How to Stay Consistent Losing Weight

How to Stay Consistent Losing Weight

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hey guys dr. Burke here listen do you ever feel like you have a problem staying consistent with your plan or your weight-loss program this video is for you okay so there’s really three things that you run into number one you get bored you don’t have it’s the same food every single day you might need variety and if you don’t variety gets boring you might want to go up to program right that’s one reason number two you might get distracted all that you know the kids the family going out to dinner seeing junk food in the house or out of the house and you get distracted you go off the program okay or number three you forget to eat and your blood Sugar’s crash because you’re busy and then you’re not thinking clearly and then you decide you know what I think I need to go out to dinner tonight and then basically you go to five guys then you eat the wrong foods and you end up doing the same thing the next night the next night and you’re off the program and really the problem is you’re just not consistent so let’s just take a look at what is the definition of consistently something done the same way over a long period of time consistency comes from Latin word which means to stop standstill or take a stand it’s basically to hold your position hold your position and not wavering okay so when you’re consistent you are doing the same thing and you’re not going off doing something else okay so that’s really the definition so there’s a missing step that I’m going to show you right now if you really want to know are you sure you want to know or I’ll tell you it’s basically it’s an organizational step or we’re just going to we’re just going to keep it simple it’s a planning step that’s missed okay so if you don’t plan out your meals for the whole week the odds of you sticking with it are much less than winning the lottery so we need a bit of planning whether you’re you’re going to get married do you need to plan for that wedding if you’re going to build a house you need to plan for that everything that you do you have to plan for especially changing your body you need to know not like tomorrow but the whole week of exactly what you’re going to be putting in your piehole so what you want to do is you want to get a piece of paper and just jot down Monday through Sunday what you’re going to eat go to the grocery store organize and then then you can just focus on the doing this of that what happens is if you don’t do that you’re constantly trying to remember among all that you know the busyness of your life you’re constantly having to keep that there in your mind and it’s not easy so it hasn’t developed a habit yet and when you when your blood Sugar’s crash or you’re under stress or you’re tempted you’re going out of present time you’re no longer in the present and to that degree you will do things that are not necessarily logical when you’re not in the present so you’ll do things like eat the wrong foods so the goal is to keep you focused so there’s a tool that I created it’s called a meal maker it’s very very cool it allows you to add a press of a couple clicks of a button creates the meal for the whole week and I have for vegans and I have for meat-eaters and basically you can just create it quickly and press the button print it out put it on your refrigerator and that way you can focus just on the doing this of what you have to do and not like what I’m going to eat because it’s all planned out for the whole week okay so I’m just going to show you what it is so check this out so this is super easy all you do is to create a meal plan as you click this thing right here and then you have a choice B between meat-eater type meals or vegetarian type meals okay let’s just start with the meat-eater meals okay these are the guidelines you can read through those to tell you exactly more specifics on what to do but here we have the meals now we’re going to start with the breakfast now of course most people don’t eat vegetables for breakfast right but you can do a kale shake and then you pick your proteins right let’s just pick that right there and if you pick more than one it’ll rotate them through the week now we got the fats right let’s do this let’s do this let’s do that and then some cider vinegar okay next now we’re at lunch let’s click three of these proteins fats out cider vinegar and then we have dinner real simple let’s say we do a couch a spinach salad Brussels sprouts proteins pick your proteins scallops ribs steak salad our fats boom right here upset a vinegar next and we are done see how fast that took now we have an entire meal plan for the week look at that isn’t that cool all right so now that you have the organizational step down in the planning for the entire week all you have to focus on is to do the plan and not get distracted this is an incredible tool to allow you to stick to it till you achieve your goals all right so that’s the meal maker so there’s two ways you can get it okay if you want to get the program there’s a link down below you can buy it off my site okay or you can get it free through my membership program my membership site I recommend doing the membership site because that way you get a lot more and you get a lot of other cool bonuses 200 lessons you get my guidance if you have questions just a ton of stuff so there’s a couple options so decide which one you want to do and go ahead and go for it and put your comments below thank you so much for watching

This Post Was All About How to Stay Consistent Losing Weight.
How to Stay Consistent Losing Weight

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