Is Red Meat Really That Bad For You?

Is Red Meat Really That Bad For You?

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to discuss the truth about red meat now before we start I do know that this is very controversial subject and a lot of people are very passionate about you know animals being killed in that but I want to talk about just about the health benefits about actual red meat and really kind of dig deep in what the studies say there’s first of all you have to realize that there are multiple studies that disagree with red meat being the source of cancer okay however the study called the nurse health study and I’ll put the link down below if you actually read it states that increases your risk by 13% of dying of all illnesses or diseases okay so it does increase your risk so and they said you need to switch to chicken whole grains okay but let’s take a look at what kind of study they actually did to confirm that first of all it wasn’t an experimental said it was an observational study based on a questionnaire that was given out every two years from 1980 to 2006 now I will guarantee there’s when you do a questionnaire for a study it’s not a controlled study there are so many variables you can’t isolate these variables like other things that people aid if they’re smoker or whatnot so at least the things up to a lot of biases and it’s very very weak but here’s the interesting thing they always use the word risk okay what is risk me why don’t they just say rate of getting cancer or dying well because risk has a different term legally it actually is more open it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a 13% rate of getting of dying so it’s kind of a big variable now now the other thing is they did not identify if it was grass-fed beef was it processed beef was it organic whether that McDonald’s they didn’t measure that data okay so the question is what are the real statistics from Studies on processed meat okay process red-meat you know it’s classified as a class 1 carcinogen at the same level of smoking right so of course people are freaking out about it but take a look at like bowel cancer they found that three more instance of bowel cancer occur per a hundred thousand people okay hundred thousand cases that’s one in thirty three thousand cases so they have three more incidences I’ll camp sure well cancer I mean smoking increases your chance by 20 X 20 times more so that’s like you can’t compare this to it’s not really a class 1 carcinogen it’s now what I want to talk about is I do not believe that there’s any risk or any studies that show that consuming grass-fed quality beef will increase your risk of dying at all or any diseases ok now the benefit of red meat and by the way I consume a lot of red meat I don’t do a lot for sitting I’ll do a small amount maybe 3 or 4 ounces but I do my body feels great on really good red meat the kind of red meat that I buy I don’t buy the 90% lean I buy the 85% because that lean stuff I just started to digest and when it has fat in it so that’s just a side note but red meat has more observable vitamin D than milk okay it has more b12 b1 b2 b3 b6 b5 it has tons of observable iron it has healthy collagen it has a good amount of potassium believe it or not it has zinc magnesium copper phosphates and it’s loaded with omega-3 in fact it has five times more omega-3 grass-fed beef has five times more mega tree than grain fed beef and the problem with grain fed is not only sometimes you involve hormones but you involve the genetically modified GMO soy and corn in the feed that’s another big problem they would I would love for them to do a study on that so when you do research I think the problem with doing research is that you’re going to actually try to first have a theory and then you’re going to come find research to back it up and that’s how people approach it they have this thing this fixed idea in mind and now I’m going to find research to back up my theory and and so I can prove my theory rather than do an evaluation on the data and see where it ends up it’s a better viewpoint okay so that’s my two cents on me and thanks for watching put your comments below hey guys thank you so much for watching please click the subscribe button and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Is Red Meat Really That Bad For You?.
Is Red Meat Really That Bad For You?

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Dr. Berg talks about red meats and what the actual study that most people use to prove that red meat is bad, really says. The Nurse Health Study was an observational study based on a questionnaire. This is not the best way to do a true study. The real danger is consuming red meat has to more with the added nitrates, the GMO corn and soy commercial meats contain. Grass fed beef has more omega 3 fatty acids and all studies on meats were focused on commercial animals, not grass fed animals.
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