Is Stevia Better Than Truvia | Which is Healthier? – Thomas DeLauer

Is Stevia Better Than Truvia | Which is Healthier? – Thomas DeLauer

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all right so sugar is bad for us honey is bad for us because of the fructose artificial sweeteners are bad for us like aspartame because they cause all kinds of ailments so what the heck are we supposed to add to our coffee or what the heck are we supposed to add to food to make it a little bit sweeter when we don’t want to add the extra calories in this video I want to explain the difference between two of the most popular healthier alternatives to artificial sweeteners which are stevia and Truvia and they get kind of intertwined and people get them confused so I wanted to do this video to explain the difference but also which one you might want to lean towards let’s first start with stevia a little bit so stevia is a plant extract it’s not an artificial sweetener you see in Brazil in some of these other South American countries stevia has been used for hundreds of years it hasn’t just been used as an artificial sweetener but it’s been used to treat colic and digestive issues as well it’s been around for a long time it’s nothing really new it’s about 200 times sweeter than sugar and it also has a lot of other medicinal properties that sugar certainly doesn’t have but the thing is is we’re not getting true stevia extract here in the United States you see true stevia extract from the plant itself hasn’t gone through the stringent FDA approval process yet it’s still in the making so what we get is we get something called rebaudioside now Revati aside is basically a portion of stevia that is still sweet but it’s not the actual plant extract it’s a small portion of the plant that still gives us that sweet light feeling now rubato side is still fine and dandy it’s still a good ingredient it’s still natural it’s still derived from the plant I just don’t want you to think that you’re actually getting the true plant extract but what’s kind of cool is this recent study in a 2010 study by the Journal of appetite it was found that test subjects that consumed stevia were much less likely to overeat and had lower blood sugar levels than those that consumed other artificial sweeteners or of course traditional sugar pretty interesting facts when you look at it like that so now let’s talk about Truvia there’s a lot of confusion with trivia because trivia is not just a brand of stevia a lot of times people think that trivia is its own thing and what trivia is is a trademark name for a blend of erythritol which is a sugar alcohol stevia extract and then natural flavorings so what that means is it’s a blend of ingredients it’s not just one extract like pure stevia is in fact the primary component the primary sweetener within trivia is a Ripper at all which is that sugar alcohol not the stevia itself now sugar alcohols are all fine and dandy they’re really not that bad for you but the issue is it’s hard for the body to break them down you see that’s exactly what it is a sugar alcohol the body doesn’t register it as a sugar but it still registers that sweetness what this means is it’s hard for the body to break down so if you’re someone that likes your coffee really sweet you’re going to add a lot of packets of stevia or trivia to it you want to be aware of that because a lot of Truvia can actually cause them to stress in the digestive system you might feel a bit bloated but worst case it’ll make it so it’s harder to absorb your nutrients and we don’t want that so at the end of the day which one should you pick well here’s what I tell you if you like your food extra sweet or you like your coffee extra sweet err on the side of caution and go with stevia it’s a pretty safe bet you’re not going to have the digestive issues with it and you’re going to feel pretty darn good and not really have the negative benefits or at least none that we know of yet now with the Truvia it does have a little bit of a richer fuller body taste but it’s good for those of you that just like a little bit of a mild sweetener don’t want to get your coffee super super sweet so there you have it there’s your solution stevia versus Truvia you pick the one that’s best for you and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Is Stevia Better Than Truvia | Which is Healthier? – Thomas DeLauer.
Is Stevia Better Than Truvia | Which is Healthier? - Thomas DeLauer

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Stevia vs. Truvia: Which is Better? – Thomas DeLauer
I answer the question that so many wonder about! Which ‘natural’ sweetener should you use?!
Too much sugar is definitely a bad thing. Leading to diabetes, obesity and many other health problems it is important to eliminate as much refined sugar from our diets as possible. On the flip side of the coin, chemically made no-calorie sweeteners have been linked to conditions such as obesity and cancer, along with other health issues.
As happens when there is a need, a plant that is many times sweeter than sugar has emerged: stevia.
When shopping, you will see stevia alongside Truvia, and you may find yourself asking, what is the difference?
Stevia: (1)
-Stevia is a plant-derived sweetener that has been used in Paraguay and Brazil for hundreds of years as a sweetener. It has even been used to treat colic, stomach problems and burns in these regions.
-What is sold as stevia here is actually a chemical compound from the plant, not the plant itself. Crude stevia extracts and stevia leaves have not been approved by the FDA due to some health concerns, however a chemical called Rebaudioside A found in stevia has been approved.
-Stevia has no calories and is 200 times sweeter than sugar at equal concentrations.
-A 2010 study published in the journal Appetite tested multiple artificial sweeteners and stevia against sugar in 31 individuals. It found that those who consumed stevia instead of sugar did not overeat after their meal (which has been found to occur with some artificial sweeteners), and that their blood sugar levels were lower after a meal with stevia than a meal with sugar.
Truvia (2):
Truvia is not just a brand name for stevia. This is a trademarked brand name that sells a product that is made up of erythritol, stevia leaf extract and natural flavors, in that order.
-Erythritol is a sugar alcohol.
-Sugar alcohols are found in very small amounts naturally in some fruits, and their benefit is that they are not absorbed when consumed, so there is no increase in blood sugar or release of insulin.
-Sugar alcohols have been used as a sugar replacement is many foods, including gum and other sugar-free products. Sugar alcohols have been found to cause dietary upset, such as loose stools and cramping. For erythritol, the quantities it took were much larger than what you would expect to find in a serving of Truvia, however different people respond differently.
-Erythritol is added as a bulking agent as it takes a very small amount of stevia to sweeten things, such as a cup of coffee.
*As Truvia has additional ingredients that may cause dietary upset for some people, pure stevia may be the way to go. There are less additives and more of the real thing.
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