Insomnia, Depression & Anxiety

Insomnia, Depression & Anxiety

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More specifically, you want help with Insomnia, Depression & Anxiety?

hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to talk about insomnia depression and anxiety okay there’s a lot of confusion out there when you look up depression you know psychiatrists labeled depression causes insomnia okay and it leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to depression I mean it’s just like one big ball of confusion and of course we have a drug for you but let’s just take a look at what the difference is between depression and anxiety depression is the blues it’s apathy you lose hope you don’t care anymore you’re feeling down okay anxiety is worry fear panic always nervous always thinking always solving problems okay so that’s the difference between those two now I believe that insomnia if you were to correct that you would see huge changes so let’s talk about what would cause insomnia normally light it’s supposed to wake you up in the morning right and then when it gets dark it’s supposed to help you go to sleep and this is all controlled by the circadian rhythms are called and there’s hormones involved you have a clock a mini clock in your brain called the super chiming nuclei and it’s triggered by light and dark okay so vitamin D for example when you’re out in the sunlight you get more vitamin D vitamin D is really good as an anti depression type thing and that’s probably why the mint a winter’s month people get depressed because they don’t have enough vitamin D so that’s one thing but how many people sit inside all day watching their computers like sitting all day long watching YouTube videos I don’t know if you know anyone maybe you of course myself do I watch a lot of YouTube but vitamin D will actually light triggers vitamin D absorption through the skin but you got to be outside and be exposed to it now when it gets dark out which is interesting because you may be being you’re inside the room and it’s all it’s light until you finally turn the light off so there’s no chance for the darkness to start stimulating the hormone called melatonin so melatonin is if you take it as a supplement it’ll start to create some tiredness because it turns into serotonin which is the sleep hormone which is also a mood hormone too so we have these this is hormonal shift okay and then even in the morning there’s another hormone that kicks in that wakes you up it’s called noradrenaline it’s similar to adrenaline okay so we also have other things that can help you sleep as well and that would be making sure that you have enough be one if you deficient in vitamin b1 you’re going to be very restless you’re going to have a lot of nervous tension you’re not going to be able to wind down easily at night you’re going to be excessively thinking all the time so that’s that nervous energy that just that low tolerance to stress it’s just it’s bate it’s basically related to the adrenals when you’re Drina gland is overactive you deplete b1 and so it’s kind of like you have this slider fight nervous stress state that you are stuck in okay so we need b1 the other thing that will deplete b1 is alcohol and sugar refined carbohydrates and also having gastric bypass here you are trying to lose weight and you get a gastric bypass and now you can absorb b1 that well so and then that creates sleeping problems and more weight gain you name it the minerals that help sleep are magnesium and potassium and calcium so those are three minerals that are relaxing they’re calming on the nervous system where you get these three minerals from vegetables okay that’s the main source so you want to consume enough vegetables the other thing that can affect your sleep especially urinating all night long would be having insulin resistance it’s like a pre-diabetic or even being a diabetic so what we want to do is you want to correct it I put some links down below if you have a blood sugar issue I don’t want to go into that right now but if you have that problem that could actually seriously affect your sleep hypoglycemia that’s a low blood sugar very similar to insulin resistance but what happens is that you might find in the middle of night you just wake up for no reason that’s because the blood sugars and it stimulates adrenaline that kicks in the blood sugars again it starts to kind of come back up so try to sleep if you have adrenaline running through your bloodstream it’s not going to work and then lastly digestion digestion can seriously affect your quality of sleep especially at night let’s say you have dinner and you sit in front of the TV and you start grazing and start snacking all the time you go to bed you’re stuffed you think that might affect your sleep it does so we really want to make sure that you after dinner you don’t eat anything okay until you go to bed that’s going to actually greatly help the quality of sleep the other thing is getting outside to get some space you’re inside all day long you need to get us I go for a walk walking is the best thing to chill out the adrenal gland which is involved in stress and many sleep issues okay so that’s pretty much that will help you with insomnia now if you have specific symptom depression the key vibe the two vitamins that are involved in depressed states are vitamin b3 and b12 so what I do I like to recommend nutritional yeast take it in a tablespoon a couple times a day because you need probably more but that’s those two are really good to actually pull some another depression but it also could be that your digestive system is so far off you can’t absorb the vitamins let’s say you have leaky gut or a damage or IBS or or constipation those things could affect the absorption or if you drink a lot of alcohol that could be it right there but the B vitamins are key in depression or you could have a hypothyroid issue which is deeper it’s it’s a bile deficiency gall bladder or liver or high estrogen from the cycle to cause a hypothyroid issue I have some videos on that I’ll put a link down below but I would honestly first start trying to work on your sleep to get to sleep better because you’ll be surprised you may have such chronic fatigue that it feels like you’re depressed it’s almost the same sensation so I would go aft get some energy and then see if you’re really depressed okay now then you have anxiety that’s usually adrenal the adrenal controls the adaptation of stress and to the body so your body is adapting to a stress state but when the adrenal gland is being stimulated too often it can almost kind of put you in a state of stress mode 24/7 almost like you’re kind of in a flight or fight and it could come from many reasons let’s say you’re drinking a lot of coffee you had a history in college you drank a lot of coffee like myself math the dosages of high quality Cuban coffee that was me and I would just drink tons of it and then all of a sudden I just started crashing and burning so you have things that stimulates the adrenal caffeine will do it and then also just being in a stress State being in a bad relationship having a trauma emotional stress watching too much of the news will do it unfortunately in the news is like constant speculation like always recycled the same story recycled what if this happens what if that happens so you really have to control what you watch what you’re exposed to because if you sit there and watch TV and then try to go to bed it’s going to be on your mind so I would recommend turning that thing off and reading a book the other thing that what I use for the adrenal is I use an adrenal night formula and my massage will be for bed every night I’ll put a link down below for more information on that now for anxiety it’s b1 b1 deficiency will handle most types of anxiety so that’s a nutritional y
east again so you could just take nutrition aleast and kill two birds with one stone it also is going to help you sleep as well especially that except you know that winding down at night potassium is really important and anxiety as well because it’s a physiological tranquilizer it’s a calming mineral it works similar to magnesium but it calms the pulse rate down its way that you know your potassium addition is your pulse rate really high put your head on the pillow and you feel that pounding boom boom boom boom your potassium deficient and you just can’t wind down easily if you have enough potassium you will be able to sleep and your muscles will be relaxed and then just avoid you know like I talked about on the videos you have to take a long list of all the people that are stressing you out and just avoid them because I have you know I’ve been in practice for a long time and I keep running the same situation where someone is you start digging deep into their environment and they’re loaded with just people that are constantly stressing about I’m like why don’t you do something about it why can’t well you know find another relationship or something because it’s just killing it so those are some things now nutritionally I think it’s going to help you and I think change of environment going for a long walks exercise is going to really help you but I want to just kind of mention this this thing that’s happening recently there’s a lot of people put on psych drugs Prozac medication okay now what’s going to happen in the next couple years you’re going to see a shift to another form of therapy which is pretty scary for depression and even anxiety and they’re going to use it under this classification of treatment resistance so if the drugs don’t work they do the next thing okay and it’s called deep brain stimulation and I’m not kidding you that’s actually used right now in a lot of hospitals even there’s four children’s centers around bottom Washington DC right now that use this therapy on kids I’m not kidding I’ll put some links down I don’t want to depress you any more but I want to increase your awareness and what’s going to happen what some doctors are shifting to some are going away from drugs into even ECT electric shock therapy for depression unfortunately that’s what’s going to be happening so I want your awareness to be very high and if you see this definitely object to it because when they do deep brain stimulation there’s two parts to it they basically lock up your skull and the first part is they drill two holes in your skull I’m not kidding and then what they do is they put two wires into the brain okay so that’s part one part two is they put a pacemaker type mechanism in your chest and then they can control it remotely and they run electricity to your brain and there’s actually hardly any Studies on this okay now there’s a builder trying to pass right now called the 21st century cure act and basically it’s calling to skip the scientifically sound and safety testing for new medical devices okay so they want to slip this in hopefully they won’t get it passed they flip this in with the FDA and now they don’t have to do testing to even see it is safe and use it even on children I’m not kidding watch the links down below and now some of you who don’t even want to know about this but I think it’s good to know about it because they’re really pushing this big time there’s even a facility in New York right now but they’re experimenting on kids and it’s just it’s sickening so they’re going from drugs now to this electrical device with actually no studies incredible and it’s because the drugs don’t work right so what I want you to do is get the word out about natural things that you can do because what’s happening now is there’s just no differentiation between cause and effect like they don’t medical profession especially psychiatrists don’t look at the cause and effect relationship they get it confused they say well depression causes insomnia insomnia causes depression they don’t really look at cause and effect okay so check out some links below thank you so much for watching and I’ll see in the next video

This Post Was All About Insomnia, Depression & Anxiety.
Insomnia, Depression & Anxiety

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Walking is the best exercise for calming the adrenals and helping your stress and sleep. Nutritional yeast will give you the B-vitamins to help your mood but your digestive system can be preventing your absorbing your B-vitamins. Hypothyroidism can also the underlying root:
The adrenal gland is usually behind the stress effect, which prevents sleep – this is called flight or fight. Too much coffee can prevent the adrenals from working correctly. Trauma, stress, too much of the news. You really need to control what you watch.
The 21st Century Cures Act (HR 6) is up for vote in the US Senate. Senate Majority Leader
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