Intestinal Damage & Vitamin Deficiencies

Intestinal Damage & Vitamin Deficiencies

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hey guys in this video I’m going to talk about leaky gut IBS Crohn’s and vitamin deficiency what happens is that a lot of people get damaged in their intestines from antibiotics from viruses from certain microbes and the little tiny hairs or cilia or roots in your intestine become damaged to the point where you don’t absorb like you did anymore so like in a little plant that has the roots your intestines are the roots just like a plant that absorb the nutrients so one of the biggest things that doesn’t go in is it something called bile B I le that’s like the detergent that helps dissolve grease and pull it pulls in fat soluble vitamins so if you’re consuming food and the bile gets released and it doesn’t get absorbed in the small intestine but later down in the chain of intestines because you have like 33 feet of intestines so let’s say it finally gets absorbed way down there that can be the wrong place to be absorbed and it can create a problem like an excessive laxative in that you have diarrhea bloating cramping because the bile can even act as a toxic thing and normally you would absorb reabsorb about 95% of all your bile okay and it goes right back to the liver to the lymphatics and then it recycles well with these conditions you will be losing all your bio so it’s going to be point where you have too much bile and then you don’t hardly have any at all so you can fluctuate between constipation and diarrhea all the time so there’s a couple things that you need to know about not having bile number one that’s when you start having vitamin deficiencies so all the vitamin deficiencies of vitamin A would be vision problems at night skin problems sinus issues all the inner skin like your immune system you’re going to have those despite consuming vitamin A products because you don’t have the bile because the intestine is damaged this is just a this is a big common cause of a lot of vitamin deficiencies and then you have vitamin E that’s good for the art it’s good for hormones it’s good for skin so all of a sudden you have all this dry skin and you wondering where that came from then you have vitamin D vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium and magnesium by 20% in the small intestine well if it’s damaged if the lining of your intestine is damaged you’re not going to pull in that vitamin D so right there there goes the immune system there goes the calcium there goes the minerals you can’t pull these things in and you can’t sleep it leads it to a cascade of issues so one of the remedies for the for these conditions is high amounts of vitamin D if you can absorb them then you have k1 and k2 those are involved with clotting and k2 is involved with the mobilization of calcium out of the arteries so again if you can’t absorb those those you can have a lot of problems with the blood pressure heart problems arthritis bursitis things like that okay so that’s another cause of vitamin deficiency despite you eating them so here’s what you have to do you have to heal the intestinal wall so you can have to avoid a couple things of course you’re gonna have to avoid the most obvious thing which is gluten okay you have to avoid in fact avoid all grains if you have Nicky got IBS or Crohn’s and you’re still doing grains that is a huge problem for you so I mean if we just eliminate grains and even including gluten or not probably a lot of your problems will clear right up dairy if you have these issues going to have allergies to dairy so just cut the dairy out you can’t do cheese you can’t do milk so those two things are the no-brainer of course also what comes with that with the breads the pasta cereal crackers biscuits all that and the sugar so if we eliminate that that’s good but there’s things that you can do bone broth is a really good healer because it’s loaded with the glutamine which is actually heals the lining of the intestine you can take also a good probiotic sometimes some of these probiotics are too strong and they can create a war and more of a detox so you might want to start off slowly I like a microbe called effective microbes and I’ll put down below you can get it on Amazon or another website but in fact microbes are a nice blend of a lot of different microbes that all work synergistically cabbage is one of the vegetables that are it’s really loaded without glutamine and it’s good for officers and you can do cabbage juice that’s a real good healer of the intestines cabbage is good for heartburn you can take it in many different forms you can cook it steam it you can eat it raw but you may have a problem with it raw so you might have to steam it and that includes avoiding too many foods with too many fibers too because fiber could irritate and overwhelm the microbes so this whole thing with you even doing a kale shake blended could be a problem you might not be able to do that because you don’t have the microbes yet to be able to pull it off pickle juice seems to be a real safe thing good for the intestines anything with lactic acid like kombucha tea would be good episode of vinegar would be good for some people ghee is clarified butter that’s also good if it’s grass-fed that has some fat soluble vitamins especially vitamin A because what we don’t want to do we don’t want to avoid too many vital vitamins because since you’re deficient in these nutrients you’re going to have to consume them in larger amounts for something to go in there I mean we’re not going to just avoid those nutrients so we have to put them in somehow so then in green juices that will provide chlorophyll to help heal the inner skin the wheatgrass juice is the best because it has a certain hormonal growth factor in there that’s really beneficial to damaged skin and we all the inside of our intestines are basically kind of a skin it’s an inner skin so that would be really good to clean and heal the intestines okay so anyway so that’s the summary of that and if you have these conditions it could be why you’re deficient in these nutrients all right thank you so much for watching

This Post Was All About Intestinal Damage & Vitamin Deficiencies.
Intestinal Damage & Vitamin Deficiencies

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Dr. Berg talks about Leaky Gut, celiac, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Crohn’s Disease and vitamin deficiencies. This is all intestinal damage, inflammation which can destroy your ability to absorb nutrients – fat soluble vitamins through the help of bile.
Things to do:
1. Bone broth
2. Cabbage
3. Pickle juice
4. L-glutamine
5. Ghee
6. Green juices
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