Increase Strength and Stamina with D-Ribose: Thomas DeLauer

Increase Strength and Stamina with D-Ribose: Thomas DeLauer

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d-ribose The Forgotten sugar why am i calling it The Forgotten sugar because there’s not a lot of mainstream stuff out there on d-ribose but the scientific research and evidence is overwhelming and pretty darn amazing you see a lot of it comes back down to that topic that I’m always bringing up ATP adenosine triphosphate that regeneration of energy that we need to move our muscles to function our organs function our brain etc etc but what’s interesting about d-ribose is it may be showing the ability to reverse some actual damage to muscles by restoring ATP levels rapidly now a lot of this is being shown in cardiac patients being shown with cardiac muscle but I submit to you that we start taking it a step further and looking at how it works in the skeletal muscle system when it comes to fat loss when it comes to energy when it comes to recovery from working out so let’s talk a little bit about it I’m gonna start right out the gate with a study because I need to throw some science at you before I can justify what I’m really talking about this first study is taking two sets of subjects one subject is given d-ribose and another set of test subjects are not and then both sets of subjects were issued some form of artificial ischemia basically meaning restricted blood flow to the heart what could ordinarily cause a heart attack well the test subjects that had d-ribose in their system lasted 25% longer before having any kind of irreversible heart muscle damage basically what that is telling us is that the ATP was able to regenerate fast enough that the heart was able to beat fast enough hard enough and efficiently enough to keep it from ultimately dying when there was restricted blood flow simply because the energy metabolism was able to function now that right there is pretty amazing but then there’s one other study that kind of tacks on top of that it took 20 patients that had coronary artery disease and they gave half of those patients d-ribose and half of those patients they did not but what was interesting is that these patients that had coronary artery disease that were given d-ribose lasted 25% longer on a treadmill than those that did not that is pretty amazing as well essentially telling us that ATP production is there and the recovery is happening instead Dainius Lee now if you haven’t started to connect the dots you can see how this could play a part in your skeletal muscle as well just because a lot of the studies are related to cardiac muscle doesn’t mean that it doesn’t apply to skeletal muscle and to overall well-being and overall health and recovery so I want you to imagine if ATP regeneration were to happen so much faster all the time if ATP were to regenerate when you were just cooking in the kitchen or when you were waking up in the morning or when you were just walking the dog or when you were pumping iron at the gym or when you were just out going for a brisk cardio walk imagine if ATP was regenerating faster and you were able to elicit more of an energetic response you could change your life you really could just by making sure energy production is there now I hate to throw another study at you but again since the mainstream evidence isn’t really out there I have to reference these clinical studies but this one is a little bit more interesting because it’s referencing more on the performance side in the way of skeletal muscle which might apply more to you watching this video so this 2004 study took two groups of high-performance cyclists they had these cyclists ride their bikes aggressively for about a week so a cumulative buildup of high-intensity exercise for about a week then one group was given d-ribose for three days and another group was not well what was interesting the group that had deve ribose had an absolute full recovery of adenosine triphosphate they had full energy recovery whereas the other group was still completely depleted and had not recovered yet proving that d-ribose does play a big part in overall muscle recovery as well but this doesn’t just play a part with performance everybody like really we have to look at a lot of these illnesses we have to look at chronic fatigue syndrome we’ve got to look at things like fibromyalgia where people are always in pain are always fatigued you always feel like they’re not recovering and always a little bit sore and in pain or we have to look at even autoimmune diseases like Lyme disease like lupus even like Hashimoto where our bodies are attacking ourselves well if we have the energy to recover then I submit to you that we may be able to feel better now I’m not saying any of those conditions can be reversed but if we have the gee production then it means that we can recover and we may not feel the effects of chronic fatigue we may not feel the brain fog we may not feel the lactic acid buildup we may not feel that joint pain again it’s all speculative but it all comes down to mitochondrial health focusing on what you learned in biology class your sophomore here high school you probably forgot two days after you left the classroom but seeing how it really plays a part when it comes to feeling your best and getting the most out of your body okay now the question a lot of you are wondering is how much do you take how do you do this what do you take well I’m not a doctor so I can’t prescribe a specific amount even though it’s just an over-the-counter supplement but what I can say is what I’ve seen it’s that a simple five gram dose for a regular person that’s just looking for a little boost in energy is all it takes take in the morning take it at night whatever you please but if you’re looking for a little bit more maybe you’re suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome you’re trying to really get a boost you know you’re sleeping well but you need to get more well then you may want to look at taking like five grams three times per day evenly really support that mitochondria let it do its job so they can metabolize sugars sokka metabolize fat so you can stay lean say fresh and be on the top of your game you have any questions or any ideas on videos that you want me to do please please please post them in the comment section that’s what I look for I’m always looking for good ideas I’m always looking for ways to help you out so as always keep it locked in here in my videos stay tuned on my channel and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Increase Strength and Stamina with D-Ribose: Thomas DeLauer.
Increase Strength and Stamina with D-Ribose: Thomas DeLauer

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Increase Strength and Stamina with D-Ribose: Thomas DeLauer-
One of the forgotten supplements! This inexpensive vitamin is one of the many tricks that I have for unlocking your best self! To unlock your potential, head to
What is D-Ribose? D-Ribose is a simple sugar that has been shown in many studies to be helpful for producing ATP in cardiac patients. It is this ATP production that makes this supplement useful. Damaged muscles can in essence be revived with the ATP produced with D-Ribose.
In one study, one group of healthy animals were given supplemental D-ribose and another group of healthy animals was not. Both groups were then subject to experimental ischemia, where blood flow was restricted to their heart muscles. Those given the D-ribose lasted 25% longer before irreversible injury occurred. The muscles were found to have elevated levels of glycogen. In the same experiment they looked at hypertensive rats and performed the same experiment. In this experiment it was found that those who received the D-ribose supplement experienced improved ventricular function of up to 25%. This means that the heart was able to pump blood more effectively. D-ribose has also been shown to improve postischemic recovery of muscle function and energy stores. This means that those recovering from heart surgery can benefit from faster and more complete recovery.
Another study looked at 20 men who had coronary artery disease. They were randomly assigned either D-ribose or a placebo for three days. Before and after the treatment they were times on a treadmill – those with the D-ribose increased their walking time by 24%. It follows that supplementation would lead to increased ATP production in mitochondria throughout the body. Mitochondria are our energy power houses throughout our bodies. The faster energy production occurs, the more energy we will have. Exercise is crucial for our health and wellbeing. Many report energy being their reason that they do not exercise. Increased ATP production due to D-ribose supplementation leads to less “burn” following workouts due to more available energy at the skeletal muscle source.
A 2004 study looked at high intensity cycling and recovery time. All participants underwent one week of intensive intermittent exercise. One group was given D-ribose for three days after the workout week and the other group was given a placebo. ATP levels in skeletal muscle was found the have returned to normal in the D-ribose group, but was still depressed in the control group. This study suggests that the availability of ribose in the muscle is a limiting factor in the production of ATP. A 2006 study looked at 41 participants who experienced chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. The participants were given a questionnaire pre and post D-ribose supplementation. Patients reported improvement in all five categories: energy, sleep, mental clarity, pain intensity and well-being. 66% of patients experienced significant improvement.
How Much to Take:
This depends on why you are taking it – you want to take more if it is due to heart related problems. It is best to consult with your doctor on the right amount. Studies that found positive effects on heart muscles used about 14 grams to 60 grams per day. For general fatigue positive effects have been found at 5 grams, 3 times per day. This may be a good amount to begin with to see how you feel. If you feel healthy but would like to add the protective effects, just 5 grams per day may suffice.
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