Hypo and Hyper Thyroid Simplified

Hypo and Hyper Thyroid Simplified

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hey today we’re going to talk about hyper what’s the difference between hyperthyroidism and hypo well I’m going to talk about hyper hypo any gland on the body I want to give you some principles on that hyper means too much excess and hypo means a deficiency or not enough of something so if we relating it to the thyroid for example let’s just take a look at how this works you have a gland that originates or communicates a hormone hormones or communications so the gland makes the hormone it produces and receives the hormone going back because these hormones are on a kind of an on-off feedback loop and so they come back in the influence over here and they call that negative and positive feedback so if I were to talk to you right now and you were to receive that message through your ear into your brain and then give me some acknowledgement that would be the feedback I’m talking about so then I would feel I would be heard and I would need to continue talking anymore so a good example is just with your kids if they’re listening to you and they comply with doing the dishes then you don’t need to say anything else right so but if that thing is ignored oh my goodness then that gland will start working hyper mode and start producing more and more and more communication so in some cases what causes a hyper is the failing of the returned communication to turn that thing off because the off switch is not is broken ok so that’s one thing and so that’s one thing and then the other thing is that the environment your glands are very sensitive to your environment and stress and whatever your experience in your environment stress can definitely cause a hyper mode especially in the adrenal glands the stress glands on top of the kidney if you’re always stressed out that adrenal is going to pump a lot of adrenaline and cortisol out and you start getting away you can’t sleep and you start breaking down you start getting older all these wonderful things or right so I had this lady who had this problem and she went in a very very long trip overseas in a part of the country that is on some country that’s very very laid back and showed out all of her adrenal symptoms just cleared up like that all of her endocrine symptoms that she had from a hyper state just completely went away and she started losing weight and she was not actually cutting calories and she was eating worse actually eating more fat in more calories and things and even sweets so she comes back eats less eats better and then falls apart again so I know for a fact that stress can majorly influence your glands your gland health and they usually kind of what they’ll do they’ll initially make it hyper and then you burn out and then it becomes a hypo so hypose can come from a long-term burnout of pushing pushing pushing pushing accumulating stress getting old and then just kind of going downhill but also your foods can influence this as well and especially with the gland called the pancreas when you eat sugar that pancreas responds by pumping out insulin to lower the sugar in your blood so if you’re doing this too much and I love I love how people say well I’m just eating normal amounts of sugar wait a second what is normal amounts of sugar the average person has 145 pounds of sugar a year like even a cup of so a juice for example has like what 13 teaspoons that’s like way way way way too much and that’s enough to really jack up and hyper that pancreas to the point of creating a trauma every time you eat something like that and then eventually becomes a hypo and you get diabetes type 1 where you don’t produce the insulin anymore and then you’re you’re pretty much screwed so diet can influence the gland stress and one more thing it’s called endocrine disruptors and those are the chemicals in the environment that’s that’s the food that chemicals in the food the hormones and the food the and products the genetically modified foods the pesticides in the foods all that greatly influences the gland because it acts like a sturgeon that’s why they call it not just endocrine disruptors but that region disruptors as well so an endocrine disruptors anything that mimics estrogen so we’re going to just shut that thing down and we’re going to create a little cyst in nodules so if people have like nodules in their thyroid or assist in their thyroid or a growth or fibrocystic browser or cysts on the ovaries what that comes from is environmental estrogen mimickers and so in that case they need to clean that up clean up the diet and start consuming foods that are anti estrogen ik like the cruciferous vegetables and one thing about those sista as a remedy sea kelp is a really good thing for nodules especially of the breast and ovaries the ovary and breast respond very very good to seek help fYI that’s like seaweed so those are the three things that highly influence whether someone’s hyper or hypo hyper is more of an endocrine disruptor situation unless it’s the pancreas and then it’s sugar well unless it’s the adrenal and then it’s stress but the point is that any one of these can either make you hyper or hypo and you just have to do this one last technique to figure it out ask yourself when did you start noticing signs of hyper or hypo and then what occurred just before that and you’re going to find you’re going to get a clue as a diet change a stress change or an exposure to some endocrine disrupter hope that help I’ll see you next video

This Post Was All About Hypo and Hyper Thyroid Simplified.
Hypo and Hyper Thyroid Simplified

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There are some key differences between hypo and hyper thyroid, and for that matter all glands. You have a feedback mechanism that controls things called negative and positive. Negative feedback occurs when the gland creates the effect and the signal is sent back turning off the gland. This can be applied to hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, Graves and many other types of conditions.
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