IIFYM Full Day of Eating Ep.6 | 50oz Steak Challenge | Push Day

IIFYM Full Day of Eating Ep.6 | 50oz Steak Challenge | Push Day

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breakfast today guys you’ve seen some type of variation of this in a few other full days of eating but 180 grams of ninety-nine percent lean ground turkey four servings of low sugar ketchup and this is 1 egg 2 egg whites brown rice about the weigh-ins lately guys 207 205 and then three straight days of 20 6.8 a little bit ever than last week but no big deal and today it’s September 22nd which means fall begins I’m actually a really big fan of fall for a few reasons number one sweaters number two flannels and number three apple cider if you don’t know anything about Buffalo we have like eight months of winter we’ve like a week of spray it’s a joke spring as a joke here we have three months of summer then we have like a month of fall and fall just like the most wonderful time here all leaves changed beautiful go apple picking pumpkin picking tons of stuff to do here this is like the smallest fork that I own does anybody else to do this do you do use small utensils to make yourself feel like you’re eating more food that’s what I’m doing right now get excited cuz this is the first push day that you’re seeing on the channel you might have more talent than me you might be smarter than me but if we get on the treadmill together right there’s two things you’re getting off first or I’m gonna die it’s really that simple where I excel is ridiculous sickening work ethic you know while the other guys sleeping I’m working what other guys eaten I’m working the first step before anybody else in the world believes it is you have to believe it there’s no reason to have a plan because it distracts from plan a overall I only showed you guys half the work out first of all you saw let you know that I did do a lot more hypertrophy stuff afterwards but as far as bench goes pretty happy with 315 for 3 today and then 3054 to definitely exceeded my expectations why should have had a meal like a snack like a small meal before the lift today because one of the worst things is getting hungry while you’re working out and I just found myself halfway through lift just being like hungry and just could tell my energy was not the same for the second half the lift so you guys didn’t miss anything but right now I’m gonna go home I’m gonna eat some chili I think some of that chili that you guys have to try it’s gonna be a recipe for the channel really soon and it’s super good every serving it’s like a negligible amount of fat which is perfect because I’m getting that steak with my dad a little bit and then 25 grams of carbs and like six grams of protein so this is three servings of the chili 75 grams of carbs mixed in with 200 grams of ninety-nine percent lean ground turkey and then because health 140 grams of frozen blueberries with 210 grams of frozen strawberries Alyssa and I are being wrestlers for Halloween and she’s like so excited he’s really in Halloween this year yes put it on put it on it looks awesome babe everybody dad dad everybody dad is a big steak fan it’s the one of his favorite foods so he’s excited about this then we’ll never stop beeping huh you know this time yeah eventually make your right direction same thing yeah you can ride a bicycle and drink at the same time yeah this is a nice area down here isn’t it for drunks she sees you she’s quite the do what I’m told such a weird kid oh you were a weird kid now you’re weird adult they give you these complimentary homemade sweet potato chips with your meal and they’re absolutely delicious what do you think that i think i’ve taken a half home at least how many ounces is this in 1348 and more depending on what they thought that is before they right oh my god is a beautiful steak it’s huge are you impressed dead oh yeah that I finished no pretty much all of this and then perhaps with you because thanks dad oh okay I love you but I just got back to my apartment and I calculated my macros when way over on protein but I want to show you guys a little tip if you screw up your macros the biggest thing is hitting your calorie goal so on way over my protein but I didn’t eat a lot of carbs today and because of that i’m actually going to hit pretty much my calorie goal for the day so check it out my macro goal for the day proteinwise was 220 grams I went over that by eight nine grams my macro goal for carbs for the day was 275 grams i mutter that x 125 grams and carbs and protein have the same chloric value so I’m actually under my calorie total between those two and then fat my macro goal was 50 grams fat I hit 57 so in case you guys go way over one of your macros like I didn’t I way over my protein just under eat some of the other macros don’t use as many as you’re supposed to hit your calorie goal for the day because that’s the most important thing anyways and I’d say you solve a problem I think we’re cold night here I’m going to head upstairs hang out the listed for a little bit hope you enjoy the episode I’ll catching the next one it’s the next morning guys and I’m just about to do my daily way and let’s see how much weight I gained from eating that 50 on steak I actually lost weight after eating all that meat last night

This Post Was All About IIFYM Full Day of Eating Ep.6 | 50oz Steak Challenge | Push Day.
IIFYM Full Day of Eating Ep.6 | 50oz Steak Challenge | Push Day

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IIFYM Full Day of Eating Ep.6 | 50oz Steak Challenge | Push Day
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