Insulin is the Cause of Most Major Illnesses (DrBerg)

Insulin is the Cause of Most Major Illnesses (DrBerg)

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so the first thing you need to know is that insulin control sugar by lowering sugar in the bloodstream so insulin comes in and takes the sugar out of the blood and it puts it in storage and our bodies only have roughly probably one maybe two teaspoons depending on how big you are of sugar in the entire circulation so it’s not a lot so anything more than that is toxic and your body will instantly convert it will convert the sugar to fat and cholesterol now this is a one-way street fat is not then converted back to sugar it doesn’t do that so fat is broken down into other things like fatty acids and ketones but it’s not a two-way street you can’t go back so once it’s converted it’s going to stay there for a while and so sugar is one of the biggest culprits for obesity hands down now excess insulin will cause diabetes that’s why when your pancreas burns out and you don’t have any more insulin they have to inject you with it because you’ve abused the insulin and even the insulin goes too high it’ll make the receptors resistance it’s called insulin resistance so it doesn’t go in there and that’s called diabetes type 2 so really the insulin might be there but your body’s not receiving it because it considers it to it’s 2 toxin it’s too toxic when you have too much of that coming through the bloodstream that’s because we’re eating too much sugar so instead of changing the diet they just start to give you a medication to help absorb more of this insulin so it’s really crazy so the point is that insulin too much insulin will cause diabetes cancer why cancer well in order to diagnose cancer they do what’s called PET scans PET scans scan the body for areas of your body that there’s excessive amount of digestion of sugar in cells because cancer cells live on sugar so guess what I would do if I had cancer or if to prevent cancer I’m going to keep the insulin low I’m going to eat no sugar and that’s going to help me with to cancer okay now insulin is the type of hormone that makes things grow they make things get bigger they cause tumors and if you want if there’s any medical professionals listening to this it’s called anabolic hormone so it makes things get bigger estrogen and insulin or anabolic they make things grow and that’s why you get acne boils fibroids tumors and eventually cancer because if I had a fibroid or if I had something like that you can starve it off by not eating any more sugar but who does that now polycystic ovarian disorder that is a lot of different system the ovaries that’s purely too much insulin if they were to cut this down that probably go away neurological memory there’s even a diabetes type 3 which actually destroys your brain one of the side effects from too much sugar and too much insulin is that you have peripheral neuropathy that’s the destruction of the nerves and your fingertips and your toes that’s so you get numbness and tingling in your hands and feet so that’s neurological then we have respiratory we have asthma allergies those are two side effects we talked about acne and boils those little bumps also you just get fat high blood pressure cholesterol insulin converts to cholesterol and triglycerides way way more than any type of eating cholesterol will turn into cholesterol so these are some of the side effects that you that come from insulin as being the root cause for many many problems so I just want to touch on that so you have that basic information

This Post Was All About Insulin is the Cause of Most Major Illnesses (DrBerg).
Insulin is the Cause of Most Major Illnesses (DrBerg)

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Dr. Berg discusses the various health problems that occur with higher levels of insulin (insulin production) that may help you understand insulin secretion and other insulin side effects that are caused mainly due to a sudden variation in insulin production in your body. These may be cardiovascular disease, PCOD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, belly fat, diabetes, acne and neurodegenerative diseases.
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