Is Cod Liver Oil Rancid or Healthy?

Is Cod Liver Oil Rancid or Healthy?

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hey guys dr. Burke here in this short video we’re going to talk about cod liver oil so I’m sure your grandmother always recommended it it was a really good ancient remedy for so many things but let’s talk about why number one it has a perfect balance of vitamin A and vitamin D these are two very special vitamins that support the immune system and they’re different in that they’re fat soluble which means they can penetrate the cell membrane which is all fat fats go right into the center of the cell and manipulate the DNA so they’re they almost act as a pre hormone and they’re very powerful so caller boyle is a great source because most the fats either vitamins are kind of like stored in the liver so if you were to consume food that had fat soluble vitamins you would consume either grass-fed liver cod liver oil grass-fed butter while caught fish salmon has it egg yolks all the fats and those will provide these vitamins okay now in the winter months you don’t get as much Sun so that’s why that’s when you would take this and this is really good to support your immune system so you don’t I mean if you notice people during the fall they get the flu right well if they took olive oil they probably wouldn’t get the flu and just on a side note and flu almost every single person I know who gets the flu shot ends up getting the flu so I don’t get those flu shots anymore I think it creates more problems but they’re injecting you with a certain virus okay so you could take it if you have a weak immune system take during the winter months and then you can also take it to give you some really good powerful calcium metabolizing vitamins because what happens calcium and other minerals mobilized with fat soluble vitamins now I had two separate patients come into my office and they want an extremely low fat diet where they got rid of all the fat in their diet one person lost her teeth one person lost her hair and that is because you need these vitamins to help mobilize protein and minerals to keep your teeth intact so it’s a really good thing the problem is when you do these vitamins in plant source you’re not going to get the quality or the amount because all the plant sources of vitamin A for example are actually a pre vitamin A they have to be converted and it only converts like four percent so you really need the animal source of this and now the problem with traditional cod liver oil it’s highly processed it’s like heated over 400 degrees for six hours so they kill everything in it because those those essential fatty acids are very delicate so they’re going to get destroyed with that heat so you want a high quality Collard boil you want to spend a little bit more on that so I put a link down below of an extra virgin cod liver oil okay that is an unprocessed raw cod liver oil and that’s the one that you need to get and it’s worth the extra money because the way it’s processed it’s like very very unprocessed the other thing that people want to know about when they ask me is like what about the blue ice it’s a fermented cod liver oil well it might be a good thing and I’m not against it the only thing is that I have a disagreement is that you can’t ferment an oil fermentation occurs with carbohydrates not fat so I have a problem with that little point but it might be a good thing I don’t really know I haven’t really tested it okay so now if you want to support your immune system I would recommend to the winter months going with this and take a teaspoon a day all right thanks for watching

This Post Was All About Is Cod Liver Oil Rancid or Healthy?.
Is Cod Liver Oil Rancid or Healthy?

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Here are some good sources of Virgin Cod Liver Oil (unprocessed):
Dr. Berg talks about cod liver oil and the benefits of vitamin A and D. This is great for your immune system. Make sure you consume extra virgin cod liver oil because it’s basically raw.
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