Juicing vs Blending: What’s Better?

Juicing vs Blending: What’s Better?

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about the advantages of juicing versus blending when do use juicing versus blending okay okay juicing is really good in chronic health states like you have this chronic sickness recovering from chemo or you have this disease you’re trying to recovery from that’s very very good because you can concentrate a lot of vegetables in a very small amount and drink it it’s easy to go down the problem is that it’s hard to do green juices without fruit and when you add the fruit like apples and pears and all these other things you’re going to spike the sugar even if you do carrot juice that’s a lot of sugar and then we spiked the insulin so that’s a problem but I do recommend it in situations where you’re you have a chronic health problem okay what’s much better for the majority of the population is blending because you use the whole vegetable okay and so you can take vegetables and blend them with maybe a little bit of berry and you get all the fiber that buffers the insulin response okay because fiber slows down the spike of insulin fiber feeds your microbes you have all this flora you have like a hundred trillion microbes in your gut no actually I think it’s a thousand trillion microbes you have a hundred trillion cells in a thousand trillion microbes growing inside and outside and in the gut they live on fiber so rather than give them brand fiber or give them a vegetable fiber so that’s going to actually really help feed them so it’s better for the general population so what I like to do is I like to take kale okay my favorite and this has a lot of vitamin A as phytonutrients that’s good for the liver it’s it has I like the dark green this is organic get it from Trader Joe’s I freeze this so lasts forever okay keep in the freezer it’s already clean-cut convenient all right then I like and I freeze little sections of parsley parsley is very bitter I mean it’s interesting that both of these our garnish is that no one eats on the plate right we want to take this parsley combined it with the the beat to make a very powerful bitter shake with lots of vitamin A and modified our nutrients good for the eyes good for the liver good for burning fat good for fat on the liver and I’m not trying to lose weight I’m going to recommend myself I use the berries organic berries you can put like a cup of this now it it may in some people slow them the weight loss down if they have a really really slow metabolism but for the most population the majority population you can do a little bit of berry okay like a cup just offset the bitterness so I do that and I also put lemon juice I like the Italian volcano why because this is grown on the volcanic ash and soils in Italy and it’s this lemon juice is amazing I put like two ounces of lemon juice in that shake okay why because lemon juice will prevent kidney stones and you don’t have to put in the shake I like the taste of it and it gives it a nice little lemony citrus and also it prevents any stones okay I will also add my wheatgrass juice powder one teaspoon because that’s like an extra boost of actually a juice powder with some interesting properties yes it has vitamins and minerals in chlorophyll but one thing about wheatgrass juice is that it has a unique factor that’s has to do with a growth factor it doesn’t make you grow but it’s it’s mainly for your skin it’s a good healer and right now there’s some studies I’ll put some links down below that they use this on burn patients because it burns the skin it heals the skin so it has a healing factor for the epidermis the skin also internally the skin like you have irritable bowel syndrome ulcers in your stomach it’s really good for that even in some cases of leprosy with ulcers on the skin or diabetic ulcers on the feet this is a good healer an overall healer for collagen making you healthy so this is one of the reasons I stick that in there a teaspoon blend it all up and it makes two of these ok these jars so I’ll drink one of these in one sitting I use a straw big straw drink it down I’ll take the other one put in the fridge and I’ll drink that maybe later in the evening ok I’ll do this so I do the kale shakes not every single day I might do them twice or three times a week the other days I’ll use just salad or vegetable ok so that’s how I get my greens if I’m doing the shake I don’t do a salad but the shake is convenient I drank it I feel great my liver feels good if I miss that I don’t feel is bright it’s also very hydrating and it seems to increase the oxygen levels of my body I can just breathe better when I drink that I think the parsley in there is like a real key element so go ahead and do that and put your comments below hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you the next one hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Juicing vs Blending: What’s Better?.
Juicing vs Blending: What's Better?

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Dr. Berg talks about the advantages of juicing versus blending.
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