Just A Typical Weekend – We Tried To Bankrupt The Sushi Restaurant

Just A Typical Weekend – We Tried To Bankrupt The Sushi Restaurant

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what’s the weather like outside here’s the forecast for today 51 degrees bed it is beautiful outside the day guys one thing you guys don’t know about alyssa is that she’s very particular about her eggs and pretty much every time I make her breakfast I do something wrong you only have a limited window there’s a limited window and you missed the window I think you may end up I’m sorry I’m sorry whatever this guy’s name is this is like the ultimate egg seasoning we call it Tony teachers yeah that’s probably not how you pronounce the name of that stuff but whatever so after breakfast were going to the gym and Alyssa’s breakfast carb choice today is pound cake apple cinnamon love perfect the perfect pre-workout it’s just a cereal yeah cheers good workout for breakfast today guys I’m just sticking with what works because Ellis and I we’re going to the gym after breakfast so this morning I’m having a hundred grams of brown rice with three eggs and then I’m also having a hundred 80 grams of ground turkey a little bit of pizza sauce what are you even doing in there I’m ready to go let’s go oldest and I are at the gym got our pre workout so I went with the rock star pur 0 would you go with what is that Starbucks pumpkin spice yeah bit mistake yeah very good real basic about to get our swole on right babe about to get swole yeah oh well this is Alyssa’s getting buff I am NOT its leg day today I think I’m gonna do a five by five on legs hopefully 3 315 320 it’s kind of my goal but I really know if that’s gonna happen cuz my knee is kind of acting up so you in there do some squats love ah just we’re done with gym what do you want to eat heart rates yeah Alyssa I I got a question one time it was there’s Alyssa dial if you G follow the if it fits your macros not at all fine hi ladies by later guys how are your fries fantastic not surprised you never had right that’s right so first you hit the french fries and now you hit the sour patch kids de ella what a combination where my best friend in the entire world is over at our apartment we’re all going out to dinner it was kind of like a last minute thing we decided we’re going to Canada we’re going to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet that none of us have been there before apparently you order from an ipad and all of your sushi is made to order it’s really excited about this because that I’ve only in one meal today so there’s a lot of sushi that’s about to be demolished in Canada especially between me and this guy that’s uh that’s Eric my best friend in the whole world so you just got to the restaurant it’ll look super packed there’s like looks from the outside to be like a nap our way it turns out there’s a 45-minute wait apparently this place is super popular we crossed the border the border patrol agent they always ask you like where you’re going and I told him we were going to wind all you can eat sushi buffet but I asked him have you ever heard of this place and he was like oh yeah you got like super excited about it so he apparently can make reservations here if it really is that good and we like it we’re definitely making reservations the next time we come here waiting in line 40 minutes open since we I’m just glad my wife what’s good our our our I’m getting one of these this black dragon roll that’s what you got chu Eric yeah he had the black dragon roll I’m getting one of those that was really good starting dinner off a little bit of seaweed salad just like the smallest seaweed salad I’ve ever seen in my entire life we should have probably ordered like six of these well that’s all you can eat sashimi is here what was the name of his role because I’m obsessed is really good you guys gotta try this super super good he fell oh we’re just making away from one of our sushi and I think everybody speaking for everybody works s with this place easily worth the wait Eric’s coming here every week by myself I have to not even gonna come with us he’s gonna come alone back in America and everybody ate so much sushi they want to go to bed air bear is all your blood in your belly you just want to go sleepy I want just go sleepy you smell nice I do so I’m just about to go to bed guys but I’m figuring out what i have left macro eyes I I put in to my fitness pal what I kind of thought I had at the restaurant like you can see salmon sashimi and I think I had like half of an avocado so I come about as 60 grams but a quick tip for you guys is to use the carb protein and fat items that my fitness pal has to guesstimate makes easier it makes it easier to guesstimate your macros and that’s kind of what I did tonight so right now I’m mad no this was it’s already past midnight so what’s the next day right now I’m at a hundred eighty one protein 221 carb and 54 fat by the way guys it’s an overestimation of my macros because I always overestimate my macros whenever I go out to eat I just like to be on the safe side of things I’m still not going to hit my car goal today I’m still going to be very much under that because just I that sooo she’s got me feeling super full right now alright so my final meal tonight is 90 grams of extra lean ground turkey with a little bit hot sauce and then 280 grams of frozen strawberries and 140 grams of frozen blueberries I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog if you did hit the thumbs up button because it just helps a child grow and i’ll catch you in the next one

This Post Was All About Just A Typical Weekend – We Tried To Bankrupt The Sushi Restaurant.
Just A Typical Weekend - We Tried To Bankrupt The Sushi Restaurant

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