KETO COOKING: Keto Food List

KETO COOKING: Keto Food List

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hey what’s happening guys I hope you’re having a great day wherever you are I’ve actually been meaning to make this video for a while now and that’s because I get asked from time to time if I have a key to a grocery shopping list or Akito food list for some of the most essential best keto foods and food products that I’m using in most of my recipes and the answer to that has always been no until today’s video so today I’m sharing with you guys ten of my most essential staple keto foods and food products that you should add to your shopping list especially if you’re thinking about making some of my recipes but really these are just great to have as part of your kiddo shopping list period that said let’s jump right into it and talk about some of these kiddo pantry essentials so this should come as no surprise to you guys the first thing on my keto shopping list is blanched almond flour specifically this one by Kirkland’s a lot of you guys know I use this stuff in pretty much all of my recipes mainly because I can buy a ton of it off Amazon I can get like three three pound bags of this stuff and it’s super affordable we don’t have a Costco here otherwise I’d go to Costco and buy something directly from Costco but in Buffalo Costco doesn’t exist also this Kirkland’s blanched almond flour has the lowest net carbs for any flour alternative you’re gonna find even almond flours a lot of different almond flours have more net carbs per serving than this does this has the lowest at two grams of net carbs per 28 grams serving so the price and the net carbs both great but what I also love about it is just that it’s easy to work with it’s easy to make recipes with this stuff whereas if you use other low-carb keto friendly flour alternatives like coconut flour they’re not as easy to work with so coconut flour for instance is super absorbent think about coconut flour is like a sponge it’s just gonna soak up all the liquid in a recipe almond flour is not like that at all think about almond flour is almost like a rubber boot it’s not absorbing all that liquid in a recipe so that’s why you should never try to substitute coconut flour for almond flour in recipes because it is the fastest way how to dry something out and the quickest way to just rumor espy period so if you learn one thing from today’s video I hope is that you never try to substitute coconut flour for almond flour in another recipe ever again that said if you want to substitute almond flour out of a recipe the best way to do it is with flower seed flower sunflower seed flower is totally keto friendly and also you can substitute it on a one-to-one basis with almond flour so just keep that in mind if you have a nut allergy or you just don’t want to eat as many almonds in your diet second on my keto shopping list is coconut flour I get this stuff from my local grocery store which is Wegmans and as far as the keto diet goes this is probably the second most popular flour that there is behind almond flour obviously I’ve got a keto coconut macaroon recipe that I use this in super delicious I’ve got some keto coconut flour pancakes that I use this in also very delicious but I try not to use this in a lot of my keto recipes just because the net carbs are quite a bit higher than they are an almond flour so for every 14 gram serving of this coconut flour it has four net carbs that’s like four times as many net carbs as almond flour has so that’s one reason I don’t like to use it a lot the other reason is just because like we were saying before it’s kind of hard to work with because coconut flour is so absorbent it just it soaks up all the liquid and I find that a lot of times when I use this it dries things out but that said it does come in handy from time to time and I feel like if I didn’t include this in my keto shopping list people would have lost their minds in the comments because coconut flour is obviously such a popular flour to use in the keto diet so the third thing on my keto shopping list is pretty much how I sweetened up all my keto recipes except for ice cream but we’ll talk about that in a second and that is all the different kinds of swerve I get this stuff at my local grocery store which is Wegmans but I think target sells it I think Walmart’s selling it now and it really is a fantastic way to sweeten anything up in a low-carb keto friendly way because this stuff has zero net carbs and zero calories and I want to take a second to clear something up for you guys because this is a very confusing thing for a lot of people and that is the amount of carbs in swerve a lot of people think that swerve has three grams of carbs because it’s listed as three grams of carbs on the back package however this is not true guys every gram of carbs has four calories and if swerve had three grams of carbs per serving the calories would read well calories because every gram of carbs has four calories however swerve again has zero calories per serving so there are zero carbs per serving as well the reason this has to say three grams of carbs is because the FDA is making companies list sugar alcohols as carbs even though those sugar alcohols might not actually have any carbs I know that’s really confusing but blame the FDA because that’s who’s making companies make these packages like this anyways I want to give you guys another pro tip regarding swerve and that is I use confectioner swerve a lot in my recipes just because it dissolves so well a lot of times I get a question and that is I only have granulated swerve at my house can I use this instead of the confectioner’s in the recipe and my response to that is just take the granulated swerve add it to your blender and blend it into a fine powder and you’ve basically made yourself confection or swerve so just keep that in mind if I’m making a recipe with confectioner’s work and all you have is this stuff at home so if swerve was number three on my keto shopping list this is number three be on the keto shopping list and that is a Lilo’s all elos just like swerve has zero net carbs and zero calories per serving but the only thing about this stuff is I’ve only been able to find it online right now the reason I’m including alley lows is because I think this is going to be a very very popular keto friendly low-carb sweetener in the very near future the reason I say that is because a lot of people complain that there’s a cooling taste in their mouth if they use swerve and that is not the case with a Lila’s also a Lilo’s is my new go-to for all of my Kido ice cream recipes and that’s because this stuff keeps your ice cream creamy for days after you make it where if you make keto ice cream with swerve and you freeze it for several hours like overnight it can get really really hard for another reason if you use a Lila’s instead the ice cream stays super creamy number four on my keto shopping list it’s like some kind of black magic and if you’ve seen any of my recipes then this is probably no sub rise to you because you know I love chocolate and you know I love chocolate chips I love adding chocolate chips to anything I possibly can add them to and that’s because these chocolate chips are totally keto from me in fact they have zero net carbs and when you taste these your mind’s blowing like how do these chocolate chips have zero net carbs because they’re so good as far as where I get these from I get these from Wegmans which is where I get most of my groceries from I think they also sell them at Whole Foods but I don’t think that these are at Target or Walmart speaking of Whole Foods these are kind of on the pricey side it’s like the only downside to these chocolate chips is that th
ey are kind of expensive but they are so worth it so number five on my keto shopping list is all about flavor and that is extracts a lot of people are familiar with vanilla extract it’s a very common ingredient in a lot of baking but what people don’t know is that there are a lot of different other extracts that you can use to add flavor to recipes especially keto recipes and not add all the carbs to those recipes so for instance there’s something called banana extract that all you need is a quarter teaspoon or a half a teaspoon of this stuff and you’ll have the flavor of two or three bananas in whatever you’re making so some of you guys might know I’ve made you know banana bread with this keto banana muffins with this I’ve even made quito banana ice cream with this and if you tasted any of those recipes you would have sworn real bananas were in those recipes however it was just banana extract and those recipes had way less carbs and they were totally keto friendly number six on my low-carb keto shopping list is coconut oil I love to use coconut oil in a lot of different recipes mainly because it ends up in a denser chewy result than it would if you used butter so for cookie recipes coconut oil is really nice to use a lot of times people ask me if they can substitute butter for the coconut oil and my answer to that is yeah you can you’re probably not going to get that chewiness that you want out of whatever you’re making especially like I said if you’re making cookies but I’d rather you substitute ghee with coconut oil than butter because ghee has more similar properties to coconut oil then butter does so just keep that in mind if you want to substitute coconut oil out in any of my recipes so number seven on my keto shopping list is xanthan gum I like to use xanthan gum in a lot of different recipes that involved dough so for instance my keto pizza recipe keto bread recipes keto Charles I made using xanthan gum and my keto tortilla recipe also use xanthan gum what I like about xanthan gum is it typically adds a chewiness to a recipe also it gives things a bendability and pliability so for instance those tortillas the xanthan gum was a main factor in giving it that roll ability and pliability that tortillas typically have so xanthan gum can be used in a lot of different ways a lot of different recipes and it has zero net carbs there’s no net carbs in here it’s all fiber so that’s awesome as far as where you can find this stuff just check the baking aisle of pretty much any store Target Walmart Wegmans Whole Foods Publix Kroger anywhere that there’s a baking aisle you probably can find Samphan gum in that aisle and you can also find it online I’ll put a link in the video description too but really if you want to take your bread or dough recipes to the next level gotta use some xanthan gum so like I already told you guys I love chocolate I’m a chocoholic I’ve made a ton of chocolate recipes on the channel as a lot of you guys know and the number 8 thing on my keto grocery list is unsweetened cocoa powder specifically the special dark unsweetened cocoa powder by Hershey’s I love this stuff it’s deeper its richer it just has more chocolate flavor than regular unsweetened cocoa powder and aesthetically it makes things look deeper and richer and more chocolatey err because it’s just a deeper color of cocoa powder so I love that about it but I also love the fact that it has one net carb just like regular unsweetened cocoa powder has that said it’s getting cold outside and what does that mean it means it’s hot cocoa season I love hot cocoa I already did a keto hot cocoa resting on the channel and this stuff is a main ingredient to making yourself some keto hot cocoa that said anywhere where there’s a baking aisle you usually find this stuff just look for the regular unsweetened cocoa powder you’re probably gonna find this stuff next to it so Walmart Wegmans Whole Foods all those places that have this stuff in the Bay couches give a look for it number nine on my Kido grocery shopping list is keto friendly pancake syrup this one by wold Barmes has zero calories and zero carbs and I like to use this in a lot of my recipes not just to put on top of Pancakes of waffles but actually to put inside the recipe itself especially like pumpkin spice stuff add a little sweetness and maple flavor at the same time with a little bit of this pancake syrup it is like an out of the park homerun it’s really really delicious however if you never had this before and you make a lot of keto pancakes and waffles this is like an essential pantry item that you have to have that said not everything that Walden Farms makes is good actually nothing is good except for this pancake syrup this is the only thing good they’ve ever made so don’t waste your money on any of the other stuff the tenth and final item on my keto grocery shopping list is nut butters I’m sure a lot of you guys are not surprised by this because I love peanut butter it is literally one of my favorite things in the entire world but nut butters like this not just peanut butter if you have a peanut allergy nut butters can be a fantastic way to increase your fat intake throughout the day and really help you get those ratios right in terms of what you’re looking for for the keto diet because they’re so fat heavy that being said there’s one thing you want to look for when you’re shopping for nut butters like these and that is that there’s no added sugar to your nut butters for instance this is sunflower seed butter only ingredients in here sunflower seeds and salt this is peanut butter only ingredients in here peanut butter and salt and this is almond butter and literally the only thing in here is almonds there’s no sugar in any of these jars and a lot of companies sneak added sugars into their nut butters so that’s why it’s super important that you’re reading the labels on the back of the package because if you’re doing a low-carb keto diet you obviously want to avoid eating those added sugars so those are 10 of my most essential keto grocery shopping list items pretty much all those are staples to my keto pantry I’m sure I missed a few go twos though so if you’ve got some a sense some staples to your keto pantry let me know let everybody else know what they are in the comments below because I’m sure we all appreciate the ideas that would be down there thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next one

This Post Was All About KETO COOKING: Keto Food List.
KETO COOKING: Keto Food List

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These are my 10 MUST HAVE Keto Foods, essentials and staples to do all of my Keto cooking! Obviously I do A TON of cooking for the keto diet, and this a great shopping list for beginners to stock their pantry with! And that’s because if you have these foods you can make ALMOST ALL of my ketogenic recipes.
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Lily’s 0 NET CARB Chocolate Chips:
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