Iodine, the Ultimate Healing Trace Minerals for Cysts, Thyroid, PCOD and more

Iodine, the Ultimate Healing Trace Minerals for Cysts, Thyroid, PCOD and more

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More specifically, you want help with Iodine, the Ultimate Healing Trace Minerals for Cysts, Thyroid, PCOD and more?

in this video we’re going to talk about iodine I’m going to really increase your awareness on this vitally important trace mineral now trace minerals are those minerals needed in very small amounts but the problem is there’s no RTA’s or requirements yet for trace minerals only for the bigger minerals like calcium and vitamins and things like that but trace trace minerals are those minerals needed in very very tiny amounts usually micrograms not milligrams okay but iodine is definitely needed because the function of iodine supports the brain function in a growing infant without enough iodine that child could be mentally retarded all cells need iodine so not just the thyroid the reproductive organs need iodine including the breast the uterus the ovaries the prostate the testicles we’ll get more into that in the next section but the point is that if a female has very large breasts they need more iodine to support those breasts okay iodine is also used to help detoxify heavy metals so if you have if you’re consuming a lot of shellfish and you’re getting mercury and things if you have enough iodine on your system that will protect the detail will help you detoxify it iodine is needed to reduce the need for insulin so it’s involved in diabetes or slowing down diabetes it’s involved in stabilizing blood sugars and you know I’m just kind of showing you some other things that people can do if they’re diabetic and they consume some iodine it could take a big stress off the whole mechanism with blood sugars and of course the one of the most important things for iodine is the control of metabolism through the thyroid so if there’s not enough iodine your metabolism could be shut down by at least fifty percent or more and then you gain weight okay so if you’ve ever talked about the thyroid in relationship to like thyroxine or t4 or t3 and what that means is that the number associated with that T like thyroid t3 or four that’s the num of iodine molecules that are attached to that thyroid hormone okay so that’s what that means and so when the thyroid sends out a hormone and it sends out t4 that’s the one that it starts with but it’s inactive and even when people take medication like synthroid for example that’s t4 and what happens is that that is made active or activated by the liver and the kidney so in other words eight eighty percent of t4 is converted through the liver through the gallbladder through the bile ducts and 20% of the t4 is converted through the kidneys so one cause of thyroid problems or iodine problems would be the lack of the conversion because the gall bladders not there or there’s a problem the gall bladder the livers damaged or there’s kidney damage or many other reasons too one side note is that you need the other trace mineral inium to convert t4 to t3 and that’s why it’s always important when you’re taking an iodine to take it in a concentrate of a blend of all the trace minerals not just one you have to really look at a holistic approach with that so so we have that now let’s talk about just the causes of iodine deficiencies there’s direct causes and indirect causes and the reason I’m showing this is because I want to expand your awareness on all the possibilities so we don’t have tunnel vision and you don’t go to the doctor and he says oh yeah we checked your thyroid it’s normal but they’re not looking at their liver the kidney the iodine in your diet all these factors all right so first first thing is it could be just low iodine it could come from the diet why because the soils really don’t have any more iodine in it especially unless you live about a hundred miles from the ocean there’s really no more iodine in the soils so you’re the farmers don’t necessarily replace that they replace it with maybe nitrogen phosphorus and potassium but not all the trace minerals so you’re consuming food without iodine that could be why you’re not getting the iodine the normal requirement that our body needs is a hundred and fifty micrograms so it’s a very small amount and that is set up I think by some standards that were a bit too low because in the in Japan they’re they consume a hundred times more iodine than Americans and they have a lot less thyroid problems breast cancer cyst on the breast and ovarian problems unless prostate problems then Americans so I think there’s definitely a connection with that but it could be also the person is maybe eating a bit too much cruciferous but honestly you would have to consume a lot of cruciferous to create an iodine deficiency so not just a couch like a day but if you are consuming a lot of cruciferous I highly recommend that you add a source of iodine to your diet I’ll get into that in a little bit because that cruciferous does have a tendency to deplete or block some small amounts of iodine okay so we have that and then we have low salt diet so if someone’s on a low salt diet and they’re not having any salt likes even sea salt then where they get near iodine they’re not even doing iodized salt so that could be one possible reason we just want to look at every possible reason stress stress can also deplete iodine in the minerals and then a thing called endocrine disrupters that would be something like an exposure to pesticides insecticides herbicides fungicides right from the food or from the environment that can also mess with your thyroid and block the absorption of iodine because these endocrine disruptors these chemicals do compete for the receptors for iodine so let’s say we have the receptor right here and iodine is supposed to go in there like that well what happens is the endocrine disrupters will block it so they won’t let that iodine connect in there and that could be some of the heavy metals like mercury and it could be other elements like fluoride chloride and even the sink called bromide alright bromide is a very interesting element because in the 70s we used to have iodine in all the flour products the bakery products okay but then they switched it with bromide I don’t know why they did that so in the past people were getting iodide and then in the 70s we had a bromine without the iodine and guess what that alone can decrease your absorption of iodine by having too much bromine in your breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes of course you’re not doing that if you’re watching my blog anyway so you don’t you have nothing to worry about okay so we have those things that can interfere just directly low iodine from that now there’s other other reasons why you could also have a low iodine number one high levels of estrogen can block your iodine all right it can also increase the need for more iodine interesting so that could explain why when you get pregnant the spike of estrogen you end up with a thyroid problem yeah because of the spike of estrogen severely blocks the iodine absorption into the Vaught thyroid so what are all the sources of increased estrogen number one getting pregnant to hormonal placement therapy three birth control pills eating foods without that are not hormone free could do it there’s certain milks and meats that have hormones and then having too much soy soy is estrogenic especially if it’s not fermented okay the Japanese always have fermented soy I like tofu tempeh tempeh miso soup they don’t consume the soy protein isolates in the prepackaged diet foods that that are out there the veggie patties that vegetarians consume with it all soy base a lot of the protein powders um it’s in the baby food you name it having a fibroid which by the way is caused by high estrogen
can also deplete the iodine in the body and obstruct the thyroid and then having a very heavy or regular or painful cycle which is estrogen dominance can also lower your iodine okay and then lastly we talked about this briefly before a liver damage so if you have liver damage it could be that could be the source of your your low iodine or your lack of conversion into the thyroid or a lack of bile now I’ve done videos and bile and biles the detergent to helps break down the grease and without enough bio you won’t have that iodine conversion and that can mess up the thyroid or I’ll not allow you to convert the active form of the thyroid hormone to make it work so it’s always inactive so it really doesn’t work so you get a blood test that doesn’t mean anything they’re not looking at all the other possible causes of a thyroid problem and so what causes low bile is sometimes when you become a vegetarian you have no saturated fats well saturated fats some such artifacts stimulate the bio released without saturated fats you can’t your your gallbladder kind of shrivels up and you don’t produce enough file anymore that could be one cause and then stress high levels of the stress hormone from the adrenal called cortisol that one that makes the belly fat that can also block your bio therefore decreasing your iodine so those are all the possible causes and then the next part I’m going to show you all the symptoms of iodine deficiency so let’s talk about these symptoms of iodine deficiency number one you get fat you gain weight all over that would be a thyroid body type why because all the cells are controlled by the thyroid and iodine so all the cells get fat on them it affects the cognitive it makes you feel very very sluggish and brain fog especially in the morning you just feel like you waking up you’re not refreshed that is one symptom even your IQ but why because again remember the iodine effect the brain especially in a growing person but also an adult too so not that you will feel mentally retarded but you could feel a little mentally retarded psychiatric disorders mental retardation also are a lot of them are iodine deficiency and of course they just treat them with drugs unfortunately they’re not looking at the nutrition why because they’re not taught nutrition in school only 25% of the colleges universities that teach medical doctors teach nutrition and out of those about they’ll teach them 6 to 11 hours maybe 20 hours so you’d be better off asking a neighbor because they just don’t have the information on these key natural remedies okay so we have that cancer can also be as a symptom of an iodine deficiency so if you want to go to a great website and now post it down here Jeffery Dodge it’s da CH com I’ll post it down there and this medical doctor basically found that you can put a lot of breast cancer in remission by adding iodine to the diet so I want you to read that if you have worried about cancer and that’s very interesting cancer of the breast cancer of the stomach and other cancers ok fibrocystic breasts oh my gosh there’s a lot of research on taking iodine for fibrocystic breast to eliminate that problem why because the breast needs iodine and without it it forms little cysts especially if you’re when you’re breastfeeding you concentrate a lot of iodine and that’s why it’s very important for a mother to consume enough of that trace mineral before she’s pregnant and maybe even during the pregnancies in a very small amount so that baby gets enough iodine because without it she’s gonna crave all sorts of weird things to try to get it but she might not get it okay so Farber cystic breast is a symptom of iodine problem cysts on the ovaries or the testicle prostate enlargement could be an iodine deficiency the Russian fatigue slow thyroid Gorder a bulge of a thyroid right there enlarges that could be a iodine deficiency a lot of menstrual cycle issues polycystic ovarian syndrome that would be those there’s people that have facial hair acne they get gut wait and one of the doctors who they put them on metformin because they try to treat them for insulin resistance but what about iodine given some iodine see what happens salivary saliva deficiency so your mouth can get really dry or dry eyes because the ducts the salivary glands or the other glands don’t produce the fluid so things can dry out that could be a iodine deficiency and then thyroid nodules and then migraines and then miscarriages or stillbirths all that can be iodine deficiency interesting foods that have high iodine would be strawberries eggs yogurt and seek help but check this out you would have to consume because the soils are so bad 11 cups of strawberries to get your daily amount of iodine so who’s gonna do that six eggs I have four a day so I’ll have to have two more or two large cups of yogurt every day to get your iodine no one does that so or you can do one eighth of a cup of seek help but of course what I’m gonna recommend is do it in the capsule I’m gonna recommend you get some seek help three to six capsules a day of about 500 to 600 milligram tablets now that doesn’t mean that it’s 500 600 milligrams of iodine that just means they’re sea kelp so they have all the trace minerals so it’s a smaller amount but what’s really cool about sea kelp is that it’s from the sea you have the selenium to convert the thyroid from t4 to t3 it’s all planet base so in other words it’s not a direct rock or an element that our body has a hard time absorber absorbing our bodies absorb plant base trace minerals and just minerals in general we do not do well with things that are not coming from a plant source or another source so we need the plant source that was seek help and then also you don’t to worry about trying to take a steroid supplement that like an high dosage because a lot of times doctors use high dosages of iodine because it doesn’t absorb because they don’t do it in the plant base if you do plant base you don’t need as much because the body can absorb it and it breaks it down very easily so it’s not about a shotgun approach it’s about just providing it for the body to start absorbing it over time so that’s the source that I recommend for you so I hope this increased your awareness and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Iodine, the Ultimate Healing Trace Minerals for Cysts, Thyroid, PCOD and more.
Iodine, the Ultimate Healing Trace Minerals for Cysts, Thyroid, PCOD and more

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