Is Melatonin a Good Sleep Remedy?

Is Melatonin a Good Sleep Remedy?

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hi guys I want to talk about melatonin and the pineal gland okay a lot of people are taking melatonin for sleep and what’s interesting is that yes it does help sleep but there is some drawbacks number one the pineal gland inside the brain is an interesting gland because it contains optical tissue like eye tissue so it has receptors for light there’s a whole pathway where light enters the eye and it goes through a series of reactions that then end up in the pineal gland right here so for physicians watching output down below the technical part of this so you can kind of study this if you’re interested for everyone else you don’t need to know that all you need to know is that the light turns off melatonin darkness stimulates melatonin it’s an on/off switch okay and it’s in a feedback loop right here the problem is that we’re so exposed to fluorescent lighting we don’t go outside anymore so it really throws off the circadian rhythms the the rhythms of sleep because we don’t get the appropriate melatonin that’s one problem right there so the pineal is very sensitive to optical tissue so the pineal has optical tissue and it does receive light now here’s the problem when you take melatonin as a supplement you’re taking a hormone and it may work initially but what’s going to happen it’s like a thermostat you’re going to give the pineal the hormones so now it doesn’t have to produce anymore so anytime you take a hormone the gland that makes it stops making it because it doesn’t need to anymore so you’re basically making the pineal gland go to sleep that’s the problem with long-term melatonin I don’t recommend taking melatonin because it’s a hormone and lot of people don’t know what they’re taking away too much so you don’t want to depend on that now the other problem with the pineal is that it could become calcified especially as we age and it has a lot of receptors for calcium and fluoride so when they do testing they find that this thing is like filled with fluoride and calcium in calcium and fluoride actually makes more soft tissue calcium it makes spurring calcium deposits in the body if you have too much fluoride and a calcified pineal gland so a couple things that you need to do for the pineal number one you want to make sure that you go for regular walks okay on a routine basis you want to get out there I know maybe some people go to the gym and work out but it’s really important to go outside in the light and spend some time every day that’s going to be important and number two when you go to bed at night you know turn it to watch TV until you fall asleep because the light you want it completely dark to start winding down and stimulating melatonin naturally that’s one thing number two we want to avoid fluoride okay in the water in the tap water we want to avoid fluoride in the toothpaste okay so you want to avoid that and get a toothpaste without fluoride because it can absorb and go into the pineal and create problems for you the other thing is you want to take vitamin k2 why because vitamin k2 handles soft tissue calcium so it actually improves the calcification of the pineal make sure you take it with d3 together I’ll put some links down below so that’s my two cents on melatonin so check it out and give me your comments below hey you probably already subscribed but if you haven’t press this little button down below and I will keep you updated

This Post Was All About Is Melatonin a Good Sleep Remedy?.
Is Melatonin a Good Sleep Remedy?

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Dr. Berg talks about melatonin for sleep. The problem when you take it then ends up causing a weakness in the pineal gland itself. It can accumulate for floride causing calcification.
1. Go for regular walks in the light
2. Go to bed at night with the room complete dark
3. Avoid floride
4. Take vitamin K2 and D3 together
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