Keto & Intermittent Fasting Before & After (Dr. Berg & LeeAnne Masserang)

Keto & Intermittent Fasting Before & After (Dr. Berg & LeeAnne Masserang)

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so hi everyone we have another six amazing success LeAnn how are you LeAnn great things I wanted to talk to you because I saw you before and after and I just said you know we need to find out what you did because it obviously worked it was a great success so I just wanted to find out a little bit your are you living in California right now Austin Texas okay similar yeah real close and then you will you overweight your whole life yes I was overweight since I can remember I remember third grade I couldn’t fit in my desk so I had to tell my mom and she had to go talk to my teacher about adjusting the desk I remember wanting to learn how to ice-skate and our the instructor told my dad decide so limit like it was kind of hard to support my weight on skates and it was things like that all throughout my my life until my early 20s well actually in high school I did terrible kind of dieting that girls do and it was just up and down all the time Wow at the time do you have any brothers or sisters yes were they did they have a weight problem – no well some of – to do to don’t so it was just it’s been it’s been kind of a study for me to see a household where people have eaten the same things and it almost felt like a why me kind of thing for a while – what about your parents do they have a way to show yes both of them do interesting but I was adopted so genetics are a little different so it’s been really interesting for me to watch what’s your what’s your nationality were you from originally I will I’m Korean I was born in Seoul Korea but I was adopted when I was about three months old Wow I just one little side point I had a patient come in she’s from Korea and very overweight she’s the only one in the family overweight and which really really sucked for her her sister was mrs. universe just like my life all right my sister is like she’s gorgeous she’s real thin and it creates this um it just it was really hard yeah I couldn’t I could only imagine because in fact this patient she ate so much better than her sister but you know right that’s that’s that’s interesting okay so you went along you hit your 20s and then what happened then I tried to eat healthy and exercise I think a lot of I was probably 220 I’m at my heaviest so a lot of the way it was pretty easy to lose and then once I got to a certain way it just I kind of plateaued for years it was up and down but probably till about 170 is when it just plateaued and kind of it’s just been up and down ever since interesting and what are you what did you start did you find something like if you find the ketosis and in a minute faster did you find that recently or is that something you’ve been doing for a while I just found it about four months ago I had heard about it through to people and I actually found it for mental clarity and my my struggle with my weight has been all the time and I kind of never felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel it’s kind of like I didn’t know in a month from now am I going to be 10 pounds heavier or am I going to be 2 pounds lighter I have no I had no idea was this always a crapshoot so it’s I found it for I cut sugar out and then I started researching and I found the ketogenic diet which is so much fun like I had so much fun with food ever since I started and it’s just wet dieting before I felt like I was always avoiding things with no fun stuff on the other side but now I feel like it’s just it’s delicious and it’s doable and I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself and I’m I’m I love it Wow and has it helped you in other ways health-wise oh my anxiety I have anxiety some well I do have anxiety and it has I have almost no anxiety besides like the natural anxiety nothing crazy like I used to get and I I don’t know it’s been crazy for me because it’s just been so helpful with my mood and I do intermittent fast I fast for sixteen hours and then eat for eight and I by eleven o’clock at work in the morning I feel like a body buzz almost where I just it’s so crazy I can just feel the effects I was fasting and how it feels great and I never thought that fasting would feel good where I just feel energy and I just feel like bouncing off the walls with happiness it’s really weird that’s very interesting now has it helped you wait so far yes I’ve lost so the first the first two months I lost weight fast Ellis probably ten pounds and now first I was trying to get the first month I lost ten pounds and so I was expecting it to go at that rate and then it’s sort of plateaued but what’s been awesome about the diet is that I don’t want to eat any other way with other diets it was like oh forget this I’m not doing this anymore it’s not working I’m going back to this or that and now I’m just like I love the way that I feel mentally that I don’t even care like I just want to continue honestly and I think of it this way if I only lose two pounds like every month or every other month in a year and a half I’m going to be where I would want to be and I don’t want to change anything because of how it makes me feel mentally Wow it makes me feel great um the anxiety it’s been and sweating for me I used to think that I had body temperature issues and ever since I started the ketogenic diet I don’t drip sweat which has been really interesting it’s just been a complete change in my body that’s amazing what about your size inches are you finding that you’re shrinking yes so I actually have no idea how much I weigh right now I’ve stayed away from the scale because at one point where I was feeling absolutely great I decided to get on a scale and it didn’t move at all in a month and I had felt inch inches wise that I was definitely making some progress but I hadn’t been measuring myself so I said that I’m not going to do anything until I start measuring because the scale seems to be not a good indicator where I’m at based on how my clothes are getting so that’s a good place to interject cause I’m going to talk about that the main thing with ketosis is you want to get yourself in the fat-burning but the thing is when you do intermittent fasting you preserve protein and muscle in the body you actually can regrow more muscle which is more dense so you’ll be shrinking but the scale might stay the same the main thing is are you shrinking do you feel good if you feel good mentally your hunger cravings are gone that means you’re in ketosis it’s working but I imagine with you Leanne if you have this problem your whole life and you’re 18 years old now yeah then that means that it takes a little longer to be able to get to your goal but yeah if you’re seeing changes along the way man ride the wave and then you could always start to okay work on seven hour window okay good you got that down six are going to do it gradually and then to your point where your four-hour window of eating which takes time to graduate into but more hours of fasting but yeah I agree the feeling when you’re fasting you’re living off your own fat it’s a mental clarity there’s less stress there’s less waste products for the brain I mean can you imagine how many people that could get off psych drugs if they went on this I mean Prozac and Ritalin I mean just or other psych drugs like wellbutrin and abilify which is the number one psych drug out there it’s amazing I used to rely on xanax sometimes for cute anxiety and I I wouldn’t want to touch it because it would mess with where I’m at now and I just feel great almost all the time that I don’t want to I don’t want to drink I don’t want to take anything for anxiety I don’t want to do anything besides feel wh
at I feel now and it’s been it’s almost shocking because I never thought there was a point in my life that I could get where I didn’t have an edge that needed to be taken off and it’s definitely due to the ketogenic diet and it just makes me kind of I’m trying to be over minded about carbs but it almost makes me know that they just don’t work for me weight wise and mentally right I mean that’s why I was recommend the vegetable carbohydrate because you need the vitamins and minerals somehow and that’s you can get them from organ meats but a lot of people just don’t want to eat liver kidney and brain anymore so then we have vegetables left right when did you when did you find my videos Oh probably when I first started the ketogenic diet so like form four months ago and they definitely wear my goat my go-to for because everybody has their different opinions that aren’t really science based on science or it’s based on experience and I felt like you kind of gave me the facts like I didn’t really have to wonder about more of an opinion it was all just scientific facts it felt like awesome well it’s obviously working and so you know he want to ride the wave and so can you give me an example of what you would eat on a given meal for breakfast at noon I usually eat either sausage and bacon and eggs guacamole that I make just with avocado and salt and lime juice and a little bit of garlic powder and then I’ll do sour cream sometimes depending on where I’m at how I’m feeling sometimes I’ll try to be low on fat I’ve definitely learned that fat is not a target it’s funny because when I first started the ketogenic diet I was like mmm fat everywhere but I was I realized more that it’s not a goal for the day it’s kind of just like a guide so depending on how I feel I’ll eat the sour cream with it and I’ve been trying to do more vegetables with breakfast which is kind of hard because it seems like tomatoes and onions are the ones that I usually go with and those are higher in carbs so it’s been vs. has been interesting I’ve been baking kale and putting it into my scrambled eggs more but it’s definitely been a challenge to find vegetables and put it into my breakfasts that aren’t high in heart yeah it really is I’ll probably do a kale shake usually and then what about for dinner what would you have dinner my go-to is mashed cauliflower with butter and cream I love that and salad a lot of taco salad so that just romaine lettuce with hamburger meat and wok and usually just a little bit of salsa and or I’ll do a Cobb salad salads are awesome for me and once I started a cute ketogenic diet my palate became very just wanted really simple things so it’s been really easy just to buy like maybe ten staples every time every week and then just use them I just think about what I was going to eat all the time or where I was going to go or and it was always like Chinese or pasta or something high in sugar carbs and now I just eat whatever at there have been opportunities where we could go out to eat multiple times and I could pick anywhere and I’m like I want to eat at home I don’t want to eat anywhere because I just love an avocado just playing with some salt and a spoon it’s like one of my favorite things ever so it sounds to me like you’re gravitating to healthier foods like your body is like creating health to great and I never thought that that could be possible it’s just you I don’t I think it’s something that you don’t understand until you feel it because it’s just it’s amazing how I just don’t crave anything anymore especially I used to be addicted to Sour Patch Kids and Diet Coke like those are many things that I just and I wouldn’t touch either one of those now or when my boyfriend doesn’t do the ketogenic diet all the time he definitely is opening his eyes but when he orders pizza I like a Friday night I don’t want anything to do with it and I don’t I don’t even feel a fight because it was in myself because I loved I wouldn’t want to knock myself out of ketosis after all work that I’ve written that I’ve put into it and then I just love the mental clarity so that’s so awesome I mean it seems to me like if you were to summarize it up here you’re just you’re more control of what goes into your body you’re eating for health you who’s not controlling you anymore great if someone craves the sour patch kids or a lemon that’s usually a choline deficiency and choline is the key mineral B vitamin to help you with a fatty liver so it’s interesting and believe it or not egg yolks are loaded with choline so you would think that that would be the opposite but now it isn’t but yeah choline if you if you if you actually get the supplement : and suck on them they taste lemony sour and lemony and if you take some of that like some like sour candy they’ll just like eat does like candy that’s just a vitamin it’s choline so just a side note yeah and the other thing is that I think that when you start to do a ketogenic diet and doing it a minute fasting people generally need more dietary fat because they they have a blood sugar issue and they can’t go from one meal to the next so they’re going to have to increase the fat to sustain them and then when you actually get it adapt to ketosis you’re burning your own fat which you don’t need to add as much and you can just go longer because you can switch to your own fat a lot faster as your meal awesome yeah that’s awesome so I just I just want to say thank you for doing this this interview I think it’s going to give a lot of people just motivation to think they can do it too especially from where you came from I’m it’s doable and all these extra benefits I mean I don’t know why someone wouldn’t want to jump on that and start doing it you know do you you find friends or family are like looking at you like what are you doing and big and interested or what what happens with that right definitely my best friend is she is kind she started trying to ease her way into it slowly and it was funny because when I started the ketogenic that my boyfriend was kind of like um what do you doing of kind of freaking out about all the fat that I was buying and everything and I was like just give me a month I was like just let me like don’t tell me how you feel about this don’t knock me off track just give me a month and I remember I was in the kitchen on a Friday night and he was on the other side of the apartment and he looked at me he’s like oh my god he was like you were losing so much weight and and at the same time I’m like eating a thing abri you know it’s just been so much fun it’s been it’s almost like he knows who wasn’t as bad as what adapting wasn’t as bad as I had thought and it was so I’ve you keto it was absolutely amazing because the transition was really easy and my cravings went away really fast and my family has been kind of so I’ve always been dieting my whole life so to them this is probably like oh she’s doing another one of these things so I this one I’ve been kind of I haven’t felt the need to like preach about it like I had before and I think it’s because I’m more secure in it I’m just like whatever so I’m just quieter about it because it’s more fun kind of to change quietly for me and I notice that people are kind of turned off by because they just don’t understand the science behind it so they think that it’s just this crazy thing that you’re doing so I don’t I feel really bad when I see people in the morning like how I would well I would do the same thing I would make like a fruit a fruit smoothie with like a banana and like a strawberry and I would end up like washing down breakfast with it instead of it being my breakfast and I could never understand why and just the science behind it all it makes complete sense and I I don’t crave the way that I used to or I used to eat a giant meal and then I want ice cream and cookies and I wouldn’t even I would never I couldn’t understand it it just didn’t make sense and now it makes complete sense to me and I that’s what helps keep me away from sugars I don’t ever want to feel that way ever again because it was just it so it’s like this blind hunger that you just don’t get no matter
you don’t understand no matter how much you eat you can still be hungry it was just it was amazing that’s some good advice for some people that been overweight their whole life and they’ve dieted so many times in their menopausal I will tell them to do this but then to shoot for just one meal a day just because they’re like the thyroids so weak and they’re going to need they can’t I mean they just couldn’t they can actually be so efficient on small amount of calories so so I do put a series of you know a handful of people on one meal a day and day basically thrive they do great and they get their body back but that’s one thing you could do if you actually do not have any more metabolism you tried everything and nothing’s work you want to start three meals no snacks two meals no snacks two meals within a four-hour window and then eventually one meal over a period of months and then that will work for them so for those of you watching you might want to try that well thank you so much for doing this and I think it’s it’s an amazing transformation and we’ll have to do none of one another one of these maybe in like several months from now just kind of see the changes until you’re totally 100 percent satisfied with like okay I hit my ultimate goal right and it’s awesome because I before I was in a hurry to get to my goal and of course I want to stay focused doing this but I not I think people are in a hurry sometimes because it’s either one or the other it’s like if this is not working for me right now I’m going to go eat my starfish kids and drink my diet coke and I just feel like this is the most study thing that I’ve done where I just feel confident in what I’m doing and I feel great along the way that if it happens to be a year and a half instead of six months which it shouldn’t be but if it does um then I’m okay with it because it’s I know I’m going to feel great mentally the whole the whole time so it’s not like a one or the other kind of thing anymore right yeah you’re not suffering you’re great you’re enjoying it and it’s not hard so that’s awesome I feel I feel for these people that are struggling trying to diet and they don’t have a clue they’re eating the small month but they’re still eating carbs and I’m like oh my gosh I don’t know how they do it that’s rough I think they must be starving all the time hmm starving and oh my it’s just torture so right well thank you so much I appreciated you your time and I think we have a great interaction so all right we’ll have a nice day and I’ll talk to you soon okay okay bye bye

This Post Was All About Keto & Intermittent Fasting Before & After (Dr. Berg & LeeAnne Masserang).
Keto & Intermittent Fasting Before & After (Dr. Berg & LeeAnne Masserang)

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