Ketosis Trail Mix – Keto Superbowl Recipe – Thomas DeLauer

Ketosis Trail Mix – Keto Superbowl Recipe – Thomas DeLauer

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hey Thomas de Lauer and I’m here with this lady who is also my wife hi I’m amber and today we’re going to be making something that is perfect for Super Bowl Sunday something you can start smacking on and not feel super super guilty about so I’m going to introduce the basic ingredients and then we’re going to get down to the nitty gritty of what you’re going to do and why these specific ingredients are awesome alright so first we got macadamia nuts okay unsalted roasted then we have four giel nuts you’re going to get to the detail of why we’re using these just a minute we’ve got a little bit of stevia that you’re going to use to taste and you’re going to see exactly why in just a second we’ve got some organic coconut chips that are totally unsweetened and we have some cayenne pepper so explain all the detail of these foods but first you have to get to the fun part and that’s make a chocolate chocolate alright so what do we got okay so I’m just going to throw some chocolate into this double boiler here so the reason I’m doing this is because we actually don’t want the chocolate to burn so that’s water is boiling in the bottom just little low boil thank you and we’re going to go ahead and some sea chocolate into that we’ve already added a little bit of chocolate we’re just and melt it down for the sake of the video but now we’re going to melt down a little bit more and that’s going to be that super simple and this is where the stevia comes in so obviously you can use whatever you want honey or anything the whole point of this could be like a low-carb anti-inflammatory style so it’s a healthy alternative for sugar go I should be plenty there alright set up that’s going to melt down okay where she’s stirring that up really quick I’m going to tell you exactly why we’re using macadamia nuts okay so a lot of people wonder why mr. big advocate for macadamia nuts and event videos on this before macadamia nuts contain the perfect one-to-one ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids which means you’re getting the anti-inflammatory effects they are also still getting that small amount of omega-6 fats that you need as well so you’re getting that alpha linoleic acid you’re getting everything that you need you’re not throwing that inflammation out of skew within your body how we looking right here we are good correct I’m just going to shut this guy off and actually I need your callous hands the listing comes in handy without the hurry well before it burned all we’re doing here since well or you can use just a basic or canoe or whatever there we go little trainer here we go well hi guys briefly hey guys you really make sure you take care of your teeth guys if you don’t look like me this is it right what do we do it’s only giving some water that was just disturbing okay so we need to carry this that will be done what kind of it I still discussing so I talk Allah tall on my face and in my favor let me explain what’s going on here with these nuts so we have macadamia nuts perfect one-to-one ratio omega-3 omega-6 fatty acids plus there is no skin if you would normally find on owners I don’t want skin that’s why skin fat now basically it contains something called phytic acid which is really very hard for the body to break down extremely pro-inflammatory also an amylase inhibitor which means it inhibits the breakdown of starch in the boxer miss by roid want you talk about Brazil nuts in forming in for a second there’s ol nuts are full of selenium that Brazil nuts okay firstly what that means is they are certainly good for the thyroid it’s the lam is sort of a precursor to thyroid hormone it helps the production is in mineral so we’re using that here now obviously these are giant Brazil nuts you can break them up you can cut them into rebel heart to break down but anyway there you go different kind of nuts when you would typically use in any kind of trail mix or anything like that alright and we’ve got coconuts good why coconut simply because any other caloric super high in MCTS medium chain triglycerides just like you would get in coconut oil and you can actually use coconut chips if you prefer so there are other brands that are sweetened you have chocolate all over your face now enough chocolate all over my face what were you saying about those in it I don’t remember no get away from me she doesn’t love me I don’t okay so you can actually use toasted coconut chips instead if you prefer they sell them in the bet you know I’m talking about so you 20 bucks personal I mean I so ever doing that not even close when books know what do you guys think versus 50 no look okay I need a new pair of boots anyway okay I’m moving on no okay so basically now okay reason we have cayenne pepper in the next year we all love just that sweet spicy combination sweet spice and salty but cayenne peppers movie sounds a little bit interesting when you consume cayenne pepper probably seen my other videos about it by the way can you take me seriously with the chocolate on my face when you consume cayenne pepper it does boost my metabolism up 35% for about 45 minutes after consumption so it definitely has a strong strong thermogenic effect I’m just going to – them in there you don’t need to measure it if you don’t want to just like that spicy effect plus she doesn’t like spicy stuff so that way I see an in-depth even relevant you are such a liar a misplace you said okay so we’re going to come back in about ten minutes of the chocolate totally set up we can crumple it up and add it in here you look like us cosmic people Hartman said let’s cut her a little bit so what you’re about to see in the following Clips is entirely unplanned and legitimately step on it honestly swear on her lives yes was not planned we’re shooting at a Food Network Star kitchen okay he’s someone that we know but we did not expect while we’re making this for that to happen yeah he just walks in the door basically you guys and schools uh schools a pretty hardcore on on how to make chocolate the right way we pretty much got served yes yes I mean it’s not every day you get fooled by a Food Network chef no I mean that’s a pretty tough competition I don’t know if I feel honoured or discouraged a little disappointed in myself I just ha ha ha ha what we thought you was healthy but perhaps we should just leave it to the chef leave it leave it to kirara pastries yeah there we go just watch what he has to show here we go I’m gonna go crawl in the hole inside I’m that bad I’ll come back a little bit of oil you know any of your fun sweet going you use it as oil you know use it a lot in the vegans ha usually the lost engine integers the code in up with it so you can rock them [Music] so you can kind of like chorus and then you add your chocolate for the way you recognize your ticket level of it I don’t like to come close together so you’re pretty much kind of enlightening you’re not perfect he likes to harm like his master don’t have chocolate anymore finish that’s nothing [Music] I’m not sure how to promote it a video editor notice the when it goes you’re not you know you kind of bring it to a different level myself you know it’s never going to be that good let’s learn and then to the first one is about what but you know not know me now No thank you guys fixing it for the couple by their local body I’m not sure if it’s very good but I mean you saw that yes sir can be good either I wish was alive [Music] okay thank you for Wendy so the cocoa butter is gonna act as a shine into the chocolate too she’s not home by with Charlotte and then get shiny nice huh and while I love the sweetness I t
hink you should have chocolate okay it’s not very sweet you know you just start adding like right I got it it’s big thing around right have these excited we want chocolate you can’t have chocolate it’s bad for you also can’t have macadamia nut should need to crystallize in his eyes yes better right I better put it up click on like go to the outside sorry loyalty because if they talk about it and then we got shot all night hi you can ask all of the TV I can you can make like a Shambhala fire it is issued an for the chakras are separate shocker so that nothing happened what star gonna be created gonna be how it’s gonna be yeah I mean there is nothing sure that we go like this pretty sure I can list if we at the mold you know we report this to the mold so it gets nice and hard then in the freezer you know go chocolate back you can go so far yep [Music] that’s wait now you add that to this and it’s a lot better ya know happen save the day there you have it how Damiano Carrara fixes our crummy trail mix as always keep it locked in here on my channel but you can get healthy and not use my recipes never know what’s gonna happen next again see you later bye

This Post Was All About Ketosis Trail Mix – Keto Superbowl Recipe – Thomas DeLauer.
Ketosis Trail Mix - Keto Superbowl Recipe - Thomas DeLauer

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This isn’t my normal kind of video. Seriously. What happened in this video was completely unplanned and that’s what makes it so great.
We were shooting an innocent cooking video at Food Network Star Damiano Carrara’s kitchen and we didn’t expect him to show up
It’s hilarious! Our healthy super bowl recipe completely got SERVED!

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