Key Questions in Figuring Out Body Problems

Key Questions in Figuring Out Body Problems

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hey guys dr. Berg here in this video we’re here with Justin and we are going to show you how to do an evaluation so so many people when they get an evaluation they go to the practitioner and they just they give them a list of things to take for their symptoms so what I want to do is I want to take all this information crunch it and come up with a root cause versus treat the symptom Justin we talked before can you tell me a little bit about your main problem I think you said it’s a almost like a anxiety stomach where it’s in your abdomen can you tell me about that correct I mean it’s just a persistent feeling kind of like a tight knot sometimes it’s really tight sometimes it’s kind of a throb it’ll manifest itself as shooting maybe through the back sometimes it’s angling sometimes it comes up the chest into the shoulder area a little bit and just a just as uncomfortable anxious feeling got it okay so does it come up to here does it ever come up to this point this muscle right through here rarely I do have an issue with my neck because I have a strain in my neck so it would be hard for me to tell that was actually coming from this area or whether it was just a result of this small injury I have a possibly large injury I have in my engine Ram I have an injury in my neck right here so you can right side where the if you could feel you can actually hear that yeah here’s what happened to your neck I don’t know it was it’s like it almost like it was slipped on wrong and then it just kind of got worse so it really wasn’t an injury was just like sleeping wrong and then you start hurting yeah and then sigh her but it’s been like that for a while but it’s like something in there hear it yeah I can hear it crunching yeah okay good we’ll come back to that I always want to kind of differentiate like when people say I have an injury and then you find out it wasn’t really an injury just slept wrong why would the neck still hurt from sleeping long right this doesn’t make sense next question does this sensation it’s like always there or does it come and go it’s it’s always there but it will raise and lower at certain times of the day say I’m maybe in a higher pressure situation it will exacerbate that ya like stress or anxiety kind of doubles up on it but it’s always kind of there like I can feel it in the morning I can feel it at night before you go to bed okay so the next common question we want to ask is when did this start I’ve probably had it for the last I’d say three to four months straight as a persistent thing you know I’ve always had it on and off but you know the persistent feeling down there has been firming it quite some time okay now what about when it first originated where you didn’t have it no listen you had it I would say I’ve always had it on and off so that you’re born no probably since probably my mid-20s mid to late 20s it’s been on and off but I’ve had periods where it wasn’t there and then I’ve had periods where it’s returned but this is the longest I can remember probably for the last three or four months that it’s been a persistent issue got it hold our you know 37 37 so starting your mid-20s do you remember like not having any any issue at all like in your early 20s yes and no I mean there was a yeah we were wild people then so you know there was always something going on to detract from that but but less in the early 20s and maybe kind of ramping up and I went on okay I’m trying to get to like an exact point it started it’s may be hard to find that exact point okay so we have that information I would nail it down to the late 20s I would say you know probably around 28 great that was the year that I started going downhill to myself okay so late 20 20 or actually 28 years old now the next thing we want to find out of all the things that were different were things that changed right before that happened was there anything that happened food-wise stress wise that could have triggered this well I was on and actually when I was with my wife at that point or with my then-girlfriend I had a pretty hefty drinking habit back in the day and when I started trying to curtail that or change my habits and that I think I sent myself into a bit of a you know emotional and physical upheaval it’s in myself okay so there was definitely a stress there was some drinking stress back and forth that whole thing which makes sense during that time was you’re eating like perfectback man or is it slightly off oh now I’ve never had my diet is probably something that did the improvement even today okay now the next question is I want to get a related symptoms like you having other body issues for example fatigue sleep hitching burping constipation do you have any other symptoms no not right now like I said I’ve been taking a SSRI recently and I’ve been on and off of them and then when I was off of them before I was on tried lexapro first which made me super tired then I went on to paxil which seemed to have little to no effect then I went off the fact so I weaned myself off of that I can I was off that for about two months and slept fine which is the best sleep I’ve gotten then a long time just the persistent feeling down here really no other issues okay maybe some occasional fatigue but nothing like what I was experiencing on the medication and you take these medications for this problem right okay because it kind of made you anxious okay all right so a couple things I want to just kind of educate people on number one there’s there’s a there’s almost like a second brain in your gut and there’s three parts of the nervous system the flight-or-fight the recovery part which is called the parasympathetic and then it’s something called it enteric which is all digestion is all the nerve connections that go rub to the brain so a lot of how you’re feeling up here your focus mood is related to here so now I’m going to ask his diets probably been bad for many years but what about do you have a history of antibiotics now okay good do you have a history of any type of constipation no often do you eliminate per day by three times okay cool sometimes I’ll say this is a per day I do once per month and I’m like okay that’s the problem alright actually become more regular in the last probably year or so okay and then now comes the big question what do you eat tend to eat for breakfast breakfast I’ve got sometimes a Costco Danish sometimes I heat the bellavita biscuits they know occasionally McDonald’s but nothing nothing good I was actually there last night because we’re going to get some Pellegrino water and some other things and I looked at this rack of Danish juice it’s like a month I was like this huge just huge selection I’m like wow there’s actually a lot of people buying those dangerous and they sell a ton of people buying those amazing I’m one of them amazing okay so then for lunch what do you eat lunch I usually try to eat something with some chicken in it you know I work in a restaurant so I have access to healthy foods there so during lunch is probably my best meal of the day so I’ll try to get some greens some chicken occasionally some red meat rice and beans it’s usually the lunch thing good then do you eat a snack or do you just wait till dinner pays it depends because the you know with my work schedule and I have twins that are a year old so whether I’m at work sometimes you know because dinnertime is the busy time at a restaurant and when you’re with the twins it’s just if they’re going to let you eat or not so it gets pretty shaky at night sometimes I don’t even eat dinner at all and I skip a lot of meals and my efforts I’ve also noticed that
my appetite has decreased ever since this became a persistent thing I dropped about 15 pounds at my house okay do you feel so you skip your dip like binge at night for snack then when you get home or occasionally yeah okay and what do you normally snack on like carrot celery or huh no you know sometimes like even at night I’ll hit fast food on the way oh you too sandwich at home like a ham sandwich he’s the good whole-grain bread but it’s usually chips or something like that with that glass of milk okay and then um do you crave anything no and that’s been kind of one of the biggest factors of this and I wasn’t sure if it was the medication I was on but it seems like the signal that’s supposed to come from here to the brain saying hey it’s time to eat doesn’t really get there right you know when I go to eat I’ll eat like when I’ll eat like a horse when I go to eat but I don’t feel hungry right that’s one of the side effects because it throws off this thing over here you’re trying to fix this and it gives you another problem so how many actual cups of vegetable do you eat per day vegetable let’s say about 2 – okay now they are they canned okay now now we keep reading it that’s another good thing about you know the babies he’s great so we usually keep a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in the house for them so I’ll snack on that as well okay okay so now right now do you feel this sensation is your sadena is it like a tight knot like a deeper tight tightness kind of more it’s like here but it’s more in the back right now or it’s almost like a tingly burning and then it’s kind of a real light though sort of sensation here kind of like a throbbing sensation okay 10 being really really severe zero being no problem how would you rate it right now right now in part that’s probably like a three okay all right so I’m going to do an experiment I’m going to press on this point right here you can kind of sit up a little bit I’m just going to press right here is that sore right in here a little bit I’m not yet I feel like a little sharp pain yeah so um how about there here’s Yeah right you in there okay so now what I want to know go ahead and rewrite the pain on the right side give me a number seven what is it uh now hmm I’d say it’s about it’s funny it’s like it’s moves like here a little bit okay but right here right here it’s less I’d say I’d say move down one two like a two okay all right so here’s the thing this is only like there’s could be like three things right here you have the gall bladder right here you have the liver and actually use two things right there and you haven’t also the kidney right here so in my mind I’m taking kidney stone possibly but I don’t know maybe that’s not it gall bladder because gall bladder we refer pain right up in here and this will cause keep this really tight because there’s a nerve that called phrenic nerve that goes right up through here comes right into the back too especially between the scapula right through and here under do you ever have anything right here yeah no I mean I feel a lot of that tingling to you know come up through that area so that’s liver and gallbladder I mean when you talk about the gallbladder if you can’t have a really sluggish gallbladder and a healthy liver so there ones down they’re both down so I think with him I think it’s gallbladder and liver that’s my the most likely thing based on the history and and even if you did a scope they might not find golf stones but if they did a functional test where we see the release of bile it might be constricted and that would create an internal tension in full feeling and tightness that will make him feel anxious because this area right here is next to the diaphragm which actually affects the breathing so it’s going to it might be hard to breathe sometime and you might just feel like I can’t just relax in my gut so it’s going to prevent him sleeping through the night and on top of that they treat him for anxiety with the drugs and they camouflage the whole thing so we don’t even like know what’s going on but the fact that he has pain right here up to here that’s all gall bladder once and the reason I press on the opposite side is that’s how you you actually treat it with acupressure you work you never press on the clock what you do but if he has a problem here you can press in the other side it’ll start draining the gallbladder so I just did like about six seconds of pressing just to see if it credited change ideally what he should do on the couch or on the bed and start doing massage all through here till this completely drains okay and then I’m going to put them on the eating plan that will start to slowly build up the liver and the gallbladder all this will go away I do not think you’ll need those medications at all after this because if you have no sensation there’s no anxiety no need to take that but obviously based on the history that’s the most likely thing that I would recommend does that make sense yeah okay so so let’s just get some recommendations so for food what food wise are you hungry in the morning or not but it did vary you know I can eat like if I go to eat I can eat in the morning but a lot of times you know I won’t it’ll be kind of a we have the kids in the morning and once you get the kids you’re at the door yeah it’s not a lot of time I have three kids I told understand that it’s like you handle him I’ll handle this one like it’s impossible so for breakfast I would I think the best thing can you do eggs mmm I would do eggs and cheese because it seems to be somewhat healthy and some protein I think that’ll at least help you but because if you don’t eat for breakfast and let’s say you are hungry you don’t eat you just trip time in the evening you may possibly snack on things that you shouldn’t be eating that’s a possibility so we want that and then for lunch what you really needed to do to fix the liver is we need to severely increase the vegetable in your diet so if you have access to food do you guys have any like big salads you could eat so I would eat the salad first and I’m talking like a big salad I consume about seven to ten cups of vegetable every single day so we need a big salad have your chicken have your protein and your good dinner same thing vegetable protein since that’s but we don’t want to do any junk food that’s the best thing if you keep that in your not crave at night that doesn’t look like you’re trying to lose weight so I think you could probably do fruits too but I would make sure with your in your house that you don’t have any junk in the trunk or anything junky just really make sure that it’s almost impossible to go for that junk because you have all good food but I’ll send you kind of like a list of what that means but yet for the liver you need the main thing you want to add in addition to the protein is a lot more vegetable and prized some nutritional support for this and some acupressure I think this will resolve it probably very very quickly but the only last thing I want to point out is that it takes three years of healthy eating to completely rejuvenate your liver so when you do this for like several months and it feels good like you have to maintain it over at least three years you have a brand new liver sound good huh sounds great okay well thanks for watching so that was an example of like how you want to valuate and pull a string and give recommendations I’ll see you the next video

This Post Was All About Key Questions in Figuring Out Body Problems.
Key Questions in Figuring Out Body Problems

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