IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 8 | Squat Day & Cereal Gains

IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 8 | Squat Day & Cereal Gains

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I’ve got to be honestly guys yesterday I ate 600 grams of carbs mostly from Rice Krispies cereal and pretzels and I don’t think today’s weigh-in is gonna go well but we’ll find out wait this morning is 206 point for considering how much I binge last night I’m actually really really happy with that way and plus it’s actually lower than my weekly average weight from the previous week so that’s awesome to actually check out my calendar guys you know I love tracking everything on this thing last week I gained 0.15 percent of my body weight and my weekly average weight was 206 point seven this week and this is gonna be my first full week at 300 grams of carbs I’m already below last week’s average weigh-in so that just means reverse diet is going really really well right now [Music] so breakfast today is 380 grams of sweet potato with 5 grams of olive oil a little bit of salt 180 grams of the shredded chicken with 2 servings or like 110 grams of low calorie pizza sauce some pizza sauce shredded chicken really looking forward to this and then two eggs with like a tablespoon or two vanilla unsweetened almond milk if you’ve never put almond milk in your scrambled eggs before really should give that a shot it’s so delicious and then this I’ve already started on it the cran lemonade is my favorite flavor guys and you know I’m obsessed with this stuff so probably gonna drink this whole thing before I get to work today yeah that’s breakfast thought it was gonna be a lot colder outside today cuz it’s just so gloomy I’m looking outside the window from my apartment and just thinking it’s gonna suck going outside today you remember when I said I had those three favorite things about fall well some of my least favorite things about fall is the fact that it gets dark really early now it’s pretty much always gloomy and it’s about to get really really cold here [Music] done with work for today all packed up heading to the gym leg day like I was saying trying to do triples on squaw totally random guys but it’s happening to me all day my phone is saying 3G and it’s like not even if it says 3G on my phone today the internet doesn’t work so like it’s not 3G it’s like poop G 3G wasn’t really that much slower than LTE Rison get your together [Music] hitting 324 five sets of three today is a huge confidence boost my knee felt great my back felt great my confidence is just growing with every squad session and that makes me really really happy so I’m excited for you guys to see this kind of journey back to squatting and I think it’s gonna be really interesting and you guys are gonna see some serious squat gains post-workout meal today is 180 grams of shredded chicken a little bit of hot sauce from the restaurant five grams of olive oil 140 grams of frozen strawberries because it’s a full-day meeting so I have to have frozen strawberries and two servings 170 grams of some mini bell peppers you guys know kind of been obsessed with these lately and my treat I was at the store running some errands for the restaurant earlier came across these and never had these before they sound delicious I’m a sucker for all things pumpkin spice and I love Cheerios so this kind of sounds like a match made in heaven course I’ve got my milk on the side that’s two servings 56 grams of Cheerios two cups of vanilla sweet melon milk the only size box of Cheerios I could get was the size that feeds a family of 20 so if these are bad I’m gonna have a whole lot of wasted Cheerios I could dig this mm-hmm does this mean I’m basic guys probably means I’m basic those Cheerios are so spicy there’s so much nutmeg and cinnamon might my tongue is no do you buy these buy them maybe don’t buy the the box it beats 20 people now I am the worst husband in the world the ELISA had a kickball game tonight for work but I was supposed to go I totally forgot about it this is like the most serious school kickball game I’ve ever seen in my entire life there’s like a bunch of food trucks there’s like seven food trucks a bounce house over here alyssa is getting food from the tie me up food truck how’s the pad thai guys we’re close not really Melissa and I are back home for the kickball game she’s so upset because she made this like amazing catch out there but the camera I brought for the to the kickball game it doesn’t like really zoom in so I I didn’t get it and I’m sorry that I didn’t get your amazing catch it was amazing but seeing her eat pad thai kind of got me in the mood for noodles and shrimp and veggies you guys saw me make this in the last full day of eating video it’s two servings of the explorer’ Asian soy bean pasta which by itself is 50 grams of protein and then three servings of shrimps of 255 grabs the shrimp in two servings of fire roasted veggies in this little container itself is like 100 grams of protein so tons of protein here and then two servings 280 grams of frozen strawberries because I am obsessed with frozen strawberries I’m doing damage on those pumpkin spice Cheerios guys last meal today is two servings of the Cheerios and half a serving rice krispies just having like a cereal moment right now my kitchen and there’s like a sip of vanilla unsweetened almond milk left so I’m gonna have this as well as far as my macros for the day 224 grams of protein 303 grams of carbs 47 grams of fiber and 51 grams of fat so basically that means that my numbers exactly how I want to hit him which is awesome because I didn’t do that yesterday I think I’m gonna call it a night here guys I think I’m gonna have a blog here pretty tired if he can’t tell him my face oh this looks pretty dire right now good night guys hope you enjoyed the vlog

This Post Was All About IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 8 | Squat Day & Cereal Gains.
IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 8 | Squat Day & Cereal Gains

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IIFYM Full Day Of Eating Ep. 8 | Squat Day & Cereal Gains
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