Intermittent Fasting + The OMAD Diet For Weight Loss and Fat Loss – THE TRUTH

Intermittent Fasting + The OMAD Diet For Weight Loss and Fat Loss – THE TRUTH

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before we start today’s video I just wanna let you know I’m not trying to sell you anything I don’t want your email I don’t want to trick you into giving me your email I don’t want anything from you I just want to tell you the truth behind Oh mad and intermittent fasting because there’s a lot of misinformation and overhype out there about why these philosophies and dieting techniques actually work fasting is really going to force your body to burn fat you see crazy result and the truth is something that I don’t think a whole lot of people really talk about when it comes to Oh mad or intermittent fasting because usually the people talking about those things are trying to sell somebody something related to those things I’ve taught this to thousands of people all over the world this stuff works amazing I can’t wait for you to try it they’re also trying to sell you this idea that during those hours where you’re not eating you’re somehow burning a ton more fat than the hours that you eat pounds you’re gonna fly and I’m not trying to say that Oh Matt doesn’t work or intermittent fasting doesn’t work because they definitely do I just want to tell you the truth about why they work the truth about these diets is that they work not because you only eat one meal a day or because you’re fasting sixteen hours and you’re burning all this fat during those 16 hours but really they work simply because they help you adhere to a caloric deficit maybe a little bit easier than eating throughout the day does because the more times you eat throughout the day the more opportunities you may have to overeat also when you only eat one meal a day it’s very easy to fill up and feel full when you eat a ton of food a day’s worth of food at one meal so by giving yourself that restriction of only eating once a day or in the case of intermittent fasting only in that eight hour window you’re giving yourself a little bit less time to consume food and the truth is that these dieting philosophies work not because of those hours that you don’t eat and you’re somehow burning all that fat it’s because oh Matt and intermittent fasting make it a lot easier to adhere to a calorie deficit that is the number-one reason why Oh mad works and why intermittent fasting works and I know that this is a highly debated topic that I’m not really going to get into too much in this video but if we’re talking about weight loss 95 to 99 percent of the reason why you’re losing weight is because you’re in a caloric deficit anyways if not eating for 16 18 or 20 hours the day does actually help you burn more fat it’s an insignificant amount compared to if you ate every few hours with calories being accounted for what weight loss really comes down to is adhering to that calorie deficit the massive reason for a lot of people that o’madden intermittent fasting work so well is that it helps them adhere to that 500 calorie deficit a lot easier than somebody who’s eating four five six times a day because for most of us the more times we eat throughout the day the more chances we have to overeat throughout the day and that can be a huge factor for a lot of people in not adhering to their calorie deficit so just eating once a day or just giving yourself a window of time that you can eat can make that adherence a lot easier with that being said I enjoy fasting quite a bit today I actually fasted until about a half-hour ago it’s like 1:30 right now I didn’t eat until 1:00 a lot of times my day starts off with a coffee and then I’ll have a couple of coffees until early afternoon especially on training days if I’m not training I might go until five o’clock in the afternoon without eating it’s just my personal preference and that’s also something I want to stress it really depends on your personal preference don’t feel like you have to do o mat or you have to fast if you don’t enjoy it if you enjoy it then you should totally think about doing it if you’ve never done it before you should try it because it really may help you adhere to your calorie totals a lot better for me I’m not really hungry in the morning so it just makes sense for me to delay eating until later in the day also I find that I’m also more productive if I do delay my eating until later in the next I don’t have to cook anything I don’t have to worry about food and also I just enjoy eating later at night more than I do during the day so all of those factors are why I like to fast more days than not so if you’ve never tried fasting before I highly recommend if you never tried to ohm at before maybe you should give it a shot just don’t be oversold an overhyped about the benefits of what not eating during the day can do for you because it all simply comes down to a calorie deficit and also your preferences guys do you enjoy fasting if you don’t enjoy it don’t do it at the end of the day you should be doing these if they help you if you enjoy doing them and not because you have to do them so I hope that helps clear some of mad and intermittent fasting up for you guys I’ve gotten a lot of questions on Instagram regarding the two and I just want to give you guys my take from somebody who’s been a single digit and has gotten to a single digit body fat percentage before their perspective on these two dieting philosophies and really what they can do for you not any overhyped oversold BS that a lot of people seem to be trying to sell these days with that being said I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one [Music]

This Post Was All About Intermittent Fasting + The OMAD Diet For Weight Loss and Fat Loss – THE TRUTH.
Intermittent Fasting + The OMAD Diet For Weight Loss and Fat Loss - THE TRUTH

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Intermittent Fasting and the OMAD diet – One Meal A Day – are some of the most popular diets for weight loss and fat loss. However, the benefits of both the OMAD diet and Intermittent fasting are usually over-hyped by “experts”… Especially in regard to how much fat these diets help you to burn. So, today I’m setting the record straight on both of these fasting based diets!
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