KETO BREAD | The BEST Easy Low Carb White Bread Recipe For The Keto Diet

KETO BREAD | The BEST Easy Low Carb White Bread Recipe For The Keto Diet

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hey what’s happening guys today I’m sharing with you a keto bread recipe that’s inspired by an entire loaf of classic Italian white bread and what I mean by that is that the crust has got this great pull apart quality to it and it’s also got the perfect amount of chewiness to it and the inside is a light airy fluffy and soft it’s like a pillow if bread could pick up hello but the best part about this bread is that each slice only has two and a half grams of net carbs that said though it’s not a low-calorie bread we’re going to be using a modified Fathead dough to make this keto bread and it is really high in fat so that means if you’re having a hard time eating enough back during the day this keto bread recipe might be the answer to your problems I know a lot of people struggle getting their macros to 75% 80% of their calorie intake being fat this bread recipe can help you get there anyways let’s jump right into this recipe and I’ll show you how to make this keto bread first things first we’re going to preheat our oven to 375 degrees then we’re gonna get out our food scale as well as a medium sized Bowl to that Bowl we are going to start adding the dry ingredients for our keto bread and the main dry ingredient is almond flour so that being said we are going to start adding the almond flour to our bowl and 2 cups or 224 grams of it is what we’ll need for our bread when we’ve added the almond flour the next thing we’re going to add is some unflavored whey protein powder and this stuff is not only what gives this bread its white color but also its soft airiness as well so as you’re seeing here we’re going to add one and a half scoops or about 45 grams of it to our Bowl however if you don’t have this on hand you can substitute it out with 75 grams of almond flour instead anyways the next thing we’re going to add is a heaping tablespoon or 14 grams of baking powder and a tablespoon or 10 grams of xanthan gum now at this point we are going to get out our whisk and whisk if I those dry ingredients until they’re combined once they are combined we’re gonna set that bowl aside and get out and even larger bowl and start adding the Fathead component for our keto bread and as you’re seeing here the first components that is adding three and a quarter cups or 370 grams of full fat mozzarella cheese and then the next component is adding two ounces or 56 grams of full thick cream cheese then we’re gonna soften our cheese up in the microwave so to do that we’re gonna cook it for about 30 to 40 seconds then we’re gonna mix the cream cheese into the mozzarella as best we can with the spatula when that’s taken care of we’re gonna microwave the cheese again mix it again and then we’re just gonna repeat this process until the cheese is combined with one another and most importantly becomes stretchy and stringy when we’re mixing them with our spatula once that happens we’re gonna add the dry ingredients to the cheese and then we are going to add a beaten large egg as well as two tablespoons or 30 grams of full fat sour cream I know what you’re thinking Joe do we have to use the sour cream to make this bread and my answer is yes or at least use a full fat yogurt for your bread because this is very important in terms of giving the bread the right texture that that’s spongy Airy quality that the middle of bread has otherwise if you don’t do that the bread can end up pretty dry and by the way if you’re making just the almond flour version of the spread no protein powder you’re gonna want to add just 3/4 of a tablespoon or 10 grams of full fat sour cream or yogurt to make your bread okay so now we’re gonna use a spatula to work those ingredients together as best we can that said there’s really no way around it at a certain point we’ll need to use our hands to work the ingredients together into a ball of dough and be patient because this can take a little while to happen but as you continue to knead and work the dough with your hands it will absorb more and more of the dry ingredients so when that’s looking good we are going to start prepping our bread pen I’m using an 8 and 1/2 inch by foreign half-inch pen and as you’re seeing here I’m rubbing water around the edges and bottom of the pan because it’s going to help the parchment paper I’m about to add stay in place a bit easier when I add it to the bread pan then at this point as an added precaution I’m going to coat the parchment paper with a little baking spray and then I’m gonna add the keto bread loaf to the pan anyways when that’s taken care of I’ll quickly coat the top of the bread with some baking spray and add some white sesame seeds to the top of it so now it’s time to get our bread in the oven and we’re gonna bake this low-carb keto bread for around 12 minutes uncovered and then we’re gonna cover it with tin foil and bake it for another 70 minutes if we made the protein powder version and 80 minutes if we made the almond flour only version regardless once the bread is finished cooking it’s very very important that you let it cool down completely in the pan itself before cutting this keto bread into slices however when it does cool down you’ll want to get your bread knife out and slice this thing up and check out how awesome this loaf of keto white bread turns out as always for more info on today’s a low-carb keto white bread recipe check out the video description below and I hope you like it

This Post Was All About KETO BREAD | The BEST Easy Low Carb White Bread Recipe For The Keto Diet.
KETO BREAD | The BEST Easy Low Carb White Bread Recipe For The Keto Diet

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This Keto Bread Recipe tastes just like a loaf of Italian white bread, but, it’s low carb! Also, it’s high fat, so it’s perfect for the keto diet. If you’ve been having a hard time hitting your fat ratios while on keto, this bread recipe is a lifesaver!
100+ Keto Recipe Cookbook:
Protein Powder:
Kirkland’s Almond Flour:
Xanthan Gum:
Baking Powder:
Parchment Paper:
Food Scale:
Ingredients For The Bread:
2 Cups 225g Blanched Almond Flour
1 1/2 Scoops (45g) Unflavored Whey Protein Powder
*You can substitute this with 75g of extra almond flour
1 Heaping Tbsp (14g) Baking Powder
1 Tbsp (10g) Xanthan Gum
3 1/4 Cups (370g) Full Fat Mozzarella Cheese
2 oz (56g) Full Fat Cream Cheese
1 Egg (beaten well)
2 Tbsps (30g) Full Fat Sour Cream
*Substitute with full-fat yogurt
**Only use 10g Sour Cream IF USING ONLY ALMOND FLOUR
256 Calories
14g Protein
5g Carbs
(2.5g fiber)
20g Fat

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