everywhere you turn you see it it’s helping you burn fat it’s helping you do this helping you do that okay let’s set some things straight let’s talk about how l-carnitine works because it is a pretty darn good amino acid but I want to explain the different variations of l-carnitine specifically acetyl l-carnitine what it can do for your brain what it does in your body and how it works with the energy powerhouse in your body known as mitochondria so let’s talk a little bit about now l-carnitine is naturally forms amino acid that’s occurring in our bodies okay doesn’t create a whole lot of it but it creates enough for regular function but the thing is L carnitine comes in a multitude of different forms in this video I want to focus on two I want to focus on the main focus of L carnitine then I want to focus on acetyl l-carnitine and the difference is quite dramatic between the two even though they are both the same ultimate amino acid now the overall purpose of L carnitine whether it’s an acetyl group or not is to shuttle fat into the mitochondria so that it can be converted into energy and ultimately create energy burn fat recreate ATP from ADP and all that fun stuff that you learn in biology class but one of the coolest things about acetyl l-carnitine and L carnitine is in general is that it also helps expedite the removal of waste from that fat metabolism you see whenever you have any kind of energy metabolism in the mitochondria you have a bit of free radicals that are produced you have that cellular waste well L carnitine helps expedite the removal of that so in addition to helping create energy it’s also a great antioxidant so let’s really quick break down the difference in what acetyl l-carnitine is you see acetyl l-carnitine has what’s called an acetyl group just like some of the neurotransmitters in your brain like acetyl choline it means that they can cross the blood-brain barrier which means acetyl l-carnitine can help that energy metabolism much better in the brain then it can say in the muscle with a traditional L carnitine that’s the primary difference an acetyl l-carnitine is being shown to really help reduce cognitive decline that’s associated with Alzheimer’s associated with dementia associated simply with regular aging but even more recently the cognitive decline that’s associated with lyme disease and those of you that know about autoimmune diseases and inflammation to find that very very interesting that acetyl l-carnitine is showing to help reduce that brain fog that’s some pretty remarkable stuff but let’s also talk about how L carnitine works in the way of fat loss because let’s face it this is a health and fitness Channel and I know a lot of you are here wanting to learn about how it can help you burn fat and get the best possible physique I want to note this though acetyl l-carnitine and L carnitine are two different things however acetyl l-carnitine can be converted into traditional L carnitine within the body as well as L carnitine can be converted into acetyl l-carnitine within the body but at a much less efficient rate so in that sense it is easier to take an acetyl l-carnitine that it is to rely on traditional L carnitine to convert to that acetyl form within the body you see what L carnitine does is it helps mobilize the fat into the mitochondria so the mitochondria is a powerhouse it’s working it’s mobilizing fat and it’s burning fat and it’s turning it into energy into that ATP well L carnitine expedites that and 95% of your L carnitine stores are in your muscle in general so that means when you’re moving around when you’re lifting weight when you’re running your body is either using glucose that’s stored in the muscle or it’s using fat and if it’s using fat it needs that L carnitine to get shuttled in to the mitochondria so that you can create energy so more L carnitine in the muscle means more fat utilization in the muscle which can ultimately mean a leaner physique you see it comes down to a matter of preference if you have more L carnitine in the muscle the body is more apt to want to use fat than to use glucose C if you’re using glucose all the time sure you can have energy you can have strength but you’re never really tapping into those energy stores of stored fat the kind of stored fat that you can burn and get leaner with now I want to reference a study from 2011 because up until 2011 it was all kind of speculative of whether L carnitine worked or not and after 2011 it just kind of blew up in the media you see in 2011 the Journal of physiology found that if you supplemented L carnitine for a period of six months at least in this case of the study L carnitine for six months led to a 21 percent increase in carnitine stores within the that means a 20% increase in ultimate fat utilization you see if we look at it like this let’s say you had 50% glucose utilization and 50% fat utilization now you have 20% more carnitine which means that you’re now going to have 70 percent more fat utilization and 30% glucose utilization meaning your body is more primed to run on fat and it’s more efficient to utilize fat because it can get in to the powerhouse that needs it to make energy now one more thing that this study found that’s just kind of an extra side note it also increased work output by 11% which is a fancy way of saying it increased their strength increase the muscle endurance ultimately increase the overall energy the muscle could output by over 10 percent that alone is enough to elicit more of a fat loss and a metabolic response some pretty alarming amazing stuff there when it comes to just plain l-carnitine but let’s talk about the brain now let’s talk specifically about the acetyl form of L carnitine okay we’ve discussed like a million times that mitochondria is where energy is created well that happens a lot in your brain and it happens very very fast so if you don’t have an acetyl form of L carnitine that can cross the blood-brain barrier the brain isn’t getting the fuel that it needs which means the brain is just going to continue to run on glucose which it generally is going to run on anyway but if you can get that acetyl l-carnitine into the brain then that means the brain is going to start to run on fats a little bit more and it’s been shown that the hippocampus portion of the brain runs really well on fats so let’s make it possible by making sure we have acetyl l-carnitine in the first place now there are some other studies that back this up which are pretty darn interesting as well one study found that just taking a seat allel qartheen for about four weeks reduced the effect of age related carnitine decline in the brain and also a little bit in the liver meaning when your brain has declining levels of carnitine it has declining levels of fat utilization which ultimately means declining cognitive function now in addition to that there is another study that linked acetyl l-carnitine directly to improve the memory function now that probably has something to do in part with what is called acetylcholine see acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter we’ve talked about neurotransmitters in other videos basically they’re the little spark of energy that triggers a response specifically within your nervous system or within your brain and acetylcholine just so happens to be the neurotransmitter that triggers your memory specifically your short-term memory so have you ever been having a conversation where you’re just talking to someone and all of a sudden you totally forget what you were talking about mid-sentence it’
s like I don’t remember what I was saying well that’s generally because that acetylcholine isn’t firing right maybe it’s because you don’t have the right kind of fat metabolism maybe it’s for another reason but the cool thing is acetyl l-carnitine is showing to help that reproduction of acetylcholine which is indirectly linked to better memory so there you have it acetyl l-carnitine not only can help you burn some fat but it can also help your brain and get you a little bit more memory so you don’t just have bran but you have some brains too so when you’re wondering what kind of supplement do you take how do you take it when you take it how much do you take well it comes down to a couple of things the thing is l-carnitine is easy to make you don’t see a lot of companies counterfeiting it we all know the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t have regulations on supplements which means you really have to be careful but when it comes to supplements that are super cheap to make like l-carnitine it’s almost more expensive for them to use corn starch than it is to even Nikoli use the supplement so not a whole lot of fear there but one thing you do want to know is you want to take it in the morning acetyl l-carnitine is absorbed better in the morning and you’re gonna get better neural function out of it by taking it first thing in the morning but one more thing you want to pay attention to try taking it with alpha lipoic acid now I’ve done videos talking about alpha lipoic acid before alpha lipoic acid helps reduce free radicals so like I said acetyl l-carnitine helps the reduction of free radicals helps the reduction of the waste products that are a byproduct of cell and energy metabolism that alpha lipoic acid can just help expedite them out of the body even faster so you have a clear system that’s running low on inflammation doesn’t have these barriers and you can get the most out of your brain and your body alright you could tell this is a topic that I’m passionate about but if you have any topics that you’re passionate about go ahead and post them in the comment section below let me know because I’ve read all of those and they give me ideas for future videos as always keep it locked in here see you in the next video

This Post Was All About L-Carnitine | How to Mobilize Fat & Enhance Brain Health – Thomas DeLauer.
L-Carnitine | How to Mobilize Fat & Enhance Brain Health - Thomas DeLauer

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L-Carnitine is So Much More Than Just Fat Loss! I’m all about boosting the body, the brain, and business, and L-Carnitine does just that. Learn more about my thought process at
Acetyl-L-carnitine is an antioxidant and amino acid naturally produced in the body and is one of many forms of carnitine. Carnitines help shuttle fat to mitochondria to be burned to produce energy. They also help to shuttle the waste products away during the process. Different carnitines have different functions. Acetyl-L-carnitine is mainly used for brain health purposes as it is able to pass through the blood-brain barrier due to the acetyl group. Acetyl-l-carnitine is used for a wide variety of disorders regarding brain health: Alzheimer’s, depression, age-related memory loss, thinking problems due to Lyme Disease and alcoholism, Down syndrome, nerve pain, etc. It is also used in men for low testosterone and infertility.
Acetyl-L-Carnitine vs L-Carnitine, and Fat Loss:
The body can convert acetyl-L-carnitine to L-carnitine and visa / versa. Do not substitute one for the others. Benefits are based on the kind of carnitine that you take. L-Carnitine is primarily taken for fat loss as it helps to mobilize stored fat and move it to the mitochondria for use as energy. 95% of the carnitine in the body is found in skeletal muscles. By increasing muscle carnitine concentration you increase muscle fat oxidation, thus burning more stored fat rather than glucose. Until recently, studies did not support that increased dietary carnitine would lead to increased muscle carnitine concentration.
A 2011 study in The Journal of Physiology found that after 6 months of L-carnitine feeding combined with carbohydrate consumption led to a 21% increase in muscle carnitine content. This study further showed that this increase had an effect of muscle metabolism during exercise. Following low intensity exercise it was found that less muscle glycogen was used. There was no measure of lipid oxidation, but it follows theoretic models that lipid metabolism would take the place of the glucose metabolism. The study also found an increased level of muscle lactate following high intensity exercise. What was very exciting was the finding of a performance enhancement: work output was increased by 11% during a 30 minute trial. Further studies are needed – complication with how long studies need to be held to see an impact of carnitine supplementation.
How it Helps Brain Function:
Mitochondria are the energy power plants of the body and brain, and their decay has been linked to many age related diseases. Supplementation may help mitochondria produce energy in tissues like the brain. One study fed rats acetyl-L-carnitine – reversed age-related declines in L-carnitine levels and also reversed some age-related changes in liver mitochondrial function. Another study found that the supplementation of acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid led to memory improvement, reduced oxidative stress and improved mitochondrial energy metabolism. It is also used to synthesise acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the brain. Acetylcholine has been shown to boost memory.
Antioxidant and anti-Inflammatory agent properties:
A 2010 study on alcohol induced oxidative damage in the brain found that acetyl-L-carnitine served as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Oxidative damage and inflammation in the brain are known to cause injury in the brain.
Take acetyl-L-carnitine in the morning to promote healthy brain functioning.Pair with alpha lipoic acid, an antioxidant that is known to rid the brain of free radicals.
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