Ketogenic Critics & Naysayers

Ketogenic Critics & Naysayers

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This Post Was All About Ketogenic Critics & Naysayers.
Ketogenic Critics & Naysayers

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Hey guys, I am going to do a little video on Ketogenic Naysayers, there are some people out there that are telling you not to do the ketogenic diet. I want to cover some points that comes up in the comments a lot and I am just going to explain my view point on this. This is an article that says is ketogenic diet right for you nutritionist way in, and nutritionist is a dietician’s way in. Cutting out carbs is using an invitation to overeat them at another point, the whole point of the ketogenic diet is to get rid of the cravings and hunger so you aren’t going to eat carbs, and your cravings of carbs are going to go away when you are actually in fat burning. Obviously anyone who wrote this never have been put into ketosis to know that it is true. Will someone lose weight? Yes can lose weight in a ketogenic diet one reason is the body burns fat as a fuel and another reason is you can’t eat another many foods like the crusty bread, potato chips and sugar pastries. Plus, all that fat keeps you full so you could just skip your usual 3pm snack because you are not hungry. The nutritionist would say if you want to slim down, this is not the way to go and generally when you do something like this, it is extreme. First of all, if you are not losing weight that is when you try something different and or you are going to change something. Cut out all the junk food and carbs is extreme, then yes it is extreme but I am looking at it as something very healthy extreme. Most extreme things you lose weight but that doesn’t mean it is good and healthy. Well, I’ll tell you what not healthy, it’s the amount of sugar that people eat 31teaspoons a day and what we are doing is we are cutting all the sugar in the diet and carbs down to about 50grams but we are including all of the vegetables so it’s are extremely healthy. Here is another one, it is not sustainable whether it is good for you and in most cases you are going to just dying to have that cracker and the weight gain is usually pretty quick as well. First of all, no it is not you are not going to die to consume a cracker, you are not going to want a cracker and not going to have any desires of cracker anymore because your cravings for crackers are completely going away. Most people in a Ketogenic Diet but they’ve never put anyone on it, that’s the whole point. When you get your body burning fat, you don’t need to run your body on crackers. The Ketogenic Diet is the most restricted plan that most people can’t stick with. First of all, it is a diet that someone can stick too specially if they are seeing better results, if they are not hungry as much as before, especially if they are doing intermittent fasting and they have energy and they are feeling great.
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