Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting Before & After: Dr. Berg Skype Interview: Allen Rogers

Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting Before & After: Dr. Berg Skype Interview: Allen Rogers

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so hi Alan this dr. Berg it’s a pleasure to meet you finally I’ve seen you before and after and I wanted to personally talk to you so thanks for doing this interview pleasure to be here yeah hey listen I wanted to first just find a little bit about your history where you came from as far as with your health of your body and let’s just start there can you give me a little history of that sure as a kid I was actually pretty skinny as a junkie I was pretty frail actually and even through high school I was I probably was 140 pounds when I graduated it was after high school say between the ages of 18 and 20 or says I started putting on weight and my dad was actually the one who kind of came to me and said it’s time to putting on a little bit of weight and get a little bit of a belly I’d like for you to go get some blood work done because it’s been you know since you were a kid and she had anything done and it’s age of 20 I was kind of diagnosed with high cholesterol and high triglycerides and a lot of us her editor my dad had it had all this as well and that kind of started a chain of events for the next 20 years of me fighting high cholesterol high triglycerides metabolic syndrome and finally led to severe insulin resistance and good old type-2 diabetes Wow now at the time did your father or did he get you tested and find yes you have a genetic cholesterol problem at the time now it was just a basic lipid test is the best I can remember in awhile since then did they find that you actually do have a genetic problem got it so so yeah I’m definitely interested in to see what you’ve done about that so so fast-forward here you are struggling with this thing you get diabetes and did you also gain weight at the same time by the time I got married at the age of 22 I was 200 pounds and from there 20 years later I ballooned up to 240 on a 5/8 frame is pretty heavy yeah Wow so who you are in the situation and probably right you know kind of concerning because you got the whole genetic thing got your other and your got diabetes so so at that point what were you doing there what did you try attempt well over the years I went to doctors and I always had blood work done and my cholesterol and triglycerides were always elevated and I was always still on medication I was never really told here’s the root of your problem as to why you have this but here’s what’s elevated take some medications and I spent many years taking statins taking metformin taking blood pressure medications and I never seem to really get better it was just ban dating ban dating the problem really oh I could imagine did you have any side effects from statins the statins about crippled me I had us and the biggest thing I had was muffled fatigue and fix you’re picking up a garden hood and trying to spray a garden hose I had such limited strength in my hands the muscle fatigue was so bad I didn’t squeeze garden hose and my back and hips and legs it was like like I was a 70 year old guy I didn’t have my wife sitting me up in bed some mornings it was so bad in the static Wow and you’re like what 40 something years old I’m 43 now this was probably really got out of statin probably in my 30s early thirties okay that’s crazy so here you’re a 30 years old your body is like going down that’s that’s pretty wild like personally when I was 28 I hit my lowest health of my whole life I also had arthritis in my hands back chronic fatigue couldn’t sleep so I can I can relate to that and I’m like what the heck I could imagine what I’m going to get 35 I’m going to be probably yeah that’s over as ridiculous yeah so okay so then what did you did you stumble on something that turned things around sorta yes around 2012 or so I experimented with Atkins a couple times and I don’t think I really knew what I was doing I would just kind of did it and I was semi successful in it I did lose some weight the first time I lost around 20 pounds and I never stuck with it and put it all back on plus them and the second time I did Atkins leave was 2013-14 ish and I lost about 30 to 35 pounds once again I never stuck with it part of the reason is I didn’t know then what I know now but I wasn’t managing insulin I was starving all the time and eventually just gave up and got all the way back on and there I went to over 240 pounds crazy so then you’re going along and then then what did you do up to that at 2016 early 2016 I was in the worst health and shaking my life I I would just I hurt all over all my joints hurt I had no stamina severe fatigue I felt like garbage all the time it just didn’t feel good really heavy couldn’t button side 40 pants and my wife was in the spring of 2016 I said I’m going to go low carb again no low carb works I’ve had moderate success with it a couple of times but I’m going to make a lifestyle change I set my mind that I was going to do low carb and stick with it it turned out her spring break in March of 16 we were out to dinner with some friends and ironic it was an old friend from high school I heard just small talk and yeah I’m going to do Atkins again he’s like man don’t do at him do this thing called spare genic by it I’m like kita what I didn’t know what he was talking about and he’s like listen it’s high fat moderate protein low carb I’m like but what about my cholesterol my triglycerides my you know the same question that everybody has when I come to it he’s like don’t worry about it it’s not going to clog your arteries it’s not going to make you fat that doesn’t make you fat research it a little bit and give it a try so yeah March 21st of 2016 at over 240 pounds with size 40 I started started kita Wow and the way you started moulting off now at that time did you actually introduce to intermittent fasting or not I didn’t then I was about a good month or so maybe two months there’s probably a month or so in the heated I started intermittent fasting a friend of mine that I met we wanted the key to Facebook groups kind of took me under his wing and help me with my macros and he said you know with your blood work and your your medical situation you need to get the intermittent fasting as soon as you can he said start with 12 hours 12 hours of easy eat dinner don’t have a snack and go to bed and get up and that’s your 12 hours start with 12 and then 1 to 16 and then go from there so since the day I started the intermittent fasting I have pretty much stuck with it every day and now 16 months later that it just comes natural I go 16 to 18 to 20 hours 20 hours usually and you’re not hungry you’re not craving now what how much weight have you lost right now I went from the last time I had lead when I officially started I was 240 I could have been higher at some point and I dropped as low as 155 so 85 pounds 155 was actually a little bit too thin for me so right now I’m about 162 I put a little bit back on it muscle how tall are you 5 8 and a half okay that’s incredible so how do you feel energy-wise cognitive function it’s incredible I literally live on six hours sleep I just don’t need any more than that I’m up by 4 to 4:30 every morning I’m at the gym by 5:30 in the morning I workout for 90 minutes I come home and then just do my thing the rest of the day and then I’m just up and out of and go on a 100 miles an hour so end of the day and then tell me about your diabetes situation what’s what’s up with that I actually just had blood work done when I started with my new diet around the same time I started keto I started with a new doctor who is Pro keto and I had been on keto for two weeks when I star
ted with him and in that two weeks I had already dropped 20 pounds which was probably water weight and I had blood work done then and everything we expected to be elevated was elevated now this doctor he does the comprehensive lipid panel with the particle test and everything well guess where all my LDL particles were type a sticky ones they were all the small small particle oh they were okay though I had blood work done when I started I had blood work done at six months and it’s six months my cholesterol had absolutely skyrocketed my overall was over 350 and thank goodness that he is a pro keto doctor because he told me don’t worry about it stick with kiddo everything’s going to be fine any other doctor that I had been to for years prior would have slapped me on a staff and said you know cut all his fat you’re eating well at the nine-month mark I think it was everything had come back down my triglycerides were exactly a hundred at that point at one point in my life in my my I would say when I was around thirty I try glycerides for over a thousand at one point she’s incredible so nine months in dito my triglycerides were a hundred my overall cholesterol was 350 but the particle that bit should all my LDL particles were in the big fluffy range good so let me just make a point on people watching this that don’t know what you what you’re talking about this when you when you measure LDL which is to consider the bad cholesterol and a traditional test they don’t differentiate the type a Type B type A is actually totally fine it doesn’t it’s not involved in the artery repair type B a small dense sticky it involved in the reaction to inflammatory response and whatever so we want a more advanced test which you got it which told it shifted eventually to Type A which is totally fine so even though it’s high it’s totally okay probably because you know two things one is your your burning as you burn your fat cell some of that’s cholesterol it’s going to come out have to come out and your body is dismantling it but having a genetic tendency you don’t have the enzyme correctly to dismantle cholesterol like other people so there’s always that little bit of a problem but you just prove that you know you can actually you can manage it without by basically cutting out all the eating healthy interesting the pre keto I was on metformin twice a day I was on I believe it was crest or and I was on a blood-pressure pill twice a day and now the only thing I take his official oil in magnesium I have my latest blood work I just had this done like like two weeks ago if I can tell you the numbers real quick my total cholesterol now is 241 my LDL is 151 my HDL is 70 and triglycerides are 55 ticket row glycerides are one of the best indicators and you’re totally fine you’re running on ketones big I had the particle test the particle test done with this as well and the whole thing is in the large what the category so it’s perfect that is so incredible one question on that your father is he’s still around yeah yeah lost in too hard to be 11 years ago okay how about said you have any brothers or sisters I have a sister and she has no health issues okay I got it all now just tell me what what do you eat when you eat a meal and when’s the first time you eat well I get up it I usually get up between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m. and I’m a coffee and I usually do if I’m going to the gym I do coffee with MVP oil a splash of cream and that’s my whole new calories until I get back to the house around 7:30 I do messing around here and I usually don’t eat until 10:30 or 11:00 and I don’t really call it breakfast I just call it my first meal just happened that I like eggs so it’s usually eggs and I raised my own chickens and I raise my own ducks for eggs so I have a endless supply love it free-range eggs so it’s usually my first meal is usually three eggs cooked in whatever fat I use decide to use for the day whether it be olive oil or butter or bacon grease or the good old coconut oil that everybody set we know in the news now and I usually do a whole avocado and then whatever meat like today I had two pieces of sausage an entire avocado and three eggs cooked in coconut oil and I won’t eat again until we our family schedule allows us to eat dinner pretty early is my plan has a lot of ice stuff after school so we eat then are using three and four so I eat basically between 10:00 and 4:00 that’s it I’m done I love it and you don’t crave no and you can go without feeling weak no weakness at all while I’m going to eat my electrolyte this I’m good that is awesome man that’s good that’s such a conflicting piece of data for a lot of people because they’re just thinking way over here they’re never going to get there and you just like flip the whole thing people like that know you in your past are they like what the heck are you doing I’d be curious so they look at you like funny I you know I had customers where I go to their house and do services and some of my customers that didn’t see me for six months or a year during my weight loss journey first of all didn’t recognize me or thought it was somebody that I had hired to come in my place they just at first glance didn’t realize it was me greatly wow that is amazing yeah I saw you before and after I’m like I got to interview this guy this is like incredible incredible so this so will you well this is a stupid question but do you think you ever go back to your normal now of course now there’s no way the way I feel so good now I’m just so much I’ve learned in the last 16 months of doing this there’s no way I’d go back to the standard American diet no way no way at all I mean my blood work shows it and I just the weight loss and the way I feel and I’m able to eat this certain way and gain muscle on putting on you know I’m putting on crazy amounts of muscle while doing it the whole river bit you can’t gain muscle on keto is bogus because I’m living proof of it yeah just for people watching when in a minute fasting especially if you the way he’s doing it you could Spyke growth form by 2,000% adding with the exercise that you’re doing you could spike it by another 450 percent so it’s your your spiking growth hormone you’re actually its anti-aging its preserving your muscle so and you’re followed a unit for T 3 4 degree yeah it’s incredible and my wife started she she started calling me starting to lose weight that okay maybe this is not a gimmick and she started a month after I did and she’s lost the last time she mentioned that she had lost over 80 herself Wow that we’ve lost almost 170 collectively that is incredible this is incredible so yeah I went from the size 40 by 40 that were tight and I’m in a size 28 change now so your waist of 28 yep that’s incredible you did really good so anyway L I want to I really appreciate this interview a lot of people are going to like especially ones that are on cholesterol medication are going to start researching this I hope they do absolutely I’m like I’m anti statin I mean just what I do what I went through with the pain and the muscle fatigue and what I know about it now that it doesn’t really do anything for you there’s no no scenario where I would take a statin ever again it’s a billion-dollar business and the actual results are so small and it cuts down all your production of cholesterol which you need for your hormones in this map so man I’m so glad you actually stumbled on the whole keto thing because that turned everything happen and then when did you when did you see my videos did you see that in the mix summer of goodness somewhere it’s been at least over a year I was just you know I’d do my due diligence and research things and it’s like every time I would Google something this guy named dr. burns video would come up and literally I mean it’s just you were all over the place and you know I’ve got you setting out every time in doing this coach did I get him to get an alert and the thing I like about your videos is they’re short and sweet and to the point and you’re easy to understand for the common man out there and I’ve shared your videos along with the keto groups that I’m in numerous times at least a
hundred times I’ve shared your videos so we love them oh thanks yeah but I wanted to take this complex so-called complex and just try to make it as simple as possible you know what hold out of that that’s the goal because you know especially medicine they have to complicate things and say oh it’s too complex or so you’d understand so now that’s not true right so awesome well thank you so much Elle and I appreciate your success story so we’ll do a follow up maybe in several months from now just to see how you’re doing it is done okay thanks I’ll appreciate it order to be with you all right thanks

This Post Was All About Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting Before & After: Dr. Berg Skype Interview: Allen Rogers.
Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting Before & After: Dr. Berg Skype Interview: Allen Rogers

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Dr. Berg talks to Allen Rogers and his success using ketosis and intermittent fasting. This incredible testimonial also includes Mr. Rogers having a genetic cholesterol problem, yet doing the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting he managed to get his cholesterol lowered and his LDL lowered to a normal range. Also his diabetes and insulin problem improved. Lucky his doctor was familiar with ketosis and guided him the right direction.
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