IIFYM Full Day of Eating #9 | Deadlifts 405×7 | Form Over Ego

IIFYM Full Day of Eating #9 | Deadlifts 405×7 | Form Over Ego

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we this morning is 205 point for all these Wayne’s are about 20 5 206 but they’re less than last week’s weekly have a twin of 20 6.7 and that’s important because my number one goal with this reverse diet is metabolic repair and increasing my metabolic capacity I’m smart enough to know at this stage of my lifting career I’ve been lifting for 15 years and at my age I’m 28 I’m not going to make a ton of mass gains not going to put on a bunch of muscle and like the 12 to 16 weeks that I have before I have to start diet again again for the competition so I want to try to increase my metabolism as much as I can during this process and gain as a little amount of weight I don’t mind getting a little weight because maybe i will make some mass gains but i know that i’m not making like five pounds of muscle gains here so seeing those weigh-ins lower than last week is awesome because it means that i’m probably going to be able to make another jump in my macros at the end of this week and also just proves that my metabolic capacity has been increasing i’m handling more carbs and calories better i’m not getting any weight and reverse dieting is just going to plan right now breakfast this morning guys is 180 grams of shredded chicken yes I’m still eating the shredded chicken from the crock pot and four servings of reduce your ketchup also you can every every full day of eating guys 2 eggs 1 serving a brown rice the reason why I this is pretty much my standard go to right now for breakfast is because I know it’s going to digest well and I usually go to the gym shortly after this I go to the restaurant I open it up and then I go to the gym so I know that if I eat this I don’t have to worry about being bloated or anything like that and that’s important you want to have a meal before the gym that you could kind of count on that you’re not going to get hungry during the gym and I can get bloated during the gym you’re just going to feel awesome you have a good workout and this sort of a meal is the meal for me so I just got to the gym and today is a high volume deadlift day I’m doing sets of seven reps hopefully like five sets of seven at like a low 400-pound range now feel my best though I woke up a bunch of times in the middle of the night last night I’m just feeling tired I felt feeling I’m going to pick up like that first 45-pound plate to load onto the bar and it’s going to feel a lot heavier than 45 pounds today was just not my day and after the third set of four or five I realized you know what I’m just not going to hit five sets of 4 or 5 47 and I’m probably not gonna hit one set with actually really good form so I’m going to decrease the weight and do some reps with insects with good form so I just finished the lift guys and even though I didn’t hit the lower 400s for multiple sets of seven like I wanted to I was still very happy with what I was able to do in hitting 374 multiple sets of seven with some very good form was it positive and then the rest of my pull workout went really well too for some reason all this just sounds delicious right now and I know when you see what I’m about to eat you’re gonna think to yourself what are you thinking this is weird so sorry things off main course is one and a half servings of the soy bean pasta explore cuisine soy bean pasta they guys know I’ve really been liking lately four servings of fire roasted veggies 250 grams of 95 5 lean ground beef and four servings of low-calorie pizza how good does this look then I’m having two servings 56 grams of pretzel crisps because I’m obsessed with pretzels and if you’ve never had pressed with crisps before first of all you’re missing out and then second of all if you like pretzels and you’ve never had these how what like these are the best guys then I’m going to have two servings 56 grams of cookie crisp that is my cereal of choice tonight two servings two cups of vanilla unsweetened almond milk and one cup of frozen blueberries and one cup of frozen strawberries so I’m figuring out kind of what I have left macro eyes for the rest of the day and I have enough for one more serving of cookie crisp and one more serving of pretzel crisps also doing a hundred and 80 grams of shredded chicken this is actually the last of the shredded chicken that I have and then that’s going to be it for my macros who they hit the macros pretty much spot on I’ll show you guys in the second but when I get together this last meal first so here’s the final total for today guys 227 grams of protein 303 grams of carbs 42 which is fiber and 56 grams of fat anyways guys i think i’m going to call it a night here i hope you enjoy the blog probably shorter than normal because nothing exciting happened but i will see you in the next one

This Post Was All About IIFYM Full Day of Eating #9 | Deadlifts 405×7 | Form Over Ego.
IIFYM Full Day of Eating #9 | Deadlifts 405x7 | Form Over Ego

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Full Day of Eating 9 | Deadlifts 405×7 | Form Over Ego
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