How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Achieve Results Faster

How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Achieve Results Faster

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you can use intermittent fasting for just about any kind of diet strategy whether you are trying to burn fat or you’re trying to build muscle or you’re trying to maintain or you’re trying to get healthier so what I want to provide to you in this video is how you can utilize intermittent fasting for different diet patterns right in this case we’re going to touch on three we’re gonna talk about intermittent fasting or fat loss we’re gonna talk about intermittent fasting and utilized in a muscle building method and then we’re gonna talk about intermittent fasting just for diet maintenance because there’s slightly different strategies for each so we’ll break it all down have some fun with this hey I wanna make sure you hit that red subscribe button hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications so you know whenever I’m posting new videos all the time okay so here’s the thing we have to remember a diet does not mean that you’re just trying to lose weight right a diet could mean anything in fact it’s a noun so it means that you’re just the food that you eat it’s just period right it’s a diet so it’s not a something that you’re taking action and doing it’s just your daily life so let’s break down how intermittent fasting is a tool for these different things first off fat loss let’s talk about how this looks when you are using intermittent fasting for fat loss means it all comes down to spontaneous and sporadic caloric reduction okay there are lots of benefits with intermittent fasting I talk about them all the time but when it comes down to just the basics of fat loss it’s all about quite honestly shocking the body sporadic and spontaneous caloric reduction is what is going to allow the body to sort say well wait a minute we have to upregulate these different fat burning enzymes in these different processes so that’s the way we have to look at it for example catecholamines something that I talked about all the time catecholamines are like adrenaline epinephrine all these things now when were under stress because it’s a sudden random restriction of calories well of course we’re gonna have an upregulation this catecholamines that increase something called protein kinase a ok now protein kinase a does a bunch of different things but in this particular case we’re talking about how it goes through what’s called phosphorylation so phosphorylates parry Lipan and ultimately unlocks hormone sensitive lipase what is all this complicated gobbledygook okay it simply means that when we have adrenaline and epinephrine because we’ve shocked the body by periodically fasting not fasting every day but shocking the body we basically unlock the ability for fat to be acted upon by the hormones that would allow it to get burnt okay otherwise facking it mobilized but it doesn’t necessarily get acted upon by the right mechanisms within the body to get burned so it’s very very important when you’re utilizing fasting as a fat loss tool that it’s somewhat random when you fast so that means you’re not fasting every single day possibly not even fasting every other day you’re trying to shock the body by periodically aggressively fasting for 16 18 20 sometimes 24 hours sometimes even longer that’s going to get you the biggest benefit because it’s also going to alter what it’s called the AMPK levels within your body you see a and PK is like an energy sensor so think of it like this you slow down on your calorie consumption or you restrict calories well all of a sudden your body’s like no hate it there’s no fuel so the fuel gauge kind of has a reverse energy sensor that says well there’s no fuel coming in so we need to start burning the fuel that’s in our body because otherwise we’re going to starve so we want to activate this AMPK we want to get it up regulated because that’s what’s gonna allow us to burn more fat okay now this has a close tie in with of course those catecholamines that we are talking about so what I mean by that is when adrenaline epinephrine are upregulated because we’re shocking the body then we get that ampk activation that allows us to ultimately burn fat from our stored tissues right but the other long-standing benefit that we have to look at is an indirect increase in mitochondrial biogenesis now what does that mean that means that we potentially increase the amount of mitochondria that we have and we increase the potency of that mitochondria which is the energy powerhouse within our cell so by intermittent fasting we make it so that our cells can utilize more energy they can take the fat that gets mobilized and use it more efficiently so this means that we have a long standing effect when we intermittent fast but this long standing effect can only be activated if intermittent fasting becomes a shock you see if you get to a point where intermittent fasting just becomes such the norm where you don’t feel like you’re getting the fat-burning effect from it you’ve probably fasted too much and that means you need to reel it back and make it so that fasting always remains the catalyst that extra shock to the body it’s also really important when you’re looking at the fat loss side of things that you train in a fasted state okay because training working out exercising is going to trigger that adrenaline an epinephrine even more okay the British Journal of nutrition published an interesting study they took 12 subjects half of them fasted and half of them did not fast prior to a 10:00 a.m. workout after the workout they gave them a chocolate protein shake and then a few hours later they gave them pasta okay and they wanted to see how a how much pasta they would eat but B who burned more fat well the interesting thing is the fasted group that group that trained fasted and then worked out they didn’t eat any more pasta than the other group so people would typically argue that well if you go to the gym and you’re on an empty stomach you’re just gonna eat more later to make up for it no rant wrong it didn’t work that way they didn’t eat more than the other group the interesting thing is they burned 20% more fat in the group that ate before their workout so it’s kind of funny at the end of the day the calories were about the same but the group that ended up fasting before their workout burn 20% more fat another thing that we have to pay attention to when you’re looking at the fat loss side of things is utilize caffeine okay caffeine is going to stop the breakdown of cyclic adenosine monophosphate basically it stops the breakdown of what would allow fat loss to be inhibited so normally we have these mechanisms that stop fat loss well if we have caffeine it stops that breakdown but green tea is probably the best thing you even have during a fast simply because it’s going to stop the breakdown of the catecholamines so remember the catecholamines I’m keep talking about adrenaline epinephrine green tea stops the breakdown of those so if you have adrenaline released in your body it only has a certain shelf life in your body before it starts to break down but there’s something in green tea that makes it so that they don’t break down as fast so it means you get the shock effect of a fast for a longer period of time by consuming green tea during their fast okay unsweetened simple green tea yeah what’s really really really important that I cannot stress this enough for intermittent fasting for diet reasons whether it be fat loss or muscle building how you break your fast is the mos
t important thing and those of you that watch my channel are laughing because they’re saying like Thomas you can’t sound like more of a broken record and when you break your fast it needs to be lean it needs to be simple and it just needs to be protein for the most part so I usually recommend a protein shake or lean piece of chicken or a lean bit of ground turkey and then like you know then 60 minutes later then have a normal meal the point is you need to control it because your body is so insulin sensitive what you can at that point in time at the end of a fast is everything that is what your body is going to take in and absorb I usually utilize pea protein so this is where I’d say I highly recommend Sun warrior because Sun Warrior has a warrior blend that’s what it’s called and it’s a mix of hemp and pea protein that way I’m kind of keeping an anti-inflammatory because I don’t get the dairy from the way but I’m also getting the amino acids and the big protein spike that I need to actually absorb that protein right then and there at the end of a fast then it’s a she AIT’s me so I don’t feel like I need to go into the pantry and raid the pantry and then you know I have 60 minutes until my next meal so it’s perfect works if you’re on keto or if you’re not on keto whatever so I put a link down below because it’s my recommendation I highly recommend that you check that out if your internet and fasting it’s a perfect thing to break your fast with but now let’s go ahead and let’s move into the next phase muscle building so you’re sitting here thinking internet and fasting can’t work for me it’s fasting how does that how do I build muscle without eating intermittent fasting is a tool it is not something where you just are gonna fast for the rest of your life you periodically fast to obtain a metabolic benefit so if we get you that metabolic benefit what’s gonna improve your metabolism and what improves when you have a good metabolism your muscle okay if you have a fast good revving metabolism you will have good strong muscle you just need to make sure that you eat accordingly and get enough calories and plain and simple so let’s take a look at what’s important with intermittent fasting here when you’re fasting you develop a high degree of insulin sensitivity that means you’re going a period of time without eating so your body ends up getting really insulin sensitive so when you do eat it’s going to absorb whatever is that you can sue now there are multiple studies that show that a post prandial increase in insulin activates what is called mTOR mammalian target of rat myosin which is as far as we know at this point in time probably the biggest driver for muscle growth and protein synthesis we have to remember building muscle is not about just how many calories you can get in and in lifting heavy things it’s about activating the cellular pathways that tell your body hey this guy is building muscle okay there are systems and processes and switches that are in place inside our body that are far beyond just the basics eat a lot of calories and lift the – wait okay we want to trigger mTOR the best way to trigger mTOR is with a good strong controlled insulin spike so what’s cool is that digestive disease week in 2019 release some interesting science okay they found that intermittent fasting or fasting in general increased what is called tropomyosin it’s a specific protein that also increases insulin sensitivity so what I mean by this is simply this when your fasting you’re not eating so you’re already increasing your insulin sensitivity but it just so turns out that by very fasting process in itself you trigger this stress response that causes proteins to increase in this case tropomyosin so we’re not only increasing insulin sensitivity acutely but we’re potentially increasing insulin sensitivity at the right time going forward so basically we have a genetic change that makes us a lot more sensitive to insulin which is a good thing but then we add one extra layer this we find that the Journal of diabetes found that literally strength training just 30 minutes three times per week is enough to increase your insulin sensitivity and therefore increase your muscle protein synthesis all of this comes together meaning that intermittent fasting increases your insulin sensitivity which means that when you do consume your amino acids your protein you’re going to have a bigger spike in insulin which is going to flip the switch over to mTOR significantly higher in an acute form we don’t want our import levels to chronically be elevated because that means that we’re in a very kind of toxic state we want fat loss fat loss fat loss fat loss big spike in muscle building fat loss fat loss fat loss that’s how we keep lean while building muscle at the same time so I would honestly say in my own personal opinion that someone that is fasting and then spikes their insulin with a good high-protein meal versus someone that has been eating consistently and then has a high-protein meal the person that’s fasting is going to get more muscle growth period now this kind of leads me to another important thing that you should probably plan on working out at the end of your fast so what that means is that you’re gonna try to work out towards the last part of your fat so that when you do break your fast you get the insulin sensitivity effect of your workout because you’re gonna be sensitive after a workout but you also get the insulin sensitivity effect being at the end of a fast okay so studies have shown that you have a significant elevation in what is called p70 s6k after a workout if you’ve been fasted p70 s6k is just a way that they measure protein synthesis in a lot of ways higher levels of p70 s6k usually indicate more protein synthesis through the PCM in the s6k mTOR pathway basically complicated jargon for saying that when you workout in a fasted state you have more protein synthesis afterwards you just have to break your fast after your workout okay another thing that I would recommend is of course getting your protein in keeping your fats low but also taking a couple fish oil capsules okay a little bit of omega-3 could potentially increase your protein synthesis by 50% so that’s just a fun little tip here so what does this look like in the way of schedule right well we can go into a lot more detail and I have videos down in the description that break down intermittent fasting for muscle growth and things like that but the point is that you want to take your strongest heaviest workout days and you want a fast on those days which seems counterproductive seems counterintuitive but it’s not because on the days that you are fasting you’re gonna be the most insulin sensitive which means the protein and the recovery food that you take in after your workout is going to get much more utilized than it would otherwise so if you go in and you do a bunch of squats and you workout heavy and you’re trying to build muscle well then you’re in a fasted state and then you consume your protein right after that your body’s gonna be like give it to me give it to me and it’s gonna suck it all up and you’re gonna recover a lot better at least in theory based on the research and from my experience so that’s kind of enough on the muscle building side but what about just maintaining a physique okay and we’ll keep this one pretty short and sweet let’s say you like where you’re at you just want the health benefits well that’s exactly where intermittent fasting comes in handy too right if you’re someone that just likes an easier lifestyle then yeah you can absolutely apply intermittent fasting on a more regular schedule the reason that I say you shouldn’t intermittent fast every day if you’re worried about fat loss is because you’re gonna adjust to it and you’re just gonna have to progressively decrease your calories but if you’re just trying to maintain it it’s a great thing to do to do a l
ittle bit more periodically like every other day simply because it’s going to allow you to still consume adequate amounts of calories to maintain the look that you have but you’re gonna get the longevity benefit the mitochondrial benefit and quite frankly still get a good fat adaptation benefit where your body just prefers to utilize fat so in that particular maybe go two days of fasting in a row and then a day off two days of fasting in a row in a typical sixteen eight fashion the nice thing is is if you ever need to switch gears and add more muscle or you need to switch gears and burn more fat all you have to do is just get a little bit more aggressive about it and change your timing okay I also recommend if you’re trying to just maintain a physique that maybe you just fast a couple days per week but one of those days is a 24 hour fast where you get more metabolic benefit that’s the cool thing is once you’ve achieved what you want intermittent fasting is a tremendous maintenance diet it’s tremendous because it gives you the flexibility so you can still enjoy your life it’s only how dozens and dozens of other videos on intermittent fasting and full breakdowns that I have on my channel but this is just to teach you that it can apply to anyone and it can work with any diet strategy vegan vegetarian paleo keto carnivore whatever you name it so as always please do keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you in the next video and make sure you comment down below what you want to see more of see you soon 

This Post Was All About How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Achieve Results Faster.
How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Achieve Results Faster

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How to Use Intermittent Fasting to Achieve Results Faster – Thomas DeLauer
Intermittent Fasting is like the swiss army knife of diet practices. You can use it in various ways to achieve a variety of different goals/results…
In this video, we will go over three: how to use fasting to enhance fat loss, increase muscle mass and for physique maintenance. Let’s dive into the science and I’ll see you in the comments!
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