Intermittent Fasting: Increase the Power of Your Fast with These 4 Drinks- Thomas DeLauer

Intermittent Fasting: Increase the Power of Your Fast with These 4 Drinks- Thomas DeLauer

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so I thought about doing a what I eat in a day video as it pertains to fasting but I thought that might be kind of boring because I don’t really eat anything so I figured what do I drink during the course of a fasting day because a lot of people have been asking me is this okay to consume is this okay to consume can I drink this can I drink that I figured why don’t I just give you what I consume and that way you can sort of do the math if it’s gonna work for you or not so I’ll break down the details I’ll break down the science of every single thing that I give to you because that’s just how I roll you can choose all of them or you can just pick one of the options that I give you now if you haven’t already make sure you turn on notifications and if you haven’t already make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can get three or four good coaching videos per week on fasting ketosis and anti inflammatory lifestyles alright let’s get into the science the first drink that I will consume and this is something that I talk about a lot so I don’t sound like a broken record a little bit it’s apple cider vinegar and lemon but there is a good reason to why I do it on a fasting day starting with the apple cider vinegar the acetic acid and apple cider vinegar is going to increase what is known as a mineralization in the body that means it’s going to allow our body to recycle minerals a lot better when we’re fasting what ends up happening is our kidneys end up no longer regulating water as well as they typically would and it has to do with the fact that our insulin levels are low insulin and the kidneys work together kind of hand-in-hand so when insulin levels are low the kidneys don’t regulate fluid as well so they start expelling a lot that’s why when you fast you find that you start going to the bathroom a little bit more well what happens when this happens is you’re losing a lot of minerals as well so when you have a seat ik acid or apple cider vinegar in the equation it’s gonna allow your body to retain those minerals a bit better which is gonna make it so your electrolytes are imbalanced and you don’t feel quite as fatigued but the other thing that acetic acid does is it slows down the digestion process now you might be wondering why does this matter I’m not eating well it also slows down the digestion process of food that’s already in the gut so if you go into your fasting period and you slow down the digestion of the previous food it means you’re gonna have more stable blood sugar level so you’re not gonna have these big rises and falls and I am going to tell you one of the biggest problems when people are fasting is they have rises and falls in their blood sugar and it causes them to have horrible cravings or it causes them to get extremely lethargic so it solves that problem right then and there then when we talk about the lemon a lot of people would say that lemon would break a fast because it’s a fruit and you’re consuming some form of calories well I would argue that yes that is somewhat true but the positive effects of consuming lemon during a fast far seemed to supersede the negative effects of consuming like one calorie coming from lemon now what it is is the pectin see pectin is a soluble fiber that slows down the digestion process in and of itself but it does something pretty interesting it binds to fats so this pectin binds to fats in the digestive system and slows their digestion but it allows them to push through the digestive system a lot easier so therefore you have a detox mechanism that’s coming into place fats and fatty acids can oxidize in our intestinal tract turning them rancid just like fats would go rancid if they were out on the counter so the more that we can bind them with an antioxidant property the easier they can move to the system and not have a negative impact on us especially when we’re fasting and we’re trying to get the benefits of a detox to begin with okay the next one I want to talk about is going to be coffee with stevia something that I sip on all the time coffee with caffeine in the morning and then decaf coffee in the afternoon but always with stevia and always enjoying it now there’s a lot of obvious reasons why caffeine can be perfect on a fast right it’s gonna mobilize free fatty acids you’re gonna have the energy sure we’ve got dad but let’s talk about some other stuff let’s talk about what it can actually do for you when it comes down to fat burning effects and also the satiation side of things you see when you consume caffeine or coffee it’s a central nervous stimulant which means your body’s gonna produce norepinephrine and epinephrine which is going to stimulate the body to start utilizing fats as a source of fuel a lot more just as an extra energy source in fact there’s a study that I want a reference that kind of sums us up in this particular study it took 12 men in a four-way crossover study now these men consumed either 500 milligrams of green tea 400 milligrams of tyrosine 50 milligrams of caffeine or placebo well what they found was the caffeine group saw a 6% increase in thermogenesis now not only do they see an increase in thermogenesis they had an increase in that thermogenesis without any kind of hemodynamic effect what hemodynamic means is blood flow effect we didn’t have a restriction in blood flow which means we were still able to keep things mobilized keep the body moving in a healthy way without the vasoconstriction that people always seem to think there is now caffeine is a vasoconstrictor but at something like 50 milligrams and a given dose you’re not going to have a whole lot of vasoconstriction so you’re still getting the blood flow but you’re also getting the thermogenesis above that of green tea extract above that of tyrosine now coffee does something else too it’s not just the caffeine it contains something known as chlorogenic acid now this chlorogenic acid is a poly phenyl that’s gonna be in regular coffee or decaf coffee no matter which one you choose and this chlorogenic acid has a massive effect on satiation but also has a huge impact again on insulin and glucose levels you’re starting to catch the drift here when it comes to into fasting it’s all about keeping those insulin levels low when it comes down to keeping your insulin levels low you could really manage how your body uses fat as a source of fuel so when insulin levels are kept at bay through things like chlorogenic acid we don’t have the cravings and we get more fat-burning effect which leads me right into the next thing that i like to drink now when i’m going through a fast I usually like to consume some form of carbonated beverage now here’s why the carbonation actually does help fill up the stomach a little bit but it also gives you something to consume that’s a little bit more fun and I’m a huge fan of consuming something like Zee via the reason that I consume ZV is because I can actually get the taste of having a soda without the aspartame a lot of people end up drinking diet sodas but the problem with diet sodas is you end up having an insulin spike a lot of times even the aspartame and some of the other artificial sweeteners will actually elicit an insulin spike whereas stevia that’s in Ziva does the opposite zivia has been shown to actually reduce insulin levels and reduce glucose levels so you’re gonna double whammy effect you’re getting something that’s 300 times sweeter than sugar but you’re not having a negative insulin response and Zvi makes it really easy to be actually having a sparkling
water not just a soda because I generally like to just sip on something that’s really light really easy it doesn’t have a whole lot of sweetness because it doesn’t matter who you are if you start having something super super sweet it can still make you crave sweets now the way that stevia works in the body is it doesn’t metabolize and that’s how it works it doesn’t metabolize in the upper GI it actually doesn’t do anything until it hits the lower GI where stevia reacts with the body and produces stevia glycosides those stevia glycosides are the ones that ultimately allow you to feel satiated and reduce your blood sugar so in short stevia isn’t digested and by default ends up making it so we get through our fast a lot easier okay that leads me in to the next one which is going to be iced green tea with ginseng and it’s imperative that you add the ginseng to get the effect that I’m going to talk about so green tea has caffeine we know that but we can take it a step further than that say green tea of course contains EGCG epic gala catechin three gaily well this EGCG does some pretty interesting things in the body as well one of the main things that it does is it decreases the intestinal motility for a short amount of time which means that you’re going to feel more saeschie it’s gonna slow down digestion for just a little bit of time and it does this by promoting the production of what’s called CCK also known as cholecystokinin now CCK effects are satiation in a lot of different ways but for the sake of this video let’s just talk about how it affects the motility when you slow down digestion you’re slowing down the cravings plain and simple but green tea does one other thing that a lot of people don’t talk about it increases a dopaminergic response within the body and what that means is it increases dopamine production it allows you to feel good you actually get a sense of well-being that comes from drinking green tea even if it were decaf green team so that dopaminergic response is really really powerful especially if you’re feeling a little bit down in the dumps when you’re going through your fasting period sometimes we get a little bit tired or sometimes we start craving food so much that it really just gets us down so having a nice little surge of dopamine can help quite a bit okay let’s talk about the ginseng though because you have to have green tea with ginseng ginseng when it’s consumed turns into something completely different from ginseng you see it reacts with the acid in our stomach but it also reacts with the gut flora to completely turn into something different it’s called deep like isolation what that means is the body is breaking down the ginseng into a different kind of simple sugar and you’re probably thinking well simple sugar isn’t that gonna break it fast not quite like that it’s such a small minut amount that it’s not going to affect your fast but once it has gone through this teak like isolation phase and it turns into this different compound it has a profound effect on inflammation in the body in fact it’s actually been shown to promote wound healing the journal for wound healing ended up finding that consuming ginseng ended up speeding up the effect of wounds healing by increasing the production of what are called fibroblasts what does this have to do with fasting well a lot of the reason we’re fasting to reduce inflammation and to recover cells go through that autophagy where they recycle and you actually get yourself a fresh start so ginseng is gonna help that process and can actually help fasting help you heal from injuries that much faster that’s why it’s so imperative you combine it with your green tea so there you have it those are the four different kinds of drinks that I would recommend consuming while you’re fasting you’ve got apple cider vinegar with lemon we’ve got good old-fashioned coffee with stevia we’ve got good old-fashioned zvf which is gonna taste awesome and then of course we have green tea with ginseng so as always keep it locked in here in my channel if you have ideas for future videos make sure you let me know in the comment section below I’ll see you soon

This Post Was All About Intermittent Fasting: Increase the Power of Your Fast with These 4 Drinks- Thomas DeLauer.
Intermittent Fasting: Increase the Power of Your Fast with These 4 Drinks- Thomas DeLauer

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Intermittent Fasting: Increase the Power of Your Fast with These 4 Drinks- Thomas DeLauer…
Drinks: Apple Cider Vinegar + Lemon
Coffee with Stevia
Zevia (Soda & Sparkling Water)
Green Tea with Ginseng
Apple Cider Vinegar + Lemon:
ACV- Halts the digestive process by inactivating the production of certain digestive enzymes responsible for digestion.
Controls blood glucose levels and with a balanced blood sugar level, you’re much less likely to experience intense, hard-to-resist sugar cravings throughout the day (1,2)
Lemon- Lemons contain a soluble fiber known as pectin that benefits the body’s detoxifying capabilities by regulating the body’s use of sugars and cholesterol; improves gut and digestive health
Coffee With Stevia:
Caffeine- Caffeine acts on the central nervous system and causes a release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and epinephrine – increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation. In one study, twelve healthy, normal weight men participated in a four-way crossover, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study. Treatments were administered as tablets of 500 mg Green Tea Extract, 400 mg tyrosine, 50 mg caffeine, or placebo.
Results: Caffeine induced a thermogenic response of 6% above baseline compared to placebo and only caffeine was thermogenic in the given dose and caused no hemodynamic side effects
Chlorogenic Acid (CGA)- Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenol antioxidant found in coffee – reduces blood glucose and insulin levels after a meal.
Zevia- Zevia is an all-natural zero calorie soda made without artificial sweeteners, is non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, vegan and contains no colors, dyes or phosphoric acid. Considered an all-natural alternative as it uses stevia, a herb from the sunflower family, as its sweetener and is up to 300x sweeter than sugar.
Stevia- Lowers insulin and glucose due to its lack of metabolization – steviol glycosides pass through the upper gastrointestinal tract fully intact.
Lowers Blood Pressure- One study from the journal Clinical Therapeutics conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in 174 patients – patients took either 500 mg of stevioside or placebo, 3 times per day. After two years, the group taking stevioside: Systolic blood pressure went from 150 to 140 mmHg and Diastolic blood pressure went from 95 down to 89 mmHg.
Iced Green Tea with Extra Ginseng:
Ginseng- Study/ The International Wound Journal found that ginseng supplementation increased the growth of wound-healing cells (fibroblasts) and increased collagen synthesis in human dermal cells.
*This Video does contain a paid promotion from Zevia. They reached out to me and were excited to see me drink Zevia in a precious Instagram photo and asked if I would be open to sharing that I drink Zevia.
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