Important Lesson From the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918

Important Lesson From the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918

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so I’d like to tell you what I’ve learned from the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 a very interesting story not sure if you know about this but back in 1918 fifty to a hundred million people died worldwide of this Spanish flu now that’s very very strange that that many people would died worldwide just out of the blue and there’s several very interesting things about this okay number one they didn’t really die of the virus itself okay the virus was involved but it wasn’t the thing that killed them fairly recently they did autopsies on some bodies that they dug up from this time period and they found something very interesting they found that the majority of deaths occurred because of these two things right here ARDS which is acute respiratory distress syndrome which is a situation where the lung is filling up with fluid so the alveoli in the lung which exchanged the oxygen and the co2 basically just filled up with fluid and the fluid got outside the lung and the person basically drownded within their own fluid there was also a lot of mucus in there so the mucus kind of got stuck in the lung on top of that there was a super infection involving bacteria okay so the combination of bacteria with this fluid created the deaths now there are some other things that were very very strange as well because a good portion of these deaths involved people in their 20s normally the flu affects young children and elderly people not in this situation so I’m going to come back to that in a minute but first I want to tell you what occurred about four years previous to this event okay well 1918 you got 1914 you had World War one okay that was worldwide what are some of the changes that occurred well we had a huge shift in diet because we had to transport food great distances and you have to preserve the food so they did a lot of canning okay and by the way when you canned food you really do increase the zinc in food now zinc important in the immune system just slightly so we have the transportation of food change and the food change not only occurred with the military but it occurred with people at home as well because they did food rationing no longer did you have the variety of food the fresh vegetables you had several foods a good amount of it was preserved okay so what does this mean it basically means we created a lot of nutritional deficiencies if you create these nutritional deficiencies over a period of four years you’re really going to increase the susceptibility to get any infection now the next question that I wanted to know is what month did the Spanish flu a curb take a while guess if you guess January you are correct now what is unique about the month January January is at the peak of vitamin D deficiencies and when you have a low vitamin D your immune system just does not work that well in fact vitamin D innervates every single white blood cell and without enough vitamin D the risk factor of getting lung problems like ARDS or pneumonia go way up also asthma as well so vitamin D helps your lungs it acts as cortisol it’s an anti-inflammatory helps your immune system and when you’re low in vitamin D you’re at risk of all sorts of things I’m going to show you an interesting chart and I’ll put a link down below this is basically a chart of the seasons of the year and what type of illnesses people get if you look at the winter months you have a huge increase in risk of getting upper respiratory tract infections increase relapses of MS which is an autoimmune disease and other autoimmune diseases okay because vitamin D is involved with that also increase risk of getting F seen bar virus coming out of remission Rhino virus which is all the sign of stuff type 1 diabetes risk factors go up as well as an increased risk of getting bacterial infections but not only that children that are born in the winter months have higher risks of a mess down the road and ulcerative colitis and there’s an increased risk of mothers getting gestational diabetes fascinating so vitamin D is really really important in your immune system so as you can see there’s this perfect storm we have a virus involved we have nutritional deficiencies that are setting the person up for these infections we have low vitamin D but why did so many people die in their 20s okay well this is why during that period of time bear as in Bayer Aspirin ran out of their patents okay so you had a lot of other companies coming in to sell and make aspirin now at that time they didn’t really know and the deadly toxic effects of high levels of aspirin they were giving people 1300 milligrams every single hour for 12 hours okay and one of the side effects of doing that is pulmonary edema which is going to fill up the lungs with fluid and another side effect is to increase the bacteria loans now the combination of the aspirin and the vitamin D deficiency and other nutritional deficiencies altogether was responsible for those deaths so what have I learned from this I’ve learned the importance the vital importance of nutrients and preventing health problems you see when someone has a health problem very rarely do they look at the nutritional deficiency condition that set them up for getting sick but it is one of the most important factors in bulletproofing your immune system but the problem is here you have people that eat junk food and they’re exposed to pollution and toxins in the environment but you really can’t see a deficiency of something it’s kind of a no problem of omission it doesn’t draw your attention because it’s subtle you don’t have to have a major vitamin deficiency it could be subclinical the only way you’re going to know is if someone tells you number one the importance in this link of nutritional deficiencies and bulletproofing your immune system and also in addition to that the key foods that you to be focusing on to make sure that you’re not deficient in the first place and for that I put some links down below thanks for watching if you’re 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This Post Was All About Important Lesson From the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918.
Important Lesson From the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918

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Today, I want to share a little bit about what I learned from the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. 
This is an interesting story about an incredibly deadly flu. It’s estimated that the Spanish flu caused 50 to 100 million deaths worldwide. 
Interesting things about the 1918 flu pandemic:
1. They didn’t really die from the virus itself. The majority of deaths occurred because of:
• Superinfection
2. Many of these deaths involved people in their 20’s. Why?
• People were getting too much aspirin. 
• Four years earlier, there was a huge shift in diet. There was a lot more canned food, which decreases zinc in food. There also wasn’t much of a variety of food available. This caused nutritional deficiencies. 
• The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic occurred in January, which is the peak time for vitamin D deficiencies. In the winter months, the risk of illnesses like upper respiratory infections goes way up.
What is the main thing I’ve learned from the flu pandemic? — The importance of nutrition. There is a link between nutritional deficiencies and health problems. Getting the nutrients you need is one of the most important factors in preventing health problems. 
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