Keto & Intermittent Before-After with Dr. Berg & Amit Nikharge

Keto & Intermittent Before-After with Dr. Berg & Amit Nikharge

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hey everyone I have a great interview for you this is Amit and you’re were you from right now were you located so I’m located in Bangalore which is in India awesome so I wanted to talk to you because you sent me your before and after picture it was quite incredible and I wanted to find out a little bit about your story can you tell me a little bit about where you were before and then what happened to turn around before you lost the way yeah definitely so in my early teen age I was pretty good and then I was slim but when I started my college is that when I got lot of fat so it was like eating all day out junk food I was not kidding about what I am eating exactly it was whatever I get most it was fast food and restoring food so it started in college time when I was like at the 19 or 20 years of old I got a lot of weight my weight was around 89 is 92 aswell 92 kg okay so 92 case how many pounds is that I think it is around 200 okay Wow yeah I remember in college we ain’t really really healthy no I’m being sarcastic now it was like we had deep fried night Hormel chili oh my gosh I can’t believe I actually survived on that we’ve go to the we were so poor we went to these these stores that you had these discounted canned food and buy canned meat and I’m like what the heck am I doing with spam and it was bad bad so that’s that was the start of my thing too so so you gained all this weight and then and then what happened so it was then a time came and I started feeling unhealthy I did my health checkup but I found so many issues I had a fatty liver that was the first symptom how old were you when you found you had a fatty liver I was at the age of 23 is amazing yeah did you at school – yes Wow so that was scary for me he doctor told me that I have a fatty liver and he told me that you have to exercise you have to stop eating outside food but then I asked him he what kind of food should I eat so he said stop outside food stop a stolen food and start eating healthy food like brown rice and grains healthy grains and so on which really didn’t help me so taking his feedback I joined the gym I joined goals then I met a nutritionist she was a dietician I took her advice she gave me a meal plan that plan was again seven meals per day starting from a breakfast then every to wash they asked me to eat so initially I lost around 4 to 5 kgs of great I think that was all water went all I stopped eating restoring food that caused me to lose some weight but I was still around 85 86 for around eight to seven to eight years and it is recently within a year when I started following you I actually got my results down and most of it is in last 3-4 months when I actually started going through your videos and following your guidance religiously and you search like an example when you get up in the morning when’s the first time you eat so I work in I work for us business but I am in India so I work in night shift so my work starts at 7:30 p.m. ist which is 9 a round 9 a.m. est basically so what I do is I get up around 2:00 p.m. every day India time all right and then I work out at 5:00 p.m. 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. ist time and today I start my work so I fast for nearly 60 our minimum and before finishing my fast I workout as advised by you the best time to do a workout so it also helps me to get into so now like like few days back I shared my report with you I was out of ketosis so what had happened is my wife was not in town so I was eating a stolen food and considering the labels that I had on KFC I tried it but it kicked me out of the ketosis that was for sure but I got high CRP levels yes see we are she reacted protein as an inflammatory indicator yeah yes and at the same time you released a video on CRP so I was not looking at that report until I saw your video that I have to look at those indicators so yeah then as you told me you gave me advice that it is high in MSG which will have inflammation in your body so I stopped it and I fall I got back to the eating habits that you have told me and today I did my test and I am back into ketosis oh that’s great and like in in India I just talked to someone in Pakistan and India just just this morning and both of them said that there’s a fair amount of starch in India they give a lot of starches grains rice right II our that’s exactly that’s that’s absolutely right yes a diabetes and thyroid I mean if you see in my family I have my cousin brothers and all who think they are eating critically they go to gym they do all exercise that they should do but still they have thyroid there are two three exams with such examples in my family itself who has high roid and then there are one or two my uncle’s who also have got diabetes Wow so this is my family itself so I can understand how it would be and if where I work there we I work for Microsoft so in there also we have a few of my colleagues who have been who have tyroid and issues with diabetes terrible and then so give me an example of what you would eat as your first meal so my first means is after approximately five to six hours after I wake up so after getting up I workout before ending my fast once I am done with my workout I wait for another one hour or so and then I eat my first meal so first meal would be I include around 500 grams of mixed vegetables so that would be christoforous vegetables like broccoli bell peppers and so on so mix I cook it in coconut oil as suggested by you so that is my first meal along with that I have three ounces of chicken boiled or sorted and and then I dress it with the geese that is grass-fed butter that is my first meal I generally try to keep one meal only but in case if there are a day or two in a week where I do two meals then second meal would be a smaller meal where I have a whole X 4 to 5 volts and a cheese basically so cheese has been my partner and after I started watching your videos on earlier I was thinking like Jesus is dangerous for health but then I look looked at my report the cholesterol has been a 50% reduction in the cholesterol after eating the e and you’re not even from Wisconsin that’s amazing Wisconsin was they have a lot of cheese there so yes some people are allergic to lactose intolerance but I suggest try it cheese is the higher protein and has good fats question I have the quality of food in where you are from cheese and things I do they use like hormones do they use a lot of pesticides like America so uh yeah I mean we have a branch which are pasteurized but what I do is a your days are so I know a farmer who gives me milk so I generally take it from him and then my wife makes use at home oh that’s fantastic I’m jealous that is awesome that’s really healthy and then um so you so did you find that do you go from three meals to two meals to one meal or how fast did you go to the one meal a day so it’s been like initially when I started I if it was difficult because I always had cravings for carbs with the sugar but then after understanding how exactly body works obviously from your videos your guidance I started pushing myself then I came to three meals from three meals after three weeks I entered into two meals then I continued to mix for twelve weeks and now I’m doing one deal of one meal a day Wow and do you work out at all what you do work out is it really intense or is it a small workout so uh again I was doing a rest-pause training that is after I’ve a said I take a rest of two to three minutes but then and I used to work out daily it was not that effective since then I start after falling your videos I started doing high-intensity interval training and that
helps me a lot to burn packs as I am doing workout on a fasted state it helps me to get into ketosis also a min last example yesterday’s example I was out of ketosis for two days from last 3-4 days I am eating a proper food but I was still not into ketosis yesterday I went and I did a high-intensity interval training for 45 minutes and today morning when I checked I was into ketosis so that that helps out and then you are you finding that your you’re basically not as hungry as you were before and you don’t crave as much not at all I mean it’s like a I have food but I don’t feel like eating but I eat because I have to get my daily calories in yeah I’m the same way I’m like oh shoot I got to eat now I’m like I guess like I guess see what happens then you start eating and then you’re getting hungry and like because you’re actually raising the blood Sugar’s a little bit so that drops and you’re hungry it’s like you probably would be especially the people in the morning they wouldn’t be as hungry if they didn’t eat as soon as they eat now they’re hungry two hours later so it’s kind of like they’re this it’s a trap so one of my colleague I was talking to him so he has a diabetes so I asked him why don’t you do intermittent fasting so he was like no my doctor has given me pills I take them I feel better so I I really collected one of your video that it would be a sugar which makes them feel better so I told him I know a doctor who is very good in this so three to four of my colleagues have started actually falling you have seen new subscriptions coming from them at least on YouTube they have started following you and two of my friends they nearly lost three to four cages after following your video Wow that’s correct but and one of them has also got into ketosis so we when we did this medical test it ketosis were detected in his urine so yeah all advice that you have given is helping us a lot that’s great that’s great and for those people who are new to this this video in this concept I have a lot of other basic videos you can watch on what to eat the details there’s a little real summary book this my new book is not out yet if the index is being done so it’s another month but I have a summary book it’s on my website is if you can probably get through it in 20 minutes but it’s like this kind of like telling you here’s what to eat exactly here’s what to do but that the two things that people tend to be concern with is oh I’m eating all this cholesterol I’m going to get a heart attack well no you’re not your body makes a lot of cholesterol 3,000 milligrams a day that’s the equivalent of a pound of butter a day 14 eggs or 300 strips of bacon so it’s not your body will basically make less when you eat more and it’s just like we’ve been brainwashed that cholesterol is bad but what you’re doing is you got into ketosis now you actually feel what it feels like and I highly doubt that you would ever go back to your old ways because now you know the benefits and you actually experienced it yes I would definitely not go see I joined gold’s gym for event initially 4 to 5 5 6 years back thinking that they are the one octopus that I could look out for but the advance that I got from them was to eat 5 to 6 meals seven meals plan I mean what kind of advice are they giving which is actually not true I mean it didn’t help me at all and it was it is so difficult to follow that you have to prepare those meals pack them take them with you and all that I mean it is very difficult in current life I mean how would you do it that was one thing yeah I mean like you’re doing one meal a day are you saving any money to a 1 mil a day I think so definitely I’m saving a lot on the supplements as well so when I started dreaming of the trainer in Gold’s Gym he told me that you will have to take the BC SS you’ll have to take pre-workout you’ll have to take interest our you’d have to take post-workout and I used to buy all that but in India we don’t get genuine supplements so I used to import it from us every time so it used to cost me around the you know of four hundred three hundred four hundred dollars to you know every month for four supplements that I am saving that every month I am not using any supplement at all it is just it is just and just old food that I’m eating back to one meal which which has helped me to lose my weight I was a 200 lbs as I said and in last four to five months since I started following you yes five to six months when I started I was looking into your videos from quite some time but I actually started following them from five months and now I wait around 154 LVS about that’s great is your wife following which is she doing the eating plan yes so she she recently got pregnant we got a big order baby and then she was concerned about how to you know lose weight because she had got out of shape so she started falling intermittent fasting and she also I mean it’s the food that she cooks for me so there has not been any issues with the production of milk I mean she is able to breastfeed the baby with the diet that you have told us there is no side effects at all my baby is also very good so she is following it and here also lost around five to six kids a kg in last six weeks he is going to this slow she is eating two meals two to three meals but yeah she is falling intermittent fasting that’s awesome and I think if a female is breastfeeding I think two or three meals is which is probably a little better just to make sure you get everything all the nutrients but the point is that if someone has midsection weight they need to do the ketosis and intermittent fasting together because ketosis you can still do six meals a day well that’s to screw that up and then the other thing is that they want to if you have if you can’t get out of bed in the morning like let’s say you lost your vitality or your energy and you get brain clogged you just you just do this and it gets better you get more focus ketosis was basically for a peptic seizures so anything with seizures or epilepsy you need to do this because it actually feeds the brain so there’s a lot of benefits that go way beyond just wait cognitive my skin is better I think you might have said your skin’s a little bit better right did you we the one that’s in yet I mean what has happened is so I go to gym so I have the people who workout with me they are working out from last five to six years and they have a good physique but then the way they saw my transformation from last five to six months now they are coming to seek advice from me that happened actually two of them very good body builders a professional they are doing it from long time they come and ask me now hey what is your diet plan can you tell us I’m trying hard to lose a the fat but I am not able to do it but I see that you have done some magic that you have drastically lost it in last five to six months so what is exactly that you have done so I told them that I am into ketosis so they say is it good for your body are you sure I said yeah it is I mean I’m doing it from five six months and I haven’t seen a face any problem so they were like one of my friend did it and he got constipation so he had to go to doctor to take medications to get out of constipation I said you go to youtube and follow dr. Burke he he is the one who might follow and you will get good results is what I have said told them yeah yeah because you know you there’s a lot of different aspects you need to know what to do you know if you get constipation keto flu whatever there’s handling for everything because when you switch yourselves over to this new machine it actually requires a little more of certain nutrients so you got to understand the whole picture even the dietitians that are critical of this diet I know they don’t even understand it so when I explain it to someone I before I tell them what to do I tell them why it works right sure they really get that data versus just blindly following an eating planet they don’t understand it conflicts with everything else they’ve done they might not do it so that’s why the videos are important but yeah my whole thing is giving people the
truth on how to burn fat so they have the tools now so it’s not a matter of believing someone but experiencing it knowing it’s true and then being them I have that tool if you need to lose weight or you know if you want to eat which you want that’s fine but least you know how to undo it if you mess up right so a keto has taken a lot of you know attention nowadays but there are many people who advise on Tito’s even I was you know if I go and search on Google or YouTube to find anything related to Kito’s I will find lot of videos but they are not that easy to follow and what this is not actually true unless I see what you tell us I have followed that and have experienced that and I have got the results so I know that whatever you tell is true and you go very detailed in explaining what it exactly is others don’t do that they will just read and they’ll reiterate it to us but the videos that you have are very detailed I have given it to my friends I have you know referred my friends to subscribe to your channels and they are also finding it very useful I remember one instance one is DC how do you know the timings when to release the videos you are at a point I mean I I did my test and I found High Sierra P and then you are releasing a video on c-reactive protein the other day a couple of months back my wife was dealing with a after pregnancy effect like you were getting hair fall she was getting hair loss and then you will use the video about why do you get the hair loss for pregnancy and then she started taking metal root so I have a secret camera I’m watching you and just saying of problems you run into and quickly create that video and then I release it yeah I mean it makes you become as I mean it makes you it makes us feel you as a family doctor like you are looking I mean yes you you have a something that you’re observing us and then you are helping us out on every situation that is what is happening and then you make us give that I read most of the comments and we I have a lot of comments on a lot of videos but I just get feedback to see what people want to know more about so that’s where I get the ideas for the videos so yeah so enough people are interested I’ll do a video on that but but I’ll you know people say well how do you release two videos a day how do you come up with the material I mean one video alone could take me ten hours of research I’m talking like five minutes of a video so I’m not just like throwing them out there I’m like really going through to make sure that the data is correct and then put it out there versus uh just put out a bunch of crap and I think I appreciate you noticing that and be are grateful to you I mean I don’t know how to thank you for the things that you are doing it is really helping and in country like India of where our staple food comes mostly from cups and then if you look at a proper food if I go my hometown and I ask my mom to make a food she will rip the food that I’ll have will be mostly on cups it will be rice then we call something as Indian bread they are also made of wheat and then vegetable is we mostly include potatoes everywhere so that is how it has been and exchanging our mindset to follow kita right is very difficult but your videos make it really easy to understand you do affinity it like anyone would understand it I mean a non medical background guy is also able to understand what you talk I mean I can advise my friends now on diabetes that’s how it has been I’m glad you like that yeah I try to explain it to a seven-year-old so I can really break it down not assuming that you know anything just trying to give you the basics but hey this is a great interview and I want to thank you for your great success story and so I’m glad we can do it in your car and it worked out fine it’s totally fine thanks to you doctor all credit goes to you on my transformation you have literally saved my life I mean I had a fatty liver I had so many issues I can’t tell you I can’t explain those on video calls but I had so many complications within going going within me but now when I look at myself the way other compliment me it has been amazing I mean it is very difficult for people like us who do a sedentary job I am a computer engineer so I am always on in front of my computer sitting and doing a brain work there is no manual physical activity that I actually do and the eating habits as well so all credit goes to you on the transformation that I have done thank you thank you and my wife also wants to say you thank you because she is also off great has I mean it is helping her also also moving so I appreciate that I had one request if you can make a video on how to build muscles I mean it most of your videos have been where you we lose fat and it is very effective but if you can give some you know tips on how to build muscles while being in Quito I’ll tell you what I’ll release at tomorrow I already did it I just didn’t really say yes so I was waiting for you to request it now release it tomorrow okay great thanks so much thank you sure have a good one okay fine

This Post Was All About Keto & Intermittent Before-After with Dr. Berg & Amit Nikharge.
Keto & Intermittent Before-After with Dr. Berg & Amit Nikharge

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Dr. Berg interviews Amit Nikharge on his journey with losing weight. He used a combination of both ketosis and intermittent fasting.
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