Is it Safe to Eat an Avocado Pit?

Is it Safe to Eat an Avocado Pit?

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all right so I had another question can I consume an avocado pit okay without any problem well it’s not a quick answer I just have to explain a couple things the benefit of consuming the pit and I’m talking about taking the seed out of that avocado drying it out in either a dehydrator or your oven 250 degrees for two hours it’s a lot of work chopping it up and then blending it into some shake when you do that you get a lot of extra phytonutrients in fact the phytonutrients in that seed compared to the meat of an avocado is like off-the-charts okay so that’s why people do it now that sounds pretty good but there’s a certain chemical natural chemical in the seed it’s also in the meat as well but it’s mostly concentrated in the seed it’s in the bark it’s in the leaves which you don’t consume but mainly if you’re going to consume the seed you have to be aware that it has this natural fungicide it’s called person now it is toxic to animals but it’s not as toxic to humans okay maybe in large quantities and certain people could be sensitive to it they could have allergies to it but genuinely it’s non-toxic to humans there’s a study that showed that even had anti-cancer properties to the breast tissue but there’s another study taken out of context to show that this chemical can create DNA damage but it’s in vitro which means they take this avocado extract and they put it into a petri dish and they expose it to your cells and they show that it causes damage but here’s the thing you’re not gonna crush this up and inject it into your bloodstream okay you’re gonna eat this it’s going to go through your digestive system into your stomach into the intestines it’s gonna go through immigration get the stamp of approval through your own body’s immune system it’s gonna go through the liver and the liver has all sorts of an enzymes to make this safe now if you have liver damage it could be more toxic but the point is that this study is really invalid because no one in consumes these foods directly into the bloodstream it goes through your digestive system so in reality you’d have to consume a lot of this avocado seeds to create a toxic effect on your body alright so the question is can you consume an avocado pit absolutely are there health benefits yes lots of phytonutrients is it convenient no because you’re gonna have to take this pit out dehydrate it chop it up blend it consume it so personally I don’t have time to do it I’m gonna get my phytonutrients from other things like cruciferous vegetables alright guys thanks for watching so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications daily notifications that sounds weird well I’ll just remind you on a daily basis how about that

This Post Was All About Is it Safe to Eat an Avocado Pit?.
Is it Safe to Eat an Avocado Pit?

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In this video, Dr. Berg answers a question about consuming avocado pit. You’ll get a lot of extra phytonutrients when you consume avocado pit – the phytonutrient of that seed is much higher compared to the inner part of the avocado. But there is a certain natural chemical (fungiside) in the seed called Persin, which is very toxic to animals but not as toxic to human. There is a study that showed it even have anticancer properties to the breast tissue.
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