Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis Before & After (Dr. Berg Interviews Brenner Stiles)

Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis Before & After (Dr. Berg Interviews Brenner Stiles)

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okay hey guys I have another amazing interview I want to introduce you to Renner so hi Brenner how are you I’m doing great how are you great in fact you sent me before and after I was just you know really impressed so I wanted to get to know exactly how you achieve that and can you tell me a little bit about have you had a weight problem for a long period of time or will you stand and you gained weight what’s your story ‘no thumbnail sketch well basically I’ve always been a thin person my whole life never had any weight issues with very athletic I used to serve in the military so I was in the army very athletic enjoy very ethnic healthy life uh I’m getting ready to be 40 years old oh wow and where did you go to basic training I did it at Fort Jackson South Carolina oh my gosh what month did you go and did you go in the summer I went in the summer of 1999 September I was September of 99 while I was there at Fort Jackson in 83 in the summer it’s so hot there you actually sweat out of the back of your your hands it’s so hot hey they’re very mean down there to what these mean as they were back then I don’t know I think they had the stress cards I don’t know if you came in there when they distress cards they were me they didn’t have a stress card I took it personally I was like I was that it’s very very rude like oh my god it was terrible so I didn’t know it was a whole game but anyway getting back to you you went to basic training and then what happened um I went to basic training had a military life got out of the military went back to school got a degree I had a child skill was then after matter of fact I had my baby my oldest friend Courtney lost the weight with no problems with matter of fact people thought I was sick then so let’s fast forward about ten years later Sanofi about ten years later all of a sudden I had a very stressful job started gaining a lot of weight plus I quit smoking so I gained like 40 or 50 pounds and then I quit smoking and then I got pregnant right after I quit smoking which was interesting and then after I had my baby I was at about a hundred and ninety pounds 187 190 for a long time he was well over a year which I wasn’t used to that and then I just got to a point where I was like you know I if I keep letting this go I’m going to end up 200 pounds I’m going to end up 350 pounds it’s just never going to stop so what I started doing was I started changing my diet basically so finally after I change my diet I did get back down to 160 which was the pre weight pregnancy weight then I started working out doing the traditionals a low-fat diet working out and guess what I wasn’t losing weight and I was killing myself at again so then I ran into intermittent fasting and it changed my life I started intermittent fasting I said okay you know what this sounds like it’ll work I’m going to try it first week was very tough because I was used to eating 3 4 or 5 times a day then the second week like a breeze I did it like a champ third the third week did it like a champ really initially I did it truthfully for two weeks and that’s when I started losing the weight I lost like within two weeks about 10 pounds Wow so what was your pattern when you did this the first and second week the first and second week I basically did 268 so I would start I would eat my lunch my first meal of the day would be about noon sometimes 1 o’clock in the morning of course you might be a little bit hungry but you get past that because your body digests when you get used to it but what I started doing is I would have green tea in the morning it would either if usually matcha green tea and I would put MCT oil in my tea so I use a lot of MCT oil and then I would take a whole food vitamin and I drink a lot of water and what else I took chromium pills because somebody had told me that that helps with sugar cravings yeah so and they really do work so I started taking those probably two weeks after that but once I started losing the weight with intermittent fasting I you couldn’t stop me at that point I was like this works so again I guess by the grace of God I ended up finding out about the ketogenic diet so then I started cutting out sugar so I basically have been introducing both of those things into my lifestyle but for sure I try to do hard for I’m I’m hardcore in a minute faster and as time went on maybe within a month I started cutting my window to about four o’clock and then sometimes three o’clock um so in other words you wouldn’t eat until three or four o’clock sometimes I wouldn’t eat til about three or four o’clock or I would eat at noon and I wouldn’t eat after like four okay so basically what’s your window of eating my window of eating on average right now is between twelve and four you mean twelve hours and four hours yeah so I’ll eat I’ll eat lunch and then I’ll eat again maybe at about four o’clock so are you dinner at four oh four hours twelve and four not twelve hours and four hours twelve and four times four okay good that makes sense yeah so I just eat virtually about two times a day and I eat like a healthy meal like I eat meat a vegetable just solid stuff I’ll eat cream cheese I love cheese’s I mean I’ll even eat for dinner sometimes if I want to I’ll eat bacon and eggs I’m huge on avocados so as you can see I try to do the ketogenic diet as well with my intermittent fasting and that has really worked my energy is through the roof so so so for those of you that are watching that don’t know anything about this the combination of adding ketosis with eMeter fasting is are the most powerful ways to get the weight off simply because it heals insulin and I just want to I want to just say one thing like the question I always get is how do you get what triggers ketosis what food triggers ketosis no food it’s the absence of insulin that’s what triggers ketosis so you can eat too much protein and trigger insulin you can eat more too many carbs and trigger insulin that is basically neutral however it just by the fact of eating it can trigger insulin so that’s why the combination does work if you’re trying to lose weight you have to do it gradually you know for some people because do it too fast if your hypoglycemic you can crash and burn but there is a way to do it healthily adding a lot of vegetables and making sure your vitamin mineral but I mean you’re just you’re proof that it does work there’s no one that can convince you that eating five meals a day is a good thing anymore now you are you also adding any exercise in there – yes you know what the funny thing is I don’t exercise as much I might exercise three days three days out of the week and that includes maybe a four mile run so and that’s it I do want to start weight training but other than that I don’t I work out 3 days a week maybe Wow and how did you find my videos oh man just googling searching I I’m a huge fan first of all so anything I want to know I’m like let’s ask dr. Burke could you know so I’m going on your channel looking for help with all kinds of things I actually had a hair issue – I had a hair issue and a skin issue I mean I had a lot of different issues going on and it all revolved around nutrition so thank you for you know enlightening me about that I actually take your essential mineral which is helped a lot with my hair because my hair was thinning and interests of plants with plant-based trace minerals the liquid ok those just plant yeah the plant-based trace minerals yeah mm-hmm so I incorporated that into my diet as well which gives me a lot of energy and man I’ve just did
a complete change in my life and one thing I notice is that other people notice as well so they’re constantly asking me questions I’ve got people at my job subscribe to your channel and I was really excited to do this interview because I was telling people at my job and they were like oh my goodness if dr. Burdick that you send me the information about I was like yeah so I’ve got people at my job doing intermittent fasting I’ve got people at my job asking me questions about the essential minerals and it’s just ignorance is not bliss so it really can hurt you if you don’t know that’s true there’s there’s a lot of little deep dicted the Devils in the details there’s a lot of details about it that people need to understand like for example trace minerals it’s hard to get that from food if you don’t have trace minerals you can start losing your hair trace munoz basically help proteins in your body hair nail skin collagen joints so you know a lot of times people are falling apart their skin gets loose they might lose late lose weight but they don’t look good as they are losing weight so you look great I mean you look like you’re very healthy so for people to say it’s unhealthy they just don’t understand it like I’ll see especially dieticians who honestly you know there’s been kind of influenced by the big food manufacturing companies because they’ll say something about intermittent fasting or ketosis which tells you they don’t have a clue of what it really is they think that you’re going to be hungry after period of time and go back to carbs they think it’s a starvation diet they think it’s the fats going to kill your heart like all this false data or it might lead to diabetes it’s just the opposite it’s like it’s very healthy and you could do it long-term but people I think with you probably would agree now that you’ve experienced it you you’re more in control of your body you if something happens you know how to build more into ketosis if you wanted you could manipulate it you understand how your body reacts to insulin you now see why everyone’s fat out there you know it’s obvious there’s no more mystery it’s like of course so it’s probably hard for me it’s hard not to want to help everyone see because some people don’t want to help plato’s gonna believe you they’re going to get crazy me yeah it kind of makes them wrong because they’re like oh so you’re basically telling me all I need to do is everything I’ve done is wrong and I’m like no I’m not trying to tell you but yes it is but there’s a way to do it that simple doesn’t have to be painful you have to transition but yeah so that’s awesome I do want to say this when I started this journey I was a size 12 I am down to a size four just last week I bought two pair of jeans size four from Express and that’s amazing and you know the funny thing is when I was that I weigh exactly 100 between 135 or 138 right now when I weighed that weight before a healthy lifestyle I was more into like a size 8 size 6 size 8 so it’s like I’ve lost a lot of inches and inflammation does that make sense totally so even though I may not be and I’m still working towards a certain goal because I’m 5 for about five five three and a half five four so I’m trying to get to maybe a few more pounds or whatnot because I have a small frame so I’m still working on this goal and it’s still happening very easy and what I’ve also done is typically you’re not supposed to have on a keto diet you’re not supposed to have more than 20 carbs a day but everybody’s different so I could have a little bit more because I’ve tested my body using the keto sticks which I’ve heard they’re not great to use but then I think they are because it’s been working for me I can have a little bit more than 20 carbs a day because I still stay in some form of ketosis as far as the keto sticks tell me but as my energy is through the roof I have a different perspective on food I’ve even got my mom and my sister doing it now my mom went from a size 18 to a size I think she’s in a size 14 now and my sister went from a size 18 and she’s a size 10 that’s incredible I even got my family members doing it so I your right you try to help everybody some people don’t like to help them you want to strangle them it’s like I’m I help okay let me push you down the stairs hang on now yeah it’s it’s funny it’s um family it’s kind of for me it’s the hardest people to help because they they kind of know you you’re history so you come in there and you give them advice and got to be careful about trying to help too many people because it David sometimes they don’t want to be fixed up fixed and/or helped and so I basically my policies I’ll help people that want to be helped that’s why I like you too because you put it out there people are searching they came to you they give the information if they don’t want help they’re not going to watch your video so it’s perfect you know it’s it’s an educational thing and people can learn all over the world and why holds it back why not just give people exactly what to do and you know that’s what it’s all about so um can I ask something else yes another thing I’ve noticed for a minute fascinates and this new life stuff is that my memory is my job I’m an executive accountant so I have to deal with like numbers a lot and I can recall like numbers I crazy I mean and sometimes I test myself because I you know I just want to know how long can I remember this number can I remember exactly where Batum Lee just by looking at it examine it and I can so I guess that may have something to do with maybe the ketogenic diet and introducing more healthy fats or I don’t know but I’ve noticed that my memory is a lot better as well so well let’s just bring it up because glucose if you’re anybody glucose you’re going to be susceptible to the highs and lows two blood sugars which is going to negatively affect your memory that’s why Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and dementia is all related to insulin resistance I mean I’ll give you an example um I think about 28 you know it’s like I’m 29 right now not screaming you get 52 but when I was younger my memory was so bad like I matter I’m like like I’m losing my memory I thought it was old age it’s not old age you shouldn’t have that my member is so much better now I mean one time I I was like I forgot what tooth braid toothbrush is mine I’m like is two toothbrushes my wife’s and mine what color is mine again I’m like am I losing it what’s going on so I picked the wrong toothbrush I’m like what yeah this is crazy so yeah memory is much better but cognitive function because now your brain is running on ketones better fuel source more efficient less waste product so yeah for Joffe well I want to thank you so much for your before and after sending it in and also this video because I think it’s going to give a lot of people some encouragement and hope that they can also do a similar thing so it’s proof I mean look at before and after it’s like no one could deny that so thank you so much for this interview thank you thank you so much for asking me it’s my pleasure my pleasure too okay have a great day all right thank you you too yes

This Post Was All About Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis Before & After (Dr. Berg Interviews Brenner Stiles).
Intermittent Fasting & Ketosis Before & After (Dr. Berg Interviews Brenner Stiles)

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