Is Your Doctor Looking Beyond Symptoms?

Is Your Doctor Looking Beyond Symptoms?

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hey guys dr. Burke here I have another question for you does your doctor look beyond symptoms I mean every day I hear this frustration with patients is go to my doctor they’re not looking deeper they just give me a pill they’re not telling me why they’re not getting to the root cause well I told let you know it’s really not the medical doctors fault the whole system is dysfunctional and medicine or health care has become the management of symptoms okay and you know what I know it’s just how it is you get this over specialized doctors into every little thing ear nose and throat orthopedic doctors a doctor for every part of the body retin ologist doctors for the prostate it’s become really specialized so there’s no doctor that looks like everything really so here’s the problem they don’t get training in nutrition alternative care or even nutritious considered non-scientific so here you are trying to do alternative stuff or natural things you’re not going to get it okay i’m going to show you something and i’m not against the medical profession I mean listen I I completely demolished my left elbow okay I destroyed it I had to go in for surgery the doctor was a genius he put that thing together I mean like I didn’t think there’s going to be any hope broke the left shoulder the same thing I mean when you have technical perfection at that level of surgery it’s incredible when you need it emergency care infections what I’m talking about is chronic problems I’m talking about the person that goes for a psychiatric problem and have just given pills right they’re not looking at the cause you have clinical depression you have anxiety of all the stuff and is putting on pills that’s what I’m talking about talking about the person is chronic fatigue and they’re put in medication chronic pain then they’re put on medication that’s what I’m talking about well let’s show you something this is called mercs manual okay 14th edition and I wanted to show you the real problem and this basically has to do with like plotting in the arteries arterial sclerosis where the arteries become hardened this is what it says as fatty streaks probably perceive plaque formation the mechanism development remains unclear and it goes on to show the risk factors and the signs and how to diagnose it but there’s nothing in here that relates to high insulin there’s nothing in here that relates to a vitamin C deficiency and how that affects capillary fragility or micro hemorrhaging of the arteries that then the cholesterol comes in as a band-aid there’s nothing in there that even covers the real cost here’s one hypertension it’s high blood pressure there’s no evidence of excessive sodium emotional stress or obesity causes hypertension well okay well that’s cool that’s a good thing and let me see right here there is no cure for hypertension but appropriate therapy can modify its course dedication extra rest prolonged vacations telling yourself not to worry half-hearted attempts at weight reduction in dietary sodium restriction are poor substitutes for effective antihypertensive drug therapy so again it’s all about trading with drugs there’s no real causation they don’t look into Patek never even mentioned potassium deficiencies they don’t mention vitamin k2 or d3 here’s what I mean this is pretty much filled with unknown cause unknown cause here’s one vitamin e deficiencies okay so they’re going to eat and I just want to mention one thing there the vitamin e of the recommending that you take if you’re deficient is a it’s called a dl alpha tocopherol that is a synthetic version synthetic vitamin e in large doses dosages over a period of time that it creates all sorts of problems so they’re recommending synthetics and pretty much for all the vitamins right here again they don’t really understand nutrition here’s one this is obesity the cause of obesity is simple consuming more calories that are expended as energy long glad it’s simple again it’s not about calories this is here the prognosis obesity is poor this is the simplest way to reduce calorie intake is a low calorie diet wow that’s that’s really powerful talk about surgery here ja wiring again nothing about insulin okay nothing about insulin or how hormones affect the calories and you’re wondering why you’re frustrated with your doctor well this is what they’re getting here’s another one high cholesterol the most effective dietary means of lowering serum that’s blood LDL that’s bad cholesterol levels is to restrict avoidance of foods containing cholesterol and saturated fats avoid meats eggs whole milk butter lard and cooking fats and substitute when necessary poly unsaturated oils and margarine yeah okay so right there they’re not talking about insulin again they’re just say avoid it we know your body makes 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day 3,000 your body makes that then why you want why are you going to avoid just a little bit of it the equivalency that your body makes is equivalent to three hundred strips of bacon 14 eggs or a pound of butter yeah so your body makes it so wide so that okay hypoglycemia this is low blood sugar okay diabetics that are also hypoglycemic should carry candy with them gosh I just can’t believe this this is crazy so basically they’re telling you eat candy if you’re diabetic multiple sclerosis this is an autoimmune this is the cause is unknown Parkinson’s parkinson’s disease itself is idiopathic that means I’m known cause Bell’s palsy that’s a problem with a virus that kind of paralyzes one side of your face and it’s down like that this is a cause is unknown peripheral neuropathy that’s when you have severe numbness and tingling any burning pain at the bottom of feet or on your hands usually from being a diabetic right nothing in here nothing talks about the real cause which is a B vitamin deficiency that is caused by the insulin problem that’s starving off the nerves the pleading to be one if you were to take fat soluble b 1 and b 12 okay you could get rid of this but it’s not even talked about you’re wondering why are they not looking at the root cause because they’re not trained okay so this is why right here faulty information then they’re saying it’s not scientific so what I did is I created a really cool tool that can be used is called the symptom checker which basically evaluates cause and effect relationships okay so and you can get this if you’re am a membership site or you’re in a health coach training program and it’s a really cool tool right now is 104 different symptoms i’m going to create a lot more in there but it’s like a referencing if you want to find out what’s behind something or we’ll find out about something else but i just create a little demo to show you what’s inside so check this out okay so this is really cool so it’s called the symptom checker and we have over a hundred and four symptoms and i keep adding more and more and more and basically this is a tool to allow you to find that the root causes of a symptom okay so then you can click on let’s say tingling burning numbness and it basically tells you what the cause is b 1 and b 12 deficiency because insulin usually diabetics have this problem insulin to place to be vitamins and then it tells you what to eat tells you what nutrition to take so you can do that with every single one let’s take another one let’s take clogged arteries of calcified arteries so i go into what causes the clogged artery it’s a k2 deficiency what to do to fix that you have k 2 d 3 because calcium and cholesterol buildup and and then i get into what’s behind that and that’s a vitamin C deficiency vitamin c deficiencies create cap
illary fragility that’s micro hemorrhaging that’s a little small bleeding of the capillaries and then the body comes in with calcium and cholesterol to fix it as a band-aid that’s what causes it and so here we have the diet suggestions what to eat what to take and this is really quick you can find the cause and effect relationship PMS rigid nails so it’s a great tool to be able to get a deeper understanding of what the heck is going on with your body okay so the question is where can I get this program well we give it out as a bonus for the membership site okay so if you just sign up for the membership site you get this as a bonus also we give it to all the health coaches that are in training so I have a health coach training program everyone in that program gets this as well as a tool and that way you can use it to figure out what’s behind things so if you’re interested click link below and we will see you on the inside

This Post Was All About Is Your Doctor Looking Beyond Symptoms?.
Is Your Doctor Looking Beyond Symptoms?

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