Improve Your Sleep With Acupressure / Reduce Adrenal Stress To Get a Restful Sleep

Improve Your Sleep With Acupressure / Reduce Adrenal Stress To Get a Restful Sleep

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in this short video I’m gonna talk about what I do personally to help myself sleep each night I do a lot of activities to a day in the office and do workouts and I need to be able to sleep very very good and quickly so I can actually rejuvenate so I never go to bed with body stress so stress is stuck energy in the body so we’re going to be using acupressure with a device that I created to convert stuck energy which is stress in the body to available energy or relaxation because stuck energy is it’s like a tension in your body that won’t let it you relax all right so basically we’re actually fixing your brakes and taking the foot off the gas pedal all right so there’s two places that we’re going to be working on one is we’re gonna stimulate the relaxation centers in the body which happened to be back here just underneath the skull if there’s any doctors watching this the name of that area of the body is the the center their origin of the vagus nerve which is the parasympathetic and the heart of the locus coeruleus and the rathaiah nuclei but for though everyone else don’t worry about that all you need to know is that’s where the brake pads are or the on/off switch for your sleep so it’s right back there and we’re going to trigger that using acupressure before bed so we want to induce a relaxed state all we’re doing is we’re applying the brake pads so you can start to turn off but there might be a problem with the gas pedal the on switch the accelerator so number two we’re going to be doing some acupressure to turn off the flight or fight mechanism and there’s a lot more to this but I’m going to show you two of them today in this video on myself so you can see how it works and you can apply it to yourself as well and that happens to be in the abdomen area because if you think about it when you’re stressed you’ll notice that you have a lot of tension to your chest and abdomen it really tightens up through there so we’re going to be taking the foot off the gas pedal and applying the brakes to induce a really good Delta wave sleep so you can sleep through the night and wake up feeling rejuvenated so let’s show you how to do that okay so we have this device this is a I designed this a plastic device it’s a tripod so you can use it on different surfaces and it has different widths wide medium for different types of people now this is based on my hand with when I do acupressure I wanted to create something if I was going somewhere that I could do I could pressure myself so I created this for myself of course you can use it one as well so so the first Center we’re gonna put this on a tall back chair so I’m just going to show I’m gonna hook it right back here in the top part of my head right here and I’m just gonna allow my gravity of my head go back on those two points right there and you can see that it’s it’s actually triggering a stress release right now and I’m actually feeling really calm through my whole body and if I fall asleep you know I’ll try to wake up and finish this video but basically what’s happening now is I’m extracting stress from the the first Center and I’m actually kind of triggering the relaxation centers in the back of my upper neck and you can use this on a couch you can use this in your bed on a pillow or a tall back chair but you want to just set the top of your neck right underneath your skull and let gravity kind of come down and hold that pressure for two maybe three four minutes and you’re just gonna you’re just going to mount you want to take a nap and what I like to do is I’d like to also do a little lower do the lower parts of your neck because it’s going to pull a lot of stress to the entire neck and then I will take that’s the widest one right I will take the medium one and I’ll put that in the very lower part of my neck like right here yeah right here now if you can see that so we’re basically holding pressure and the lower part of my neck because that takes all the tension off the upper shoulders so I’m gonna go to bed and not have any tension in my shoulders so I will be working on all different all the different segments in my neck and just finding the tight spots and letting gravity kind of pull the stress out and again I use this on my pillow or a tall back chair basically I have one in my office in my house so I’ll do this in the topic chair my office I’ll walk to my room go to bed typically or I will go in my bed and use this as well but I like to use it in a chair or on the couch and right now just from that little bit of I did it opens up my neck my neck comes really loose and I feel really calm so that’s step one know step two because we’re going to take the longer portion and press it into some points in the abdomen about an inch to the right of your belly button and then we’re gonna press directly inward like this pressing in right like that and I’m going to hold this pressure not so it’s very painful but just so there’s pressure for about maybe a minute or so and it’s releasing stress it this takes the lot of the flight-or-fight stress out of your body so I’ll hold this and then I’ll go up an inch okay so I’m actually an inch to the right of the belly button going straight up to the bottom of the ribcage and then I’ll work a little higher higher and up till I get to the rib cage and I’ll just hold this okay then I go to the other side and I’ll press a one-inch to the left of the belly button press straight in and hold that and kind of go up those points right there and I will probably do this one and bad because it’s a little more comfortable and I’ll just take my hand and let gravity pull it in there and take stress out of the abdomen now what I did is I created a little bit of a download below of these points if you want to see a visual and relationship to the belly button in the ribcage but I do this each night before I go to bed because it keeps the stress off my body so this particular mechanism down here works on taking the foot off the gas pedal and then this one up here works on stimulating the brake pads so you really create a relaxed state so you can really go to a lot faster I just want to show you this great technique so if you wanted to get one of these you can go ahead and order one to my left actually your right my left and get it and then I actually give you more videos on using it in through the entire body it’s a very simple device it would be cool also to use this on the plane if you’re applying somewhere the problem is they they made I think it’s a weapon of mass destruction so I guess it could be but I doubt it so you might want to just put in your suitcase and do it when you get there to handle the jet lag so that’s just two different uses of this device and there’s many other ones but I think that should actually get you started so I hope you enjoyed the video I will see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Improve Your Sleep With Acupressure / Reduce Adrenal Stress To Get a Restful Sleep.
Improve Your Sleep With Acupressure / Reduce Adrenal Stress To Get a Restful Sleep

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0:00-2:00 Intro on stress
0:21-0:47 What is stress and how to use acupressure
0:48-1:35 Stimulate relaxation centers
1:36-2:16 Turn off stress (flight or fight mechanism)
2:17-3:53 Demo of Acupressure – upper neck
3:54-3:59 Demo of Acupressure – lower neck
4:00-6:17 Step 2 – abdomen
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Dr. Berg discusses what he does to help himself to sleep each night which includes certain exercise and activities. In this video, Dr. Berg explains stuck energy and how to release it through acupressure.
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