Ketosis, Fat Burning & Endurance Exercise

Ketosis, Fat Burning & Endurance Exercise

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hi guys in this video I want to talk about endurance exercise and ketosis now there’s this really strong idea that when you work out specially endurance athletics triathlons marathons that you need to consume a lot of carbohydrates before during and after the workout because you’ll deplete your glycogen Reserve if you don’t consume carbs so we only have a small amount of reserve of sugar it’s called glycogen it’s stored glucose and when you actually deplete that you hit a wall of fatigue where you can’t go anymore that’s called bonked okay glycogen depletion you run a lot of your sugar and you better have some more to keep going so that’s been the kind of the idea that’s floating around for a long time but some new research is saying the opposite you don’t have to go through this there’s a thing called ketosis or keto adaptation which is doing ketosis for a period of time to the point where your body is fully adapted to running on fat fuel okay that takes a lot longer in fact some of the studies that we’re done in the past only went for like a month of keto a deputation that’s just not enough if you’re if you’re a really good athlete or a high high level elite athlete and you do it for a month you might not see the results as compared to doing it for six months or even a year so this study showed more of a long term key to adaptation and what they found was two things very interesting number one there was no bad effects on this glycogen depletion in other words your body now was a fat-burning machine that was running on fats and you didn’t need to rely on this glycogen reserve anymore so there was no fatigue no hitting a wall none of that that was interesting and the elite endurance athletes had significant enhanced fat burning more than double the sugar burners actually was 2.3 x that’s incredible so the cells basically were fat-burning machines after the key to adapt that’s after a hundred and eighty minutes exercise with also evaluating 120 minute post-exercise period there was no problems with glycogen so they burn double the fat and they had no problems glycogen so your muscles do not have to rely just on glucose they can run on fat so I put some links down below if you’re an athlete you need to evaluate this and check this out check out the research down below and I think you’re going to find it quite interesting thanks for watching hi guys hey listen I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes your symptoms to find the cause the root cause of all of your symptoms the most likely cause so take the quiz now and Wilson you report

This Post Was All About Ketosis, Fat Burning & Endurance Exercise.
Ketosis, Fat Burning & Endurance Exercise

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Endurance exercise athletes physiology was believed to be fed primarily glucose. In other words, when an athlete depleted their stored sugar, glycogen they will become fatigued and hit a wall (bonked). This has led many athletes to consume carbs before, during and after. However, new research has demonstrated using fat as a primary fuel source and use ketosis as a way to do it. This must involve becoming ketoadapted. This is what has been missing – getting an athlete to adapt fully to ketosis. It was then found that elite endurance athletes burned more than 2x the fat then carb fed athletes.
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