Hypothyroid Supplement Tips

Hypothyroid Supplement Tips

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hey dr. Berg here this short video I’m going to talk about some of the best hypothyroid supplements and you can take the problem with most thyroid supplements is they treat the thyroid which is the exact opposite thing you want to do because of this and if this is very important because most thyroid cases or hypothyroid cancers are secondary to something else they’re not usually a problem in the thyroid directly and so when you treat them with this or this supplement or iodine whatever you don’t really get anywhere I have a ton of people who are taking thyroid medication actual hormones and they’re still tired and they’re still fat it’s not working so chances are there’s something else causing it and these are the two most common things that will cause a thyroid problem number one is a lack of bile b.i le5 is the fluid that comes out of liver and it helps to break down fats it’s like the detergent that breaks down the grease on your hands but we have it in our liver and without bile you get bloating burping nauseous you get right shoulder pain because the livers on the right side so you and you might get headaches and then because you don’t absorb vitamin A you get dry eyes and night vision issues you don’t absorb any of the fat soluble vitamins like vitamin D so there goes the calcium it might get some depression and when you eat you’re not satisfied because without this bile you can’t pull the nutrients but the biggest thing is that you t4 out of the thyroid that’s the inactive thyroid hormone goes to the liver and converts to t3 t3 is the active form that does all the work so what probably happening is you don’t have enough file you can’t convert this thyroid and you end up having thyroid symptoms but never really get anywhere because you don’t have this digestive thing tweaked so if this is your situation very simple remedy you can do it’s called bio formula gallbladder formula which has bile salts in it and it has a lot of other things that will help lubricate the duct help dissolve any stones or crud in there and it supports the liver so this would be good for that gall bladder formula to help you give you a little bile to lubricate the colon especially if you don’t even have a gall bladder anymore so you need some bile you can get some violet to grocery store I mean the healthy store as well I just had the one that has a couple other things that for the liver anyway we want this conversion and then number two the other situation that will cause a hypothyroid is high estrogen and that’s called estrogen dominant and that’s because the ovaries are pumping out too much estrogen so it’s really a high per ovary yeah so that estrogen that builds up will kind of cut down and block the thyroid from functioning so anytime you have high estrogen you’re going to have a low thyroid and that’s why women that go through pregnancy the end up with a lot of thyroid problems afterwards so if we want to support the ovary directly we want we don’t want to support the hormone we want to support that gland I use the product it’s called ovary support formula and this product tends to help normalize function of the ovary but again we’re not treating diseases go see your doctor for that this is just new trishal support to help maintain a healthy endocrine system so those are the two tips that I have for supplements and you may want to try them and I think you’re going to get a little bit better results

This Post Was All About Hypothyroid Supplement Tips.
Hypothyroid Supplement Tips

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There are several suggested supplements for a slow thyroid that does not treat the thyroid directly. Before you take any supplements for your thyroid, check with your doctor. This advice is not meant to replace medical care or for the treatment of thyroid disease. These are just some tips on how nutrition may improve normal thyroid function.
However, it’s important to know these 3 things.
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